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Montserrat is a beautiful mountain 60 Kms (37 Miles) from Barcelona, on top of which sits the gorgeous Montserrat Monastery.

Tourists visit Montserrat for multiple reasons:

– To see the beautiful multi-peaked rock formations of Montserrat

– To visit the Montserrat Monastery & Museum

– To seek the blessings of Our Lady of Montserrat, the patron saint of Catalonia

– To hike on the Montserrat mountain

– To listen to L’Escolania, the boys’ choir at Montserrat

In this article, we explain everything you need to know before visiting Montserrat, Spain.

Montserrat Monastery, Spain

What to see in Montserrat

Besides experiencing Cable Cars, Rack Railways, hiking, stunning views from the mountain top, etc., there is so much to see and do at Montserrat.

We list them below:

Abbey of Montserrat

The Monastery of Montserrat is also known as Santa Maria de Montserrat.

Founded in the 11th century and rebuilt in the 20th century, this Monastery still hosts 70 odd Monks.

Basilica of Montserrat

Once you enter the square of Santa María of the Monastery, you can’t miss the Basilica of Montserrat.

After being destroyed in the Peninsular War, the Montserrat Basilica was rebuilt entirely in 1811.

Black Madonna

All of the tourists who visit Montserrat pay their respects to the statue of Black Madonna, patron saint of Catalonia.

This 12th-century figure of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus is elevated above the high altar in Basilica of Montserrat.

It is also known as Our Lady of Montserrat and the Virgin of Montserrat.

Montserrat Museum

Montserrat Museum was first conceived as a Biblical museum, and over time, it has become what it is today.

Located below the Montserrat Monastery square, this Museum houses outstanding art pieces by artists such as Claude, Monet, Caravaggio, El Greco, Picasso, Degas, etc.

Don’t miss out on the special exhibition dedicated to images of La Moreneta.

Escolania de Montserrat

Escolania de Montserrat is a group of 50 choirboys from the Monastery’s boarding school who sing songs at the Montserrat Basilica daily.

This Montserrat boys choir has been around since the 14th century and is the oldest boys’ choir in Europe.

Monday to Friday, every day at 1 pm, they perform Salve Regina and Virolai.

At 6.45 pm ,the Montserrat boys choir sing Vespers, Salve Montserratina and Polyphonic Motet. 

They don’t perform on Saturdays.

If your Montserrat day trip falls on a Sunday or religious holiday, be at the Montserrat Basilica at noon, for that’s when they start performing Salve Regina and Virolai.

There is no change in the evening performances.

Santa Cova

Santa Cova de Montserrat is where the figure of the Virgin of Montserrat is believed to have been discovered by the shepherds.

Legend has it that the Black Madonna was hidden in Santa Cova during the Moorish invasions.

It is just 1 Km from the Monastery, and you can get there by a mountainous path.

Monumental Rosary of Montserrat

On the road from the Monastery of Montserrat to the Holy Cave at Santa Cova, you will find lots of sculptures of religious symbols – all these put together are known as the Monumental Rosary of Montserrat.

A group of architects and sculptors (including Antoni Gaudi) came together to build these sculptures.

Way of the Cross trail

Way of the Cross (also known as Via Crucis) trail lies just after the statue of AbatOliba, the founder of Montserrat monastery.

The trail has life-size sculptures depicting the last journey of Jesus Christ.

Map of Montserrat Monastery

There are lots of things to see and activities to do at Montserrat.

Visitors regularly tend to get lost or miss a must-see item while exploring the Montserrat Monastery.

We recommend you understand the Montserrat map before your visit, especially if you are traveling with kids.

Montserrat Monastery Map
Click to Enlarge / Map Courtesy: Gencat.cat

Besides the things to see in and around the Monastery, this map also marks visitor services such as restaurants, washrooms, ATMs, picnic areas, etc.

Do not miss the walking trails marked on the map.

If you want to refer to this Montserrat layout again, bookmark this page or download the map to your mobile.

Hiking in Montserrat

Many visitors to Montserrat end up hiking – if not a long trail, at least a short one.

There are many walking & hiking trails around the Montserrat Monastery that suit all kinds of hikers.

