Sagrada Familia – tickets, prices, discounts, tower access, avoid crowd

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

La Sagrada Familia is the best tourist attraction in Barcelona.

Sagrada Familia has been under construction since 1882 and will be ready by 2026 – a construction time of 144 years.

Antonio Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia attracts more than 5 million people every year.

In this article, we try and explain everything you need to know before visiting Sagrada Familia.

1. How to reach
2. Opening hours
3. Best time to visit
4. Tour duration
5. Tips to avoid crowd
6. Sagrada Familia tickets
7. Tickets FAQs
8. Sagrada Familia towers
9. Are towers worth it?
10. Visiting at Night
11. Audio Guide
12. Dress Code
14. Mass times
13. Sagrada Familia’s map

How to reach Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia is located on 401 Mallorca street, 08013 Barcelona. Directions

Public transport is the best way to reach Sagrada Familia from any part of the city.

If Metro is your preferred option, get onto either Line 2 (Purple) or Line 5 (Blue) and get down at the Sagrada Familia Metro station.

If you prefer traveling by bus, we recommend the following bus numbers – 19, 33, 34, 43, 44, 50, 51, B20 and B24.

All of these buses stop at Sagrada Familia.

Sagrada Familia Entrance

Sagrada Familia Entrance
Map Courtesy:

In the map above you can spot three Sagrada Familia entrances:

  • General Entrance, for regular tourists
  • Group Entrance, for tour groups
  • The Entrance for School kids

Follow the link to get directions to the General Entrance.

If you plan to visit both Sagrada Familia and Park Guell on the same day, check out the following directions:

Note: In the map, you can also spot the ticketing window, but it is better to buy tickets online to avoid waiting in long lines.

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Sagrada Familia hours

Sagrada Familia is open every day of the year, including Christmas and New Year.

However, the Basilica’s timings keep changing according to the tourist season.

MonthsOpening timeClosing timeLast Entry
Nov to Feb9 am6 pm5.30 pm
Mar9 am7 pm6.30 pm
Apr to Sep9 am8 pm7.30 pm
Oct9 am7 pm6.30 pm

On December 25, 26, and January 1 and 6 Sagrada Familia opens at 9 am and closes at 2 pm

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Best time to visit Sagrada Familia

Tourists want to know the best time to visit Sagrada Familia for multiple reasons.

Best time to avoid the crowd

The biggest crowds throng this place during the high season from April to September.

If you want to avoid the crowd, the best time to visit Sagrada Familia is as soon as they open at 9 am.

The period from 9 am to 11 am is relatively less crowded.

During these peak months the longest waiting lines are seen between 11 am to 1 pm.

After lunchtime, the crowd thins down, and the queues shorten.

However, it becomes a little difficult to stand in the queue because of the hot sun.

If you can’t brave the Spanish sun, try being in the ticketing queue at 5 pm.

However, there is a high possibility of the day’s tickets being sold off by 5 pm.

This is why we always recommend online tickets for Sagrada Familia.

Best time to see Sagrada Familia interiors

The best time to see Sagrada Familia cathedral’s interiors is between 5 pm to 6 pm – when the sun is setting.

The evening light shines through the intricately stained glass, making it seem like a dream.

Sagrada Familia sunlight inside
Image: Sagrada Familia on Twitter

Many tourists plan their visit to coincide with the Golden Hour.

Once you have experienced the interiors, you can attend the mass at La Sagrada Familia.

The crypt opens for Mass at 6 pm.

Best time to go up Sagrada Familia Towers

If you plan to go up one of the Sagrada Familia Towers, you will need a Tower ticket.

The best time to go up a Sagrada Familia Tower is between 9 am to 11 am.

You must reach the venue before the crowd starts trickling, spend 15 minutes to collect your audio guide and then go up the Tower.

If you reach the elevator to go up the Nativity or Passion tower before 11 am, you will find a short queue.

Once you have gone up the elevator and seen the fantastic views from one of the towers, you must climb down 400 odd stairs.

Since before 11 am, this tourist attraction isn’t as crowded, you won’t take much time walking down the stairs.

With the light streaming in, this is the best time to see the stained-glass windows.

If you can’t make it in the morning

If for some reason you missed the above mentioned time slot, land up at the attraction by 3 pm.

Once again start by going up the towers and enjoying the sunlit views of the city.

During this time there is a slightly longer queue for the elevators.

Even the climb down the stairs is a little slow because the crowd walking ahead of you decide your speed.

Worst time to visit Sagrada Familia

Irrespective of the season, 12 pm to 3 pm is the most crowded time at Sagrada Familia.

