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View from Nativity facade tower at Sagrada Familia

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You can enjoy two views from the Nativity facade tower of Sagrada Familia, and both are equally stunning.

First, you will see Gaudi’s intricate sculptures on the Nativity facade. Gaudi took a particular interest in these sculptures, and it shows.

The second reason to go up is the fantastic view of Barcelona’s Eastern side, the mountains, and a little bit of the ocean that you can see from the same tower.

If you are still not convinced, check out why we think Sagrada Familia’s tower visit is worth it.

What is Nativity Facade?

A facade is a view created by two or more towers of a building.

Sagrada Familia’s architect Antoni Gaudi had planned three facades for the Cathedral.

The Nativity facade and Passion facade are complete, while the Glory facade, which is dedicated to the glory of Jesus, is yet to be completed.

The four eastern towers on the ‘front’ of the Sagrada Família together form the Nativity facade view, which is best seen from the Nativity facade tower.

The vantage point on the Nativity facade tower is around 65 meters (214 feet) high, and the views are a treat for every tourist.

You need to have Towers Access tickets (also known as the Top View tickets) to go up the Nativity Towers.

Important: Fast Track Sagrada Familia entry ticket is the cheapest way to get into the Basilica. If money isn’t an issue and you prefer an immersive experience, opt for the guided tour of Sagrada Familia. To go up the Tower, buy Tower access ticket.

Let’s start with a video of the Nativity facade at Sagrada Familia –

Here are some of the best photographs of Nativity facade towers –

View of Fruit Topped Tower Nativity facade
View of an oval window and fruit topped tower of the Nativity facade in Sagrada Familia, Barcelona. Image: Mikestravelguide.com
View of Nativity facade
The nativity of Jesus, or the birth of Jesus as described in the gospels depicted on the Nativity facade. Image: Happytravellingfeet.com

Sagrada Familia gets more than 5 million visitors annually. To avoid the crowd, it is better to purchase Sagrada Familia tickets in advance and read up on the best time to visit Sagrada Familia.

Nativity facade view - Cypress tree and Jacobs ladder
View of the Cypress tree and Jacob’s ladder on the Nativity facade tower. Image: Coloringwithoutborders.com
View from towers of nativity facade
The bell towers of the Nativity facade. Image: Barcelonalowdown.com

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Joseph and Mary on Nativity facade
Jesus’ parents Joseph and Mary, present him at the Temple. Image: Coloringwithoutborders.com
View of Spires of Nativity facade
The spires of the Nativity tower. Antoni Gaudi’s inspiration from nature is visible on every side you turn. Image: Thiscouldleadtoanywhere.com

Antoni Gaudi used faces of actual people for his sculptures on the Nativity facade? Find out more such fascinating Sagrada Familia facts.

View from Nativity facade Tower
View of the tourists down on the street from the walkway between the towers of the Nativity facade. Image: Destinations.guru
View of Barcelona from Nativity facade
Skyline of the eastern side of Barcelona and the mountain beyond as seen from one of the towers in the Nativity facade. Image: Getyourguide.com
View of Staircase of Nativity Tower
Staircases leading down from the towers of the Nativity facade don’t have a handrail, so be careful as you walk down after seeing stunning sculptures and city views. Image: Travelgeekery.com

SAVE TIME & MONEY – Book Online Tickets

Sagrada Familia fast track tickets€33.80
Sagrada Familia with Tower access€46.80
Guided tour of Sagrada Familia€50
Sagrada Familia guided tour + Tower access€61
Guided tour of Sagrada Familia & Park Guell€82
Guided tour of Sagrada & Montserrat€99
Guided Tour of Sagrada Familia in French€48
Guided Tour of Sagrada Familia in Italian€48
Guided Tour of Sagrada Familia in German€48
Guided Tour of Sagrada Familia in Spanish€48

Important: If you are still undecided on which Sagrada Familia tower you want to see, check out the views from Passion facade tower and read this Nativity Tower vs Passion Tower comparison.

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