Map of Montserrat hiking routes

Before you step out in any direction, visit one of the tourist information stands (three in the Monastery!) and get a free map of the Montserrat mountain.

These maps have the most popular hiking routes mapped out, and on the reverse, you will find details such as directions, walking difficulty, length of the walk, etc., about each hiking trail.

Preparing for Montserrat hike

There are both easy and challenging walk/hike trails at Montserrat.

Whichever path you choose, you must stick to a few basic rules of hiking –

1. Wear sturdy footwear
2. Carry water, because most of the walking routes are exposed, and it can get hot
3. Keep a printed copy of the map with you (if possible, download the offline version of the Google map for this region)

To Montserrat Monastery on foot

One of the best pilgrimage walks in Spain is to start from the foothills of Montserrat and walk to the Monastery, which houses the Black Madonna.

All these pilgrimage walks start from the small town called Monistrol de Montserrat, at the foothills.

The objective of these pilgrimage walks is to reach the Monastery, as they would have done in the olden age.

Best Montserrat hikes

Numerous walking routes start from the Montserrat Monastery.

However, some of the hiking trails start some distance from the Monastery.

You must take one of the Funiculars to reach the hiking trail’s starting point in such a case.

Here is a list of the best walking routes in Montserrat:

1. Montserrat Monastery to The Degotalls

Distance: 3.2 Kms (2 Miles)
Time taken: 50 minutes
Slope: 20 meters (66 feet)

This path is an easy Montserrat hike and is relatively peaceful.

To get to this Montserrat hiking trail, you need to get to the Montserrat Monastery car park and then take the road to the left of the Mirador dels Apostals.

The objective of this hike is to see the Degotalls rock formation and turn back.

This course is also referred to as the Cami dels Degotalls hiking route.

2. Montserrat Monastery to Santa Cova

Distance: 2.7 Kms (1.7 Miles)
Time taken: 1 hour 20 minutes
Slope: 120 meters (394 feet)

This path is one of the most popular Montserrat hikes, especially with religious hikers, because an image of the Virgin Mary is believed to have been seen at Santa Cova.

To find this Catalonian hike trail, you must get onto the paved path in between the Montserrat cable car and Montserrat rack railway stations.

A steep 20-minute hike gets you to Santa Cova Funicular’s lower station.

If you continue walking along the ‘The Path of the Rosary,’ in approximately 20 minutes, you’ll reach the base of St Paul’s Needle.

From St Paul’s Needle, Santa Cova is only a 25 minutes’ hike.

While returning, you have two options – take the steep incline back or hop onto the Santa Cova funicular.

3. Sant Joan Funicular station to Montserrat Monastery

Distance: 5.2 Kms (3.2 Miles)
Time taken: 1 hour 30 minutes
Slope: 150 meters (492 feet)

To get to the starting point of this Montserrat hiking trail, you need to take Sant Joan Funicular from the Monastery to Sant Joan.

Sant Joan is also known as the upper station.

Once you get out of the station, on your left, you will spot the entire trail going left – stick to it till you reach the Holy cave in Santa Cova.

This walk is nice and even, and during a good stretch of the hike, you get to see fantastic views of the Llobregat Valley and the River Llobregat.

4. Sant Joan Funicular station to the top of Montserrat

Distance: 7.5 Kms (4.7 Miles)
Time taken: 2 hours
Slope: 320 meters (1050 feet)

This course is the most difficult of all hiking trails in Montserrat and starts from Sant Joan station.

This hiking route takes you via Sant Jeroni and Flat of Els Ocells and eventually to the highest point on Montserrat mountain.

You get some of the most beautiful views of Montserrat Natural park and Catalonia itself from the top.

However, this hike’s difficulty level is high, so set out only if you have hiked before.

For the keen hiker, Montserrat offers a lot more options.

Montserrat climbing

Instead of hiking, if you are interested in climbing Montserrat, you must visit the nearby town called El Bruc.

It is 13 Kms (8 Miles) from the Abbey of Montserrat and is home to La Sargantana, a company specializing in the outdoor experience.

You can rent out climbing equipment and book sessions with them.

Montserrat tickets

Since there is so much to do on a Montserrat monastery tour, there are many kinds of Montserrat tickets or tours you can book.