Large groups from schools, cruise liners, and bus tours start arriving around this time.

If your stay in Barcelona is long enough, we suggest you avoid the 12 pm to 3 pm slot.

The queue at the ticketing counters is long, which then translate to long lines for the elevators (when you go up the Towers) as well.

Recommendation: The cheapest and most popular entry ticket at this attraction is the Sagrada Familia Fast Track ticket.

Two of the best and cheapest guided tours of Sagrada Familia are THIS and THIS (they don’t include access to the Towers).

If you want to go up the Towers, check out the Tower Access Ticket.

Best time to visit for photography

Sagrada Familia is so beautiful that you can take photographs whenever you want.

However, some times are better than the rest.

There are two slots which are great for taking photos at Sagrada Familia.

First, from 10.30 to 11.30 am when the sunlight enters the Basilica at an angle.

Second, from 5 pm to 6 pm when the subdued rays of the sunlight stream in sheepishly. Many tourists consider the evening time better.

For photo shoots of the Basilica from outside, any time is a good time if you are a seasoned photographer.

If you plan to go up the Nativity facade towers and take lots of photos, we recommend the morning slot.

Morning is better because then the sun is behind you and helps take good pics.

Post noon the sun is in front of you making it impossible to snap good photos.

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Duration of Sagrada Familia tour

Most tourists need 90 minutes to explore Sagrada Familia fully.

You need 45 minutes to walk around the Basilica, and another forty five minutes to step inside Sagrada Familia and relish the stunning interiors.

If you decide to climb up one of the towers – Nativity tower or Passion tower – you will need yet another half hour.

Time limit on the visit?

There is no time limit on your Sagrada Familia visit.

Once you show your tickets at the entrance and get in, you don’t have to get out till the tourist attraction closes.

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Tips to avoid the crowd at Sagrada Familia

If you don’t like the crowd, there are three sure-shot ways to avoid them at this Barcelona attraction.

1. Buy Sagrada Familia tickets online, in advance

There are two queues you stand in when you visit Sagrada Familia – first is at the ticketing counter (to buy entry tickets) and the second line is at the gates to enter Sagrada Familia.

Sagrada Familia Ticket Queue
Since Sagrada Familia is crowded all through the year, such long lines are a daily feature at the ticketing counters. Image:

During high season weekends, office holidays etc. the waiting time in these lines can go up to two hours.

Sagrada Familia tickets have time of entry mentioned on them.

On really crowded day, after spending time in the ticketing queue, you can even end up getting a ticket with the entrance time 2 hours later.

That’s why it is best to buy online tickets for Sagrada Familia – you get to skip the long lines, get your preferred time and you pay less.

Queue at Sagrada Familia
Tourists stand in a waiting line to buy Sagrada Familia tickets. When you buy online tickets, you walk past these waiting lines – directly to Sagrada Familia entrance. Christian Bertrand /

Once you purchase the tickets online, they get emailed to you.

And on the day of your visit, you can walk past the long lines at the ticketing counter, show your ticket on your mobile and enter Sagrada Familia.

2. Get the time slot right

While booking Sagrada Familia tickets most tourists opt for ‘round about’ timings – 10 am, 11 am etc.

Thus, these slots get crowded and around 200 tourists (the maximum number) land up at the Basilica entrance.

Most of the tourists ignore the in-between time slots such 9.15 am, 9.45 am, 11.15 am etc.

When you book your online tickets for such time slots, you will find a much smaller crowd ahead of you at the entrance queue.

3. Plan your visit on a Monday

Monday is not always bad news.

If you are planning on beating the lines at Sagrada Familia, Mondays are just perfect.

Since most of the museums in Barcelona are not open on Mondays, tourists assume that Sagrada Familia won’t be open as well.

They don’t know that this Basilica stays open even when the whole of Spain closes down for celebrations – during Christmas and New Year.

Note: If nothing else works, check out these Sagrada Familia facts even as you wait in the line.

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Sagrada Familia tickets

Sagrada Familia entry ticket

There are three types of Sagrada Familia tickets you can choose from.

All of the three below given are ‘Skip The Line’ tickets.

If you buy your tickets online, you can skip the long queues at the ticketing counter and enter the Church right away, hence the name.

To help you decide, we have also provided our recommendation.

1. Basic Sagrada Familia entry tickets

These online tickets help you save up to two hours of waiting in the ticketing counter queues.

While booking these Sagrada Familia tickets, you get to choose the time of your visit.

These tickets include access to both Sagrada Familia and the Museum.

