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Taxis in Amsterdam – cost of taxis, uber

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The most convenient way to enjoy the attractions of Amsterdam is by taxi. 

In Amsterdam, taxis are usually colored black with yellow and blue checkered stripes on both sides. 

They also have a light on their top to indicate their availability. 

The taxi must have a meter and license as the city regulates it. 

The fare of Amsterdam taxis entirely depends on time and distance. The city is responsible for setting up the rates.  

A starting rate, a per-kilometer rate, and a waiting time rate are three different rates that help determine taxi fares. 

There is no need to give tips, but you can provide feedback for good service. 

Always go for licensed taxis, as using unlicensed taxis can be unreliable and unsafe. 

It is important to check for the official logo of the taxi and ask for the driver’s identity card. 

If you are on a budget trip, you can also opt for other modes of public transportation, as Amsterdam taxis are comparatively expensive. 

You can choose buses and trams as their charges are nominal and they can provide a great way to explore Amsterdam. 

Cost of Taxis in Amsterdam

Several factors determine the cost of taxi trips, such as distance covered, number of travelers, and time of day. 

However, the standard base fare set for taxis is:

  • Starting price: €3.20
  • Rate per kilometer: €2.40
  • Waiting time rate: €0.40 per minute

Along with these rates, taxi drivers can charge extra money if you carry luggage or travel late at night. 

For example, renting a taxi from Central Station, Amsterdam, to the Van Gogh Museum (4 kilometers from each other) would cost around €15-20. It depends on traffic and other factors as well.

Therefore, asking about the fare before getting into a taxi is better because some companies offer a fixed price for a specific destination or route. 

Uber in Amsterdam

These days, Uber has grown to be more popular than traditional taxis. 

You can download the Uber app, request a ride, track the driver’s location, and make online payments if you want to book Uber. 

In Amsterdam, Uber ride cost varies per distance, vehicle type, and time of day requested. 

You can find several ride options. UberX can be selected for standard rides, UberBLACK for premium rides, and UberVan for larger vehicles.

The base fare for an UberX ride in the city is €1.35, followed by a per kilometer rate of €0.18 and a per minute rate of €0.30. 

The cost is not limited to this much alone. Sometimes, Uber charges additional fees for tolls, dynamic pricing during peak hours, or surcharges. 

It is important to note that the prices depend entirely on demand. So, ride costs may increase during peak times or in locations where the demand is high.

Uber app is so convenient and simple. Unlike traditional taxis, the Uber app lets you know the cost and plan your trip accordingly easily. 

In short, Uber is the most cost-effective and reliable option to roam around Amsterdam, especially for longer distances or during peak times when it is difficult to get a traditional taxi.

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