Whatever Montserrat experience you choose, we recommend you book your tickets in advance.

Montserrat Monastery can get crowded (see image below) during peak times, and if you don’t plan, you may waste your time waiting in queues.

We list below our handpicked tours – the ones most popular with tourists.

If you want to check out all Montserrat tours available, click here.

Cheapest Montserrat tour from Barcelona

This is the most value for money Montserrat tour ticket from Barcelona.

This tour ticket includes train tickets both ways, access to Montserrat Monastery, Montserrat Basilica, Montserrat Museum, and liqueur tasting.

Ticket prices

Adult ticket (14+ years): 44.20 Euros
Child ticket (4 to 13 years): 25.10 Euros
Infant ticket (0 to 3 years): Free entry

If you can handle your transportation to Montserrat and back, you can save money by buying this Montserrat Monastery & Museum Ticket

Montserrat Monastery with hike

If you want a little bit of everything at Montserrat Monastery, this is the perfect tour for you.

This tour starts from Barcelona at 8.30 am.

Besides the regulars, the Monastery and the Basilica, this ticket also gets you one hour of hiking, 3-course lunch at a farmhouse, and an opportunity to listen to the Boys’ choir singing.

Ticket prices

Adult ticket (9+ years): 89.50 Euros
Child ticket (4 to 8 years): 54.75 Euros

If you want a challenging hike lasting 11 Kms (7 Miles), check out this tour.

Montserrat Monastery with lunch and wine

This Barcelona to Montserrat day-long tour starts at 10 am on an air-conditioned bus.

After visiting the Montserrat Monastery, you will visit Oller del Mas, a boutique winery in a 10th-century castle.

You have the option of booking a 3-course meal with wine or a tapas lunch and cheese platter.

These highly rated lunches happen in the backdrop of stunning views of the Montserrat mountain.

Such tours are also referred to as Montserrat wine tours.

Ticket prices

Adult ticket (13 to 64 years): 80 Euros
Seniors ticket (65+ years): 78 Euros
Child ticket (4 to 12 years): 50 Euros

If you don’t want it to be a full-day affair, we recommend this half-day Montserrat tour from Barcelona.

How to reach Montserrat

There are three ways to reach Montserrat in Spain, and we explain all of them in detail below.

Driving from Barcelona to Montserrat

If you want to get to Montserrat quickly and conveniently, driving is your best option.

While driving from Barcelona, get on B-10 from Via Laietana, and after driving 4 Kms (2.5 Miles) take A-2 to Carretera Manresa.

After driving 35 Kms (28 Miles) on A-2, you must get on to C-55 and eventually to BP-1121 to reach Montserrat.

Get Directions

Parking at Montserrat

If you are driving to Montserrat, you can park at two places – right at the Monastery or at the bottom of the Montserrat mountain.

Car park at Montserrat Monastery

Since this car park is right next to the Monastery, it is very convenient for most visitors.

However, we don’t recommend it for the elderly or disabled because it is on the side of a hill, and the walk up to the Abbey of Montserrat is a bit steep.

Montserrat Monastery’s car park can hold 400 cars and is open 24 hours.

You must pay 6.50 Euros to park your car for a day, and 3.50 Euros for a bike.

Car parking at Rack Railway station

Tourists who prefer to add some excitement to their trip decide to park their car halfway up the Montserrat Mountain – at the Cremallera de Monistrol Vila Rack Railway station.

Parking at this Rack Railway station is free, but you will end up paying for the Rack Railway journey up to Montserrat Monastery.

This parking is an excellent option because you see terrific views of the Monastery from the station (and on your way up).

However, since this is the station’s car park, it closes after the last Rack Railway service from Montserrat Monastery reaches Monistrol de Vila station.

If you park here, you must be back before the last Rack Railway service if you want to take your car out.

To know the latest timings, check the official Rack Railway website.

Train from Barcelona to Montserrat

Trains are an affordable, fast, and convenient option to get to Montserrat from Barcelona.

If you prefer to travel from Montserrat by train, you must first reach España rail station on the Green and Red metro lines.

At the massive España station look for Line R5 headed towards Manresa.

