Casa Batllo tickets – price, discounts, video guide

Casa Batllo, Barcelona

Casa Batllo is one of the most famous works of architect Antoni Gaudi. If you are holidaying in Barcelona, we suggest you visit this colorful house.

Visitors to Casa Batllo claim the exterior of the house looks like a combination of ‘skulls’ and ‘bones’. The balconies of the house seem like skulls and the supporting pillars resemble the bones. This is why Casa Batllo is also known as Casa dels Ossos, or the House of Bones, Barcelona.

Gaudi used the shapes found in marine life to give uniqueness to the house. Continuing with the marine theme, he only used colors found in natural corals for the interior and the exterior of Casa Batllo.

As is the specialty of Antoni Gaudi, he didn’t use straight lines while designing the house – only curves and waves. In fact, it is so unique that many refer to this building as Casa Batllo Gaudi.

Gaudi also spent extra time on Casa Batllo’s colorful roof and tried to narrate a story – the legend of St George.

The ace Catalonian architect worked on Casa Batllo for two years – from 1904 to 1906 – after he was commissioned by a rich Barcelona businessman named Josep Batllo Casanovas.

Along with Casa Mila – La Pedrera, Casa Batllo is a must-visit house designed by Antoni Gaudi. However, some tourists after visiting Sagrada Familia and Park Guell prefer to visit only one of the two  – Casa Mila or Casa Batllo.

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Casa Batllo opening hours

To accommodate the large number of tourists visiting Casa Batllo, it is open 12 hours a day.

This Gaudi’s masterpiece opens at 9 am and closes at 9 pm every day and is open all year long.

Since it takes an hour to explore Casa Batllo, the last entry for ticket-holding visitors is at 8 pm.

Note: Very rarely, private parties are conducted at Casa Batllo. On such occasions, opening hours may be restricted and ticket sale is stopped.

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Questions visitors to Casa Batllo have:
1. Is Casa Batllo worth it?
2. How long does Casa Batllo tour take?
3. How to get to Casa Batllo?

Casa Batllo tickets – the different types

Every Gaudi fan who wants to visit Casa Batllo gets confused by the different types of ticket options available.

We will explain all the six types of Casa Battlo tickets and provide our recommendation as well.

With each of these Casa Batllo tickets, you will get an augmented reality video guide, which will help bring Casa Batllo to life.

1. Casa Batllo ‘Skip The Line’ tickets

The Casa Batllo ‘Skip The Line’ ticket is also known as the ‘Fast Pass’ ticket because this allows you immediate access to Gaudi’s masterpiece. You don’t have to wait in a queue to get in.

If you book this ticket online, it costs 29.5 Euros and at the ticket office, it costs four Euros more.

You also get a Video Guide with this Casa Batllo ticket.

Kids under 7 get in free and don’t need tickets.

Our recommendation: If you go early, you can avoid the queue. But for only 5 Euros extra, you can avoid the crowd whatever time you visit.

If you have kids, elderly or are a large group we suggest you spend the extra Euros and buy Skip The Line tickets. These provide the best Casa Batllo experience.

Buy TicketsCasa Batllo ‘Skip The Line’ tickets

When you buy this ticket online, you save yourself 4 Euros for every ticket.

2. Casa Batllo tickets without Fast Pass

With this ticket, you don’t get a priority access, which means you must wait in the line to get inside.

With this Casa Batllo ticket also you get the Video Guide, which is quite popular amongst the tourists.

If you book this ticket online, it will cost you 24.5 Euros and at the ticket office, it costs 28.5 Euros.

Our recommendation: While Casa Batllo is one of the top Gaudi attractions in Barcelona, the queue moves fast.

We recommend this cheaper ticket option for everybody who doesn’t mind standing in a queue for up to 30 minutes.

Buy Tickets‘Regular’ Casa Batllo tickets

Buying this Casa Batllo ticket online helps you save 4 Euros for every ticket booked.

3. ‘Be the first’ Casa Batllo ticket

This is also known as “Be the First” ticket. This Casa Batllo ticket allows you to be the first to enter Casa Batllo for an exclusive peep into the design and architecture of Antoni Gaudi.

