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Park Guell Monumental Zone – everything you need to know

Park Guell has two parts: the Monumental Zone, which houses some of the most celebrated monuments designed by Antoni Gaudi, and the Free Zone, which is a public park.

The Monumental Zone, the main attraction of Park Guell, covers just 5% of the total area and requires an entry ticket.

This zone has iconic structures decorated with vibrant mosaic works, creating a fairy-tale-like scenario. 

The Guard Museum (Museu del Guarda), Hypostyle Room (Sala Hipòstila), Nature Square or Terrace (Plaça de la Natura), Wash House Portico (Pòrtic de la Bugadera), Austria Gardens (Jardins d’Àustria), and the Roadways, Paths, and Viaducts form the must-visit attractions of the Park Guell Monumental Zone.

This article will tell you everything you need to know before visiting the most prominent zone of Park Guell

Tour Cost
Park Güell Admission Ticket €13
Park Guell Guided Tour  €23
Sagrada Familia & Park Güell Tour €54

Places to see in Park Guell Monumental Zone

The Park Guell was supposed to be a residential complex for Barcelona’s rich; however, it was abandoned midway due to a lack of bookings

What was left was cordoned off as the Monumental Zone, which is now open to tourists from around the world. 

Let us take you through a summary of the attractions inside Guell Park’s Monumental Zone.

Guard Museum (Museu del Guarda)

Out of the three entrances, when you approach the Monumental Zone from the main entrance on Carrer d’Olot, the Guard Museum is the first structure you will marvel at. 

This enchanting house, meant to be the residence of the estate’s guard, is one of the two gatehouses standing on either side of the iron gates. 

These iron gates are designed in the shape of palm leaves.

However, this charming structure was later converted into a museum after the residential project was abandoned. 

Casa del Guarda perfectly displays Gaudi’s architectural sensibility with an amazing combination of innovation and utility. 

This museum showcases models, photographs, and documents depicting Park Guell’s evolution from a residential complex to a public park. 

Hypostyle Room (Sala Hipòstila)


Right after entering the main entrance gates, you will see the Dragon Stairway, a prominent feature of the Monumental Zone with the iconic salamander.

The Dragon Stairway leads to the Hypostyle Room, which resembles a Greek temple.

The Sala Hipòstila’s ceiling is embellished with mosaic medallions and supported by 86 striated pillars.

This structure, built to be a marketplace, is a unique combination of Gaudi’s love for fantasy and adherence to functionality.

It also has a channel that collects rainwater and routes it via the underground tank from the salamander’s mouth.

By the way, don’t forget to click a snap standing next to the colorful salamander. 

Nature Square or terrace (Plaça de la Natura)

You can take the steps at the edge of the Hypostyle Room to reach the Nature Square or Terrace, earlier known as the Greek Theatre.

Gaudi designed it as a spot for both social gatherings and calm reflections.

It serves as a centerpiece of Park Guell, supported by a network of columns and the Hypostyle Room.

If the hike to this spot has tired you, you can relax on the iconic undulating ergonomic bench bordering the Plaça de la Natura.

Sitting on this bench, carpeted with smooth tile shards mosaic, you can enjoy panoramic views of Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea beyond.

Wash House Portico (Pòrtic de la Bugadera)

You will find the Wash House Portico or the Laundry Room Portico on the eastern side of Nature Square.

This walkway, designed on the lines of traditional washhouses, leads you to the gardens of Casa Larrard, the house of Eusebi Guell. 

The serpentine Pòrtic de la Bugadera passes elegantly through Park Guell’s landscape and merges beautifully with its surroundings.

Apart from providing a shady path for visitors, this portico also acts as a water drainage system.

Austria Gardens (Jardins d’Àustria)

If you are looking for a perfect spot to take selfies and family pictures, head to the Austria Gardens in the northeastern part of the Park.

These gardens were developed in the space originally meant for building residences.

Since the trees planted in the garden were donated by Austria in 1977, this beautiful part of the Monumental Zone is referred to as Jardins d’Àustria.

You will find your time of sweet solitude here while wandering through the lush landscapes and hidden sculptures.

Roadways, Paths, and Viaducts

Park Guell, Barcelona

While exploring Park Guell, you will realize that its roadways, paths, and viaducts have been naturally integrated into the landscape, improving the attraction’s accessibility. 

Park Guell’s three viaducts are the Pont de Baix, the Pont del Mig, and the Pont de Dalt. 

They snake up from the main entrance to Three Crosses Hill (Turó de Tres Creus ), the highest point of the attraction.

The transversal road connecting the Carretera del Carmel with the Sant Josep de la Muntanya exit is another arterial roadway of Guell Park.