It is challenging to find Line R5, but if you follow the ‘Green signs for Manresa’ or the ‘Orange signs for Montserrat’ (image below), you can easily reach Line R5.

The trains which start from Line R5 at Espana Station take you only to the foot of Montserrat mountain.

From there, to get to the Montserrat Monastery, you can either take the Cable Car or take the Rack Railway Cremallera Funicular.

To take the Cable Car to the Monastery, you must get down at Aeri Montserrat station, and if you prefer to take Rack Railway, you must get down at Monistrol Montserrat station (which comes four minutes later).

Both the Cable Car and Rack Railway take approximately 20 minutes to take you from the foot of the mountain to Montserrat Monastery. 

Train timings

The first Barcelona to Montserrat train starts from España rail station at 8:36 am.

After that, there is one train every hour, with the last one leaving the station at 4:36 pm.

The train timing to get back to Barcelona depends on where you board the train – the first station Monistrol Montserrat or the second station Aeri-Montserrat station.

On your return, if you take the Rack railway Cremallera Funicular to get to the foot of the mountain, you will be boarding the train to Barcelona at the first station Monistrol Montserrat.

If you get down from the Monastery to the bottom of the mountain in a Cable Car, you will board your Barcelona train at the second station Aeri-Montserrat station.

The last train from Monistrol Montserrat is at 6.41 pm.

Before this last train, trains leave for Barcelona every hour – going up to the first one at 9:41 am.

These trains starting from Monistrol Montserrat reach Aeri-Montserrat station in four minutes.

That means the first train from Aeri-Montserrat station to España rail station is at 9.45 am, followed by one every hour till the last one at 6.45 pm.

Train tickets

Before you buy train tickets for your Montserrat trip, you must decide on the following –

1. Once you reach the foot of Montserrat, do you want to travel by Cable car or Rack Railway (more about this below)

2. Do you want to buy a one-way ticket or a return ticket (we recommend the return ticket)

3. Do you want to buy ‘ToT Montserrat ticket,’ which besides covering all transport, also gets you free entry into the Montserrat Museum and includes a buffet lunch at Montserrat Restaurant

Whatever your choice, the Montserrat tickets are available for purchase at PlaçaEspaña station from ticket booths in front of Line R5 to Manresa.

Guided group tours

While the 90 minutes’ journey from Barcelona to Montserrat is exciting, it can be intimidating as well.

Many tourists don’t want the hassle of managing their transport to and from Montserrat because there so many decisions to make.

As a result, group tours from Barcelona to Montserrat are popular.

These Montserrat tours start anywhere from 8 am to 10 am, and usually last seven to nine hours.

Montserrat Cable Car

Montserrat Cable Car
Danajardell / Getty Images

To take the Montserrat cable car to the Monastery, you must get down at Montserrat de Aeri, first of the two Montserrat train stops.

Once you get down from your train, you can’t miss the Cable Car station right there.

Since each trip can only seat 35 visitors, there are long waiting times to get into the Cable car during peak seasons.

The journey from the Cable Car station to the Montserrat Monastery is five minutes of visual treat over the Llobregat Valley and its river.

The Cable Car travels at a speed of 5 meters/second at a 45% gradient.

If you have mobility issues, we don’t recommend the Montserrat Monastery cable car because once you get down, you need to walk up a slope and some stairs to reach the Monastery.

Montserrat cable car timings

Montserrat cable car operates from 9.40 am to 7 pm during the peak season of March to October.

During the lean season of November to February, the service starts at 10.10 am and ends at 5.45 pm on weekdays, and on weekends it begins at 9.40 am and ends at 6.15 pm.

The Montserrat cable car is frequently available – one every 15 minutes.

Montserrat Rack Railway

The Montserrat Rack Railway is also often referred to as the Cremallera mountain train.

Montserrat Rack Railway

To take the Rack Railway from the bottom of the Montserrat mountain to the Monastery, you must get down from your Barcelona train at Monistrol de Montserrat station.

This station is in a small town of the same name.

There are three stops on the Montserrat Rack Railway – Monistrol de Montserrat, Monistrol Vila, and Montserrat.

To reach the Monastery, you get on to the Rack railway at the first stop and get off at the third stop.