If you buy this ticket you must be at Casa Batllo by 8.30 in the morning. The entrance for the regular crowd opens at 9 am, so you get half an hour of exclusive time (with a few others) inside Casa Batllo.

This ticket can only be bought online and costs 37 Euros.

Our Recommendation: If you are a professional photographer we highly recommend this ticket. With limited people inside Casa Batllo, you can take amazing photographs.

Even if you are not a professional photographer, you may love exploring this Gaudi masterpiece in peace.

Buy Tickets‘Be The First’ Casa Batllo ticket

4. Casa Batllo ‘Open Date’ tickets

Open Date tickets mean you can use them on any day you want within the next six months.

This ticket costs 31.5 Euros and can only be bought online.

Our Recommendation: We don’t suggest you pay extra for the flexibility you don’t need.

Most of the holidays have their itineraries chalked out and you know when you will be where – so cheaper Casa Batllo tickets (option 1 & 2 listed above) should be fine.

Besides, these Open Date tickets don’t give you the queue-less entry which a Fast Pass ticket gives you or the exclusivity which a “Be the first” ticket gives you. Why then, would you pay extra?

‘Open Date’ Casa Batllo tickets

5. Casa Batllo tickets for a theatrical visit

If you buy this ticket, Mr Gaudi himself or Mrs. Ramoneta, the family’s maid, takes you on a theatrical tour of Casa Batllo.

This tour of Casa Batllo is interesting because of the way it is presented. Besides, the presenters also share interesting anecdotes, stories etc of the time when the Batllo family lived in the house.

This ticket is available for purchase only on Sundays.

Our recommendation: If you have kids, and if you are in Barcelona on a Sunday we suggest you book this ticket. However, because of the limited number of tours, they run all booked a few weeks in advance.

Buy Tickets‘Theatrical visit’ Casa Batllo tickets

6. Tickets for Magic Night at Casa Batllo

The Magic Night tickets are an interesting offer as well. Every year, from mid-June to September end Casa Batllo team organizes magic nights for Gaudi fans who are looking for unique experiences.

During these months, this special event is held from Wednesday to Saturday.

There are two types of Casa Batllo Magic Nights tickets which you can buy –

1. Casa Batllo + Magic Nights Tickets

If you buy this Casa Batllo ticket you must reach the venue at 8 pm. The first one hour is spent exploring the Casa Batllo house.

At 9 pm, you will be escorted to the Dragon’s rooftop for your Magic Night.

The Magic Night involves lots of live music and dancing etc. This ticket gets you two free alcoholic drinks and costs 96 Euros.

2. Only Magic Nights Tickets

If you buy this Casa Batllo ticket, you must reach the venue at 9 pm. You will be immediately whisked away to the Dragon’s rooftop for your Magic Night, which will include live music and two free alcoholic drinks.

In this ticket, you don’t get to explore the Casa Battlo interiors.

This ticket costs 29 Euros.

If you are visiting Casa Batllo from mid-June to September end, you can buy the Magic Nights at Casa Batllo tickets.

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Casa Batllo ticket discounts

Casa Batllo, Barcelona
Casa Batllo in Barcelona is one of the most beautifully designed houses by Antoni Gaudi. Luciano Mortula – LGM /

The best and easiest way to get a discount on your Casa Batllo tickets is by booking them online.

For instance, the Skip The Line Casa Batllo ticket costs 33.5 Euros at the ticketing window but only 29.5 Euros online.

Similarly, the regular ticket to Casa Batllo costs 28.5 Euros at the ticketing office but it is available online at a discounted price of 24.5 Euros.

The next best discounts on offer at Casa Batllo is for kids from 7 to 17 years old and the 65+ seniors. Both these age groups get a 3 Euros discount on all tickets. Find out the best things to do with kids in Barcelona

Regardless of your age, if you are carrying your student ID you qualify for a similar 3 Euros discount during ticket purchase.

Kids under seven years of age walk in free if they have an adult accompanying them.

Large groups of 20+ also qualify for group discounts at Casa Batllo, and to avail this discount you need to call the ticketing office at +34 93 216 03 06.

Buy TicketsCasa Batllo ‘Skip The Line’ tickets

When you buy tickets online, you save 4 Euros (because you don’t pay the window surcharge) and you also avoid the queue. The tickets will be emailed to you.


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