Our recommendation: These are the most popular tickets – nine out of ten visitors to Sagrada Familia opt for these, so you can’t go wrong.

Ticket price (5 pm, Sunset time)

Visitor TypeAge
Adult ticket30 to 6426
Seniors ticket65+22
Youth ticket11 to 2924
Child ticket< 10Free

On the ticket booking page opt for “Ticket Only”

Ticket price (All day slots + audio guide)

Visitor TypeAge
Adult ticket30 to 6432
Seniors ticket65+26
Youth ticket11 to 2930
Child ticket< 10Free

On the ticket booking page opt for “Ticket + Audio Guide”

2. Guided tour of Sagrada Familia

When you buy these tickets, a Gaudi expert takes you around Sagrada Familia.

Learning the rich history of the Sagrada Familia Cathedral and its creator Antoni Gaudi with a local expert will make your trip even more exciting.

After this 90 minutes guided tour, you can continue to hang around for as long as you want.

Exclusions: While the guide shows and explains the Nativity facade and the Passion facade, with these guided tour tickets you can’t go up the Nativity or the Passion Towers.

Our recommendation: If you want to hear history, stories and anecdotes about Sagrada Familia and its creator Antonio Gaudi this ticket is just right for you.

Tourists who love to take photographs also opt for guided tours because the guides know the best photo spots.

Cost of Sagrada Familia guided tour

Visitor TypeAge
Adult ticket18 to 6442
Seniors ticket65+38
Child ticket< 1120

Tip: If you don’t get your preferred time and date for the above given guided tour, check out this highly rated guided tour.

3. Sagrada Familia entry + Tower access

Besides exploring the Sagrada Basilica, if you also want to go up one of the Towers (Nativity or Passion), this ticket is the cheapest option.

This is a self guided ticket, so you explore everything by yourself.

It also gets you access to Museum Sagrada Familia in the semi-basement under the Passion facade.

Exclusions: There are no exclusions to this ticket.

Our recommendation: If you are on a budget, but love Gaudi’s work these Tower tickets are just perfect.

Only children over 6 years can visit the towers and all under 16 kids must be accompanied by an adult.

Tower ticket prices

Visitor TypeAge
Adult ticket30 to 6439.50
Seniors ticket65+32.50
Youth ticket11 to 2937.50
Student ticketWith ID37.50
Child ticket7 to 10Free entry

4. Guided tour with tower access

This is a highly rated tour, where a guide takes you through Sagrada Familia interiors and then also up one of the Towers.

After the guided tour is over, you can stay on for as long as you want.

The Sagrada Familia guided Tower experience comes in two flavors – the 120-minute tour and the 90-minute tour.

Exclusions: There are no exclusions to this ticket.

Our recommendation: If money isn’t a concern, we recommend you go for these Tower tickets because they offer a better experience.

Only children over 6 years can visit the towers and all under 16 kids must be accompanied by an adult.

Guided Tower ticket prices

Visitor TypeAge
Adult ticket11+64
Child ticket3 to 1050
Infants< 2Free

Extra: Here is yet another highly rated Sagrada Familia Tower ticket

If you are a bigger group and would prefer exclusive experience, try this private Guided tour plus Tower visit.

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FAQs on Sagrada Familia tickets

When it comes to Sagrada Familia tickets, visitors have lots of questions.

We try to answer a few of them –

1. Whom to contact to buy Sagrada Familia tickets?

You don’t need to contact anyone to book your trip to Sagrada Familia tickets.

Sitting at your home, you can buy Sagrada Familia tickets online and get them delivered to your smartphone.

2. Why buying Sagrada Familia tickets online is better?

Before booking Sagrada Familia’s tickets, most tourists wonder if there is any difference between tickets bought at the venue and those bought online.

The answer is “No!”. There is no difference between Sagrada Familia tickets bought online, and those purchased at the venue.

There are two massive advantages of buying Sagrada Familia tickets online –

1. You don’t pay the ‘ticketing window surcharge’ on online tickets, and hence they are cheaper

2. You save time because you don’t stand in line at the ticketing window. During peak hours, this wait can even go up to two hours.

3. How online Sagrada Familia tickets help in avoiding the crowd?

As a tourist trying to enter Sagrada Familia, you must stand in two queues – line at the ticketing counter to buy the tickets and the line at the Basilica’s entrance.

You can avoid the first queue if you buy Sagrada Familia tickets online and reach the entrance at the time provided on your ticket.

In fact, on heavily crowded days (high season weekends, office holidays etc.) there may be an extra waiting time as well.

