Things to do in Dublin

Image: Leonhard Niederwimmer

Ireland’s capital Dublin is one of Europe’s most historically significant cities.

It is known for its cultural heritage, character, and charming hospitality.

Although Dublin is a small city (it is almost entirely walkable), it has numerous tourist attractions for the visitor willing to explore.

If you are interested in either Whiskey or Beer, you are in for a treat.

Discover the top tourist attractions in this gorgeous city with our list of the things to do in Dublin.

Jameson Distillery


The Jameson Distillery on Bow Street in Dublin has been making whiskey from 1780 to 1971 before the factory got moved to Midleton in Cork. Now only the Jameson Distillery experience tour is offered from this attraction.

Teeling Distillery


Started in 2015, Teeling Distillery is the first new whiskey distillery to open in Dublin in the last 125 years. In a short span, it has become a popular spot for tourists who want a taste of the Irish Whiskey Experience.

Irish Whiskey Museum


Irish Whiskey Museum is a tribute to the Irish love for Whiskey. It narrates 2000 years of Irish whiskey history, and as part of their tours, also offers tastings of a wide variety of Irish whiskeys.

Guinness Storehouse


At the Guinness Storehouse, you first learn about Ireland’s iconic drink and its 250 year-long history and then grab your complimentary pint of Guinness beer and head to the topmost floor to enjoy stunning views of the city. 

Malahide Castle

Richcano / Getty Images

Malahide Castle is a beautiful 12th-century building set on 250 acres of parkland and gardens in the picturesque seaside village of Malahide. It is an exciting attraction for the whole family.

Glasnevin Cemetery

AniaKropelka / Getty Images

Tourists visit Glasnevin Cemetery to hear fascinating stories of those laid to rest in the Cemetery, see the stunning collection of statues and headstones, and to understand the history of modern Ireland.

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