Gitanna / Getty Images

The trip from Monistrol de Montserrat to the Monastery takes approximately 20 minutes.

Important: If you have limited mobility, we strongly recommend the Montserrat Rack Railway.

Montserrat Rack Railway timings

Montserrat Rack Railway operates from 8.35 am to 8.15 pm during the peak season of March to October.

During the lean season of November to February, the service starts at 8.35 am and ends at 6.15 pm daily.

Montserrat Monastery’s hours

The Montserrat Basilica, the centerpiece of Montserrat Monastery, is open 24 hours, but it is best to explore it is from 7.30 am to 8 pm.

Mass timings at Montserrat Basilica 

Every day, Montserrat Basilica has two main masses.

11 am: Conventual mass
12 noon: Mass in the Capella del Santíssim

On a Saturday, a third Mass is scheduled at 7.30 pm.

On Sundays and holidays, the church has four masses –

9.30 am: Mass
11 am: Conventual mass
1 pm: Mass
7.30 pm: Evening mass

Montserrat Boys’ choir times

Monday to Friday: 1 pm, Salve Regina and Virolai 

Monday to Thursday: 6.45 pm Vespers, Salve Montserratina and Polyphonic Motet 

Saturdays: Rest day

Sundays and religious holidays: 12 pm, Salve Regina and Virolai and at 6.45 pm Vespers, Salve Montserratina and Polyphonic Motet 

Choir performance times can sometimes change.

Montserrat Museum hours

The Montserrat Museum opens at 10 am all through the year.

During the peak season of June 11 to September 15, the museum closes at 6.45 pm, and during the rest of the year, it closes at 5.45 pm.

Christmas Day is an exception, for the Museum closes early – at 2 pm.

Throne of Our Lady timings

The Patron Saint of Catalonia can be seen at Santa Maria de Montserrat monastery from 8 am to 10.30 am and from 12 pm to 6.15 pm.

From 15 July to 30 September, the peak tourist season, tourists can see her from 7.15 pm to 8 pm.

How long does a visit to Montserrat take

If you are traveling from Barcelona, a visit to Montserrat is a full-day trip.

If you travel by train, you need 90 minutes one way – one hour for the train part of the journey and approximately 30 minutes for the Cable Car or Rack Railway.

Even if you travel by road (private car or coach tour), you will need approximately 90 minutes to reach Santa Maria de Monastery Abbey.

Once on Montserrat mountain, there is lots to see, and you will need at least three hours to explore everything.

If you plan to hike up the Montserrat mountain and have lunch or dinner, you may need around five hours.

Restaurants at Montserrat

When it comes to food at Montserrat, there are quite a few options.

1. Restaurant Hostal Abat Cisneros

This restaurant is in the Hotel Hostal Abat Cisneros building, a minutes’ walk from the Montserrat Monastery entrance.

It serves traditional Catalan cuisine, and the set lunch costs approximately 28 Euros.

Hostal Abat Cisneros serves lunch from 12.30 pm to 3.30 pm and dinner from 8 pm to 9.45 pm.

2. Restaurant Montserrat

This classic restaurant is in the Mirador dels Apostols building, right next to the car park. 

It serves value for money Mediterranean cuisine.

There are two pre-set meal options prices at 25 Euros and 19 Euros each. 

If you are traveling with kids, you may want to try their special menu for children.

To reserve any of these hotels, send an email to reserves@larsa-montserrat.com or call them at +34 93 877 7701.

3. Bar de la Placa

Bar de la Plaça is a bar cum cafe right in the middle of Montserrat.

It is a perfect place for a quick coffee or a sandwich, and you can choose to sit inside or hang around the tables outdoors.

Bar de la Plaça is open only during the summer months of March to November.

Monday to Friday: 10 pm to 5 pm
Weekend: 10 pm to 5 pm

4. La Cafeteria

La Cafeteria has two zones – the self-service zone called ‘Servei Express’ and ‘Canteen’ where warm food is served.

While the self-service area serves sandwiches, chips, drinks, etc., the Canteen area serves full meals.

Monday to Friday: 9 am to 6.45 pm
Weekend: 9 am to 8 pm


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