Since only a fixed number of tourists are allowed to enter the premises every 15 minutes, the ticket obtained from the ticketing counter can have an entry time that is a couple of hours later.

In such a case, you must wait your turn to enter the Basilica.

That’s why most tourists prefer to buy Sagrada Familia tickets online.
When you buy tickets online, you know what time you need to be at Sagrada Familia’s entrance, so there is hardly any wait.

Now you know why these online tickets are also known as Skip The Line tickets, Fast Track tickets, Priority Access tickets etc.

4. How to get Sagrada Familia tickets discount?

Some of the visitors do get Sagrada Familia tickets discount.

To encourage youngsters to appreciate culture, Sagrada Familia offers ticket discounts.

Every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday youngsters aged 11 to 30 can avail of these discounts, and the discounted price they have to pay is only 7 Euros.

These discount tickets are available from 4 pm to 6 pm, and you can buy them from Sagrada Familia’s ticketing counter.

Even better discounts are available on online tickets, which are a couple of Euros cheaper than buying at the venue. Buy Sagrada Familia tickets now!

5. Can I get Sagrada Familia free tickets?

Some tourists do get free tickets at Sagrada Familia.

You don’t have to pay for your online tickets at Sagrada Familia if you meet one of the conditions below.

– You are ten years old or below

– You are an individual with +65% disability and can provide appropriate proof

In such circumstances, the person accompanying you also gets a free ticket for Sagrada Familia.

6. Do we have to print Sagrada Familia online tickets?

Within five minutes of purchasing Sagrada Familia tickets online, they get delivered to your email.

You don’t need to take any printouts.

On the day of your visit, walk up to Sagrada Familia entrance, show your ticket in your email on your smartphone and step in.

Crazy but true: Heard of the man who built Sagrada Familia and 200+ other monuments with just toothpicks?

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Sagrada Familia towers

Gaudi planned Sagrada Familia with 18 towers.

Twelve of these 18 towers represent the Apostles, and four represent Evangelists.

The Sagrada Familia tower with a star on the top represents Virgin Mary, and the tallest tower of them all is for Jesus Christ.

Sagrada Familia Towers
This infographic explains the 18 Towers of Sagrada Familia, the Biblical figure they represent and their respective location within the Basilica. Download Print Version

As of year 2020, eight of the 18 planned towers are complete.

Of these eight constructed towers, four are part of the Nativity facade, and four are part of the Passion facade.

A facade is the view that a few of a building’s towers combine and create for the viewer.

Right now only the Nativity facade and Passion facade are complete.

Once Sagrada Familia’s construction ends in 2026, it will have three facades – the Nativity facade, the Passion facade and the Glory facade.

Sagrada Familia Nativity Facade

The four Eastern towers in the front of Sagrada Família make up the Nativity Facade view.

These towers represent the four Apostles Matthew, Barnabas, Jude, and Simon.

The Nativity facade narrates the birth of Jesus Christ using iconography related to nature and life.

Nativity facade was completed under the supervision of Gaudi himself in 1935.

Sagrada Familia Passion Facade

The four towers towards the West of Sagrada Familia make up the Passion Facade. 

These towers represent the four Apostles James, Thomas, Philip, and Bartholomew and together make up the Passion Facade view.

Completed in 1977, this facade facing the West represents the suffering of Christ during his crucifixion.

While the Nativity facade intricately designed and decorated, the Passion facade is austere, plain and simple.

Sagrada Familia Glory Facade

The rest of the towers in the South represent the Glory facade.

The construction for this facade began in 2002 and was paused after 8% of it was complete.

Once completed, these will be the tallest of all Sagrada Familia towers.

This facade is dedicated to the Glory of Jesus.

It represents the road to God: Death, Final Judgment, and Glory.

Nativity facade or Passion facade?

A lot of tourists who have been up both the towers think that the Nativity facade is better than the Passion facade.

The guides who take the tourists to both the towers say they have seen a better sense of satisfaction in tourists who go up Nativity facade.

Follow the link for a detailed explanation of Nativity facade or Passion facade.

Save money on your travel within Barcelona city. For unlimited free rides on public transport, Get Hola BCN card

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Are Sagrada Familia Towers worth it?

Going up the Sagrada Familia Towers is totally worth it because the tickets aren’t very costly, you can go up and down the Tower in half hour, you get to see the best of Antonio Gaudi’s workmanship, and you see stunning views of the city.

For a detailed answer, continue reading.

1. Going up the towers don’t cost much and is worth every Euro

The basic adult ticket at Sagrada Familia costs 26 Euros. If you take the audio guide as well, the total ticket cost becomes 32 Euros.