There are also small paths and shortcuts with slopes and steps, making various areas across the Park accessible for visitors.
The Park Guell Map will help you get a better understanding of where the above attractions are located.

Many visitors wonder whether to choose Park Guell or Palau Guell.

Is it possible to enter the Monumental Zone for free?

Earlier, you could enter the Monumental Zone for free.

However, the influx of huge crowds has led to the necessity of regulation and conservation efforts. 

Hence, since October 2013, only 1400 people have been allowed per hour in Park Guell, and tickets are required to explore the Monumental Zone. Buy Tickets

While the regulation of the crowds ensures the preservation of the structures, the fee generated through the tickets helps in their upkeep.

Now, free access to this zone is only possible before the official opening hours or after the official closing hours of Park Guell. 

You can also gain free entry into the attraction on certain special days and during some cultural events, which will be advertised in advance.

Also, residents of Barcelona can enter the Park Guell Monumental Zone for free with a free access card.

Tickets for Monumental Zone

You can choose between the following tickets for your visit to Park Guell’s Monumental Zone.

Park Güell Admission Ticket

Apart from gaining entry into the Park’s Monumental Zone, this ticket will allow you to explore the site at your own pace.

You will also get access to the Guard Museum, where you can learn about the Park’s interesting history and how it took shape. 

With this ticket, you can also get a free audio guide app on your smartphone.

Ticket Prices

Adult Ticket (13 to 64 years): €13
Child Ticket (7 to 12 years): €10
Senior Ticket (65+ years): €10

Park Guell Guided Tour

Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain.

This ticket allows you to explore Park Guell with the assistance of a live tour guide, who will help you appreciate this art of the century.

The guides, belonging to the Barcelona Tourism Authority, will be available in German, Spanish, French, and English.

During this 75-minute guided walking tour with priority entry to the attraction, you will be able to appreciate how Gaudi combined nature with architecture in his works.

You also get the opportunity to appreciate Gaudi’s architectural genius at the Gaudi House Museum.

Ticket Prices

Adult Ticket (13 to 64 years): €26
Child Ticket (up to 12 years): €25
Senior Ticket (65+ years): €25

Sagrada Familia & Park Guell Tour


This ticket allows you to explore two masterpieces designed by Gaudi – Sagrada Familia and Park Guell with a local guide.

The guide will familiarise you with Gaudi’s use of Symbolism and his famous trencadis style at these world-famous attractions.

This ticket also includes a transfer from Park Guell to Sagrada Familia.

Ticket Prices

Adult Ticket (11+ years): €89
Child Ticket (4 to 10 years): €54

Tips to know before visiting Monumental Zone

  • You need to wear a hat, comfortable clothes, shoes, and sunglasses.
  • You can also carry sunscreen if the weather is too hot.
  • Carry snacks and water with you to remain hydrated and energized.
  • A map is a MUST to navigate the attraction.

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Is the Monumental Zone worth visiting?

Yes, the Monumental Zone of Park Guell is definitely worth visiting.

You ask why? Here are the reasons:

It is an inspiration

The Monumental Zone, created from a failed residential project, exemplifies how to convert even your failure into a historic success.

It is a visual lesson about timeless architecture

The structures of this zone, which reflect a blending of architecture with nature, help you understand and appreciate Gaudi’s methods the most.

It gives you amazing views 

You can enjoy the best views of Barcelona city and even the Mediterranean Sea from the Nature Square of the Monumental Zone.

It offers you value for Money

Park Guell’s Monumental Zone offers a combination of rich history, amazing architecture, lush greenery, and panoramic views at an entry fee of just €10.
Want to know more interesting facts about Park Guell?

FAQs about Park Guell Monumental Zone

Is there an entry fee for Park Guell’s Monumental Zone?

Yes, you need to pay an entrance fee of €10 to visit Park Guell’s Monumental Zone.

Is it necessary to buy tickets in advance to visit this attraction?

The Monumental Zone of Park Guell attracts a huge crowd, so the best way to guarantee your access is to book tickets online in advance.

Are guided tours available for Zona Monumental Park Guell?

Yes, guided tours are available and very useful while visiting this attraction. Visitors who don’t know the local language tend to feel lost without a guide, as the signage here is in Spanish.

Is Gaudi House Museum a part of Park Guell’s Monumental Zone?

Gaudi House Museum is part of the free zone of Park Guell. However, entry is NOT free. Tourists who want to visit what’s now a museum must purchase the Gaudi House Museum tickets.

What facilities and services are available inside the attraction?

Visitors have access to essential facilities like restrooms and drinking water fountains within Park Guell’s Monumental Zone.

Souvenir shops and vending machines for refreshments are also available at the attraction.

Though there are no restaurants in Park Guell, there are many good restaurants nearby.

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