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Things to do in Barcelona

Barcelona is a stunning seaside city famous for its mix of culture, art, food, and joyous vibe.

After seeing its numerous tourist attractions, visitors love wandering the streets and taking in the beautiful Spanish city.

Catalonia’s vibrant capital is also known for its gorgeous scenery, breathtaking architecture, and sunny lifestyle.

Don’t be surprised if you feel like visiting again, for most tourists do.

Discover the top tourist attractions in this charming city with our list of the things to do in Barcelona.

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
TomasSereda / Getty Images

Sagrada Familia is the most popular tourist attraction in Barcelona and attracts more than 5 million visitors every year. It has been under construction since 1882 and will be ready by 2026 – a whopping 144 years.

Park Guell

Park Guell in Barcelona
MasterLu / Getty Images

Park Guell receives more than ten million tourists every year. Within the park Antoni Gaudi built a residential complex, which became his masterpiece.

Camp Nou

Camp Nou tour
Image: Driftwoodjournals.com

Camp Nou, which is also known as the Barcelona Stadium, offers the Camp Nou Stadium tour. Tourists also get to visit Barcelona Football Club Museum in the Stadium.

Casa Mila

Gaudi's Casa Mila
Image: Pavlovakhrushev

Casa Mila was Antonio Gaudi’s last residential building before he decided to focus all his energy on Sagrada Familia. Gaudi built Casa Mila between 1906 and 1912, right in the middle of the Barcelona city.

Casa Batllo

Gaudi's Casa Batllo
Espiegle / Getty Images

Casa Batllo is a beautiful residential building, which attracts more than a million tourists every year. Locals also call it Casa dels Ossos or House of Bones Barcelona, since it looks as if it is made up of skulls and bones.

Barcelona Zoo

Barcelona Zoo's penguin feeding
Image: Nejron

With a rich offering of 2000 animals of 300 different species and 1300 different trees, plants, and flowers, Barcelona Zoo is worth visiting.

Barcelona Aquarium

Barcelona Aquarium
Oleh Slobodeniuk / Getty Images

Barcelona Aquarium is one of Europe’s largest and richest collection of marine life. It has the only Oceanarium in the whole of Europe.

Montserrat Monastery

Montserrat Monastery, Spain
Santirf / Getty Images

Montserrat is a beautiful mountain 60 Kms (37 Miles) from Barcelona, on top of which sits the gorgeous Montserrat Monastery.

Montjuic Cable Car

Montjuic Cable Car
Porterre / Getty Images

Montjuic Cable Car is a two-in-one experience – it transports you to the top of Montjuïc Hill and also offers fascinating panoramic views of Barcelona.

Fundacio Joan Miro

Joan Miro Foundation, Barcelona
Image: Fmirobcn.org

Spanish artist Miro created the Fundacio Joan Miro, with his private collection, to set up an internationally recognized art museum in Barcelona.

Dali Theatre-Museum

Dali Theatre-Museum in Figueres, Spain
Image: Nejron

The Dali Theatre and Museum is dedicated to artist Salvador Dalí and houses the most extensive collection of surrealist art in the world.

Gaudi House Museum

Gaudi House Museum
Lorenzobovi / Getty Images

Antoni Gaudi, the architect of countless architectural marvels in Barcelona used to stay in what is now called Gaudi House Museum.

Moco Museum

Moco Museum, Barcelona
Image: Mocomuseum.com

Moco Museum Barcelona makes fine art more accessible to the public and attracts younger audiences. It houses masterpieces by modern and contemporary artists.

Kids activities in Barcelona

Kids activities in Barcelona
Nadezhda1906 / Getty Images

The Spanish capital attracts more than 30 million tourists every year. More than half of them, come with their kids in tow. Find out about all the kid-friendly activities in Barcelona.

Valentine’s Day in Barcelona

Couple in Barcelona
Mlenny / Getty Images

The Spanish capital has Antonio Gaudi’s architecture, fascinating tourist attractions, vibrant nightlife, sandy beaches, world-class cuisine, etc., which is why young couples love to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Barcelona.

Facts about tourist attractions in Barcelona

Sagrada Familia facts

Sagrada Familia sculptures
Ego450 / Getty Images

Sagrada Familia attracts more than 5 million tourists in a year. This means, on average, two tourists enter the gates of Sagrada Familia every second. No wonder it is so crowded. More facts

Park Guell facts

Facts on Park Guell
Image: Anastasia Collection

Gaudi house, which is the most popular attraction in Park Guell, was not built by Gaudi. It was built by Gaudi’s friend and an assistant named Francesc Berenguer i Mestres. More facts

Camp Nou facts

Camp Nou facts
Image: Fcbarcelona.com

Legendary Spanish footballer Ladislao Kubala was the reason why Camp Nou had to be built. The stadium couldn’t hold the fans he brought to the games. More

Casa Batllo facts

Casa Batllo's roof
Focusstock / Getty Images

Casa Batllo was originally built by Prof Emilio Sala Cortés, Antonio Gaudi’s architecture professor at Provincial School of Architecture in Barcelona. More

Casa Mila facts

Roof of Casa Mila
Image: Romanbabakin

Antoni Gaudi got the contract for building Casa Mila because he did a good job with Casa Batllo, which was just 700 meters (2300 feet) away on the same street. More