If you book a guided tour of Sagrada Familia, an adult pays 42 Euros.

By adding 22 Euros, you can go up on one of the Towers – the Sagrada Familia tower tickets are worth 64 Euros.

*All rates as seen on

2. Going up the towers is effortless

You don’t have to climb up the towers. Each facade has an elevator which takes you right to the top.

Since these elevators can only take six people at a time, sometimes there is a bit of a queue.

In short, going up the tower involves no effort – totally worth it.

3. Visiting the towers doesn’t take long and is worth the time

If you time it right, you can visit one of the towers in 30 minutes.

If you end up going up the towers during the peak time, you may have to wait in a queue at the elevators.

Even the climb down the stairs will be slow making it a 45-minute trip.

That’s not much.

4. The intricate details on towers make the trip up worth it

Many people think the Nativity and Passion towers tour are about seeing the views of Barcelona.

However, the climb up is also to see and appreciate the intricate sculptures which adorn both the facades.

5. Climbing down is an adventure and worth the physical exertion

To get down from the towers you must take the stairs. These stairs don’t have railings, and that is why kids below the age of 6 aren’t allowed.

The climb down the stairs is an adventure and worth your time and effort.

6. This bragging right is totally worth it

When fully built, Sagrada Familia will be 170 meters tall.

It will be behind Hassan II Mosque in Morocco (210 meters) and ahead of Basilica of Our Lady of Peace in Ivory Coast (158 meters) in the world’s list of tallest religious structures.

Don’t you want this bragging right? That you once stood at the top of one of the World’s tallest religious structure?

Convinced about the Tower climb? Book Sagrada Familia Tower ticket

Unbelievable but true: Did you know that Sagrada Familia has been under construction for 136 years without a building permit?

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Sagrada Familia stats
Download the PNG version

Sagrada Familia at night

Any time after 7 pm is a good time to see the Basilica in its night time glory.

This is also a good time to see the city of Barcelona from Nativity facade.

Some tourists prefer visiting Sagrada Familia in the evening hours.

While there is a certain amount of romance in it, we recommend you also visit it during the day so that you can see Antonio Gaudi’s intricate work on the exterior.

As the night falls, the Church gets lit up in all its grandiosity.

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Sagrada Familia audio guide

If you love to explore at your own pace, you should go for Sagrada Familia’s audio guide.

The routes available in the audio guide explain the towers, the facades and the insides of the Basilica.

The 45-minute-long audio guide is available in Catalan, Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese and Hungarian.

Audio guides are not issued to Kids below 12 years of age. Book ticket with Audio guide

Tip: Human guides are better than audio guides. If you can afford to buy a guided tour ticket, we highly recommend that. Here is yet another highly rated Sagrada Familia guided tour.

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Sagrada Familia dress code

Since it is a Catholic church, Sagrada Familia has a strict dress code which gets enforced by its staff.

Sagrada Familia Dress Code

Men are expected to avoid hats unless they are wearing it for religious or health reasons.

While visiting the Sagrada Familia church both men and women are expected to avoid see-through clothing, swimwear etc.

The acceptable length for both shorts and skirts is till at least mid-thigh.

Tops must cover the shoulders. Women are also expected to avoid plunging necklines, exposed backs, and bellies.

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Sagrada Familia mass times

Sagrada Família church is a place of worship.

If you want to pray during your tour, you can visit the Chapel of the Eucharist, in the ambulatory.

Besides this, you can always attend the international and special masses conducted regularly.

These Masses are open to the public, and entry is free.

International Mass

The Archdiocese of Barcelona conducts the International Mass on Saturdays, Sundays, holy days of obligation and the eve of holy days of obligation.

On Saturdays and on the eve of holy days of obligation, the International Mass is at 8 pm.

On Sunday and on holy days of obligation the Mass is at 9 am.

To attend this mass, you need to enter the Cathedral from the Nativity facade on Carrer de la Marina.

Special Mass

At regular intervals, special Masses get conducted at Sagrada Familia Church.

Some of these special masses allow ticketed entry, and in some cases, attendance is by invitation only.

Keep track of special masses at Sagrada Familia here.

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Sagrada Familia map

There are two ways to ensure you don’t miss anything at Sagrada Familia – book a guided tour, or keep a map of Sagrada Familia handy while exploring the Basilica.

You can either bookmark this page or print a copy of the map provided below and carry it along on the day of your visit.

Sagrada Familia map
Sagrada Familia’s floor plan is also useful in finding out visitor services, audio guide stops, toilets, changing rooms, lifts etc. Image:

Download Print Version

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