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Keukenhof Castle – tickets, prices, what to expect

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Keukenhof Castle is a well-known country mansion from the Golden Age of the Dutch Republic. 

It was built in 1641 and still stands today, welcoming both locals and tourists. 

Keukenhof Castle is located just outside Lisse, at the entrance of the famed Keukenhof Gardens.

The Keukenhof Castle houses fantastic artifacts but is overshadowed by the more popular annual Tulip Flower festival at Keukenhof Gardens.

However, unlike Keukenhof gardens, the Keukenhof Castle is open all year round for tourists and admirers.

Keukenhof means ‘kitchen gardens’ and gets its name because the Countess (and later the Castle’s cooks) gathered fruits and vegetables from this spot.

What to see in Keukenhof Castle?

The Keukenhof Castle portrays the culture and history in its most raw form.

Fabulous furniture and portraits adorn the Castle, so you understand how the Dutch lived during the Golden age. 

Famous paintings of Nicolaes Maes from the 17th Century also decorate the walls. He was one of the most famous pupils of Rembrandt.

You can also see the Chinese and Japanese porcelain beautifully displayed at a unique cabinet and the fantastic chimney designed by the French architect and designer Daniel Marot.

Also, in the book cabinet, you can find a complete Encyclopedia from 1770.

The Keukenhof Castle is one of the many things that make visiting Keukenhof worth the effort.

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Keukenhof Castle tickets

Visitors can explore Keukenhof Castle only under the guidance of the attraction’s official guide, and you must book your tickets in advance.

The guided tour of Keukenhof Castle in February and March is free. 

The tour lasts 90 minutes.

Here are some ticket options to reach Keukenhof Gardens in 2023. 

Keukenhof Tour TicketsCost
Only Keukenhof Entry Tickets€20
Keukenhof Entry + Transport from Amsterdam€43
Keukenhof Entry + Transport from Amsterdam & Night Flower Parade€85
Keukenhof Entry + Transport from Amsterdam Central Station€40
Keukenhof Admission + Bus Tour from Amsterdam €53
Windmill Cruise + Keukenhof + Transport from Amsterdam€53
Keukenhof + Flower Fields Tour from Rotterdam€99
Transport from Amsterdam€25
Keukenhof + Flower Fields Tour from The Hague€99
Keukenhof visit from Katwijk, Noordwijk or Noordwijkerhout€29
Keukenhof admission + Zaanse Schans Tour + Boat Trip in Amsterdam€145
Keukenhof + Tulip Fields + Windmill + Farm Visit€85
Keukenhof + 6-course Michelin-Star Dinner at Bolenius€149

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Opening hours

Keukenhof Castle opens its doors on Wednesdays from 11.30 am to 5 pm.

The Castle is open only for guided tours. So, make sure you have the ticket before you visit the place.

A maximum of 15 people per group can be reserved.

Best time to visit

Most guests visit Keukenhof Castle during the two-month-long flower festival from mid-March to mid-May. 

Since the more significant attraction is the colorful, blooming Tulips in the region, you must decide when to visit Keukenhof Gardens based on the weather.

How to reach Keukenhof Castle

The Keukenhof Estate is located adjacent to the Keukenhof flower garden and is only 30 minutes away from Amsterdam, Haarlem, The Hague, and Leiden.

You can park for free on the grounds of the Keukenhof Estate.

During events paid parking is available in the parking lot of the Keukenhof Flower Gardens.

If you don’t have a car, there are many other ways to get to Keukenhof from Amsterdam.

Keukenhof Castle Estate

The best part is that the Estate of Keukenhof Castle is free to enter. 

Guests don’t have to purchase any tickets. 

The Estate of Keukenhof is open every day of the week from 8.30 am to 5 pm.

Part of the Estate is a petting zoo where Dutch farm animals such as horses, cows, chickens, peacocks, rabbits, etc., are on display. 

Entry to Keukenhof Petting Zoo is also free. 

LAM Lisser Art Museum at Keukenhof Estate

The Estate also has a museum called LAM Lisser Art Museum, for visitors to indulge in visual art forms.

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