Our Content Policy

TheBetterVacation.com strives to provide travel expertise, unbiased advice and verified content to tourists worldwide.

All content must align with these principles.

All writers and editors must research extensively and gather accurate information before creating content.

Our sources must be credible and verifiable.

All content must be written in an engaging, clear, and concise manner.

The tone must be unbiased and non-promotional. The content must be edited for accuracy, clarity, and completeness.

Our content publishing process’ third and most important step is fact-checking, which must be done before publication.

All information, statistics, and data must be verified and sourced.

All our researchers and writers are sensitized that plagiarism is not tolerated.

All content must be original and not copied from other sources. If sources are used, they must be properly cited.

Writers and editors must disclose any conflicts of interest, such as personal relationships or financial ties to a tourist attraction or destination.

This must be disclosed in writing before the content is published.

The author of the content is responsible for ensuring its accuracy and credibility.

If any errors are discovered after publication, we ensure they are corrected promptly.

Keeping in line with our editorial policy of unbiased recommendations, our reviews of tickets, tours, experiences, etc., must be honest and not influenced by compensation or incentives.

Our company usually doesn’t advertise, but when we do, all advertising content must be distinguishable from editorial content and marked as such.

All content must comply with the law, including copyright and trademark laws.

By following these guidelines, TheBetterVacation.com continues to provide accurate, unbiased and verified travel information to our readers.

If you have questions about our contact policy, please contact us.