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Christ Church Cathedral Dublin – tickets, timings, discounts, what to expect

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In 1038, the Viking king Sitric Silkenbeard built Christ Church Cathedral in the heart of Dublin.

The feat of having a creator with one of the coolest names in recorded history was not enough, for in the following centuries, the Anglo-Normans commissioned multiple reconstructions and expansions of this renowned structure. 

This ancient structure, the modern-day guardian of the protestant faith, has now stood for a thousand years and is the oldest operational building in the historic city of Dublin.

The Christ Church Cathedral is renowned worldwide for its architecture, burial crypt, and exhibition consisting of a 14th-century copy of the Magna Carta. 

The church is one of Dublin’s many cultural treasures, with a bell tower that has kept the time every day across centuries.

This article tells you everything you must know before booking tickets to the Christ Church Cathedral.

What to expect at Christ Church Cathedral 

A look into the spectacular Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin.

The architectural style of Christ Church Cathedral is a captivating blend of Romanesque and Gothic elements. 

You will be left to marvel at the stunning Roman arches and stonewalls, which seamlessly transition to Gothic spires, ribbed vaults, and sumptuous stained glass windows.

Kneel at the feet of the powerful sculpture of homeless Jesus curled on a bench in the compound, recognizable only by the marks on his feet.

Step into the remarkable medieval crypt, which is believed to be the oldest surviving structure of the church. 

Bathe into the historical lore of an underground vault that has been used for centuries for multiple services such as burial ceremonies, prayer meetings, and treasury headquarters, among other things.

The prime attraction over the years has strangely been a mummified pair of “Tom and Jerry.” 

Legend has it that a cat chased a rat into the organ pipes, resulting in their joint preservation. 

The crypt is the largest of its kind in Ireland and the British Isles.

Spiral into the rich history of the space and open yourself to spiritual wisdom by tracing the steps of Middle Age pilgrims and gazing at the magnificent vaulted church ceiling. 

Delve deeper into the history and significance of the cathedral in the church museum with further insights. 

The museum displays a collection of artifacts, including the 12th-century “Christ Church Miter,” silverware across centuries, and the original copy of Ireland’s Magna Carta from the 15th century.

If you time your visits, you can witness the church choir and its rich musical tradition.

Another notable attraction at the Christ Church Cathedral Dublin is the tomb of Richard de Clare, better known as Strongbow, who was a prominent figure in the Norman invasion of Ireland. The tomb is adorned with an effigy.

This iconic landmark in Dublin is a unique opportunity to explore Ireland’s vibrant history, cultural traditions, and religious significance.

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Where to book tickets 

The tickets to the Christ Church Cathedral can be booked online or at the attraction.

However, we recommend that you book online to save time and money.

Online ticket prices tend to be cheaper than tickets at the venue.

When you buy online, you can avoid the long queues at the attraction’s ticket counters.

Because some attractions sell a limited number of tickets, booking early helps avoid last-minute disappointment.

How do online tickets work? 

Go to the online ticketing portal for Christ Church Dublin,

select the preferred date, time slot, and number of tickets, and buy the tickets immediately.

Once you purchase tickets, they get delivered to your email address.

There is no need to get printouts of the ticket. 

Show the e-ticket on your smartphone at the entrance and walk in.

Please carry a valid ID with you.

Christ Church Cathedral ticket price

The Christ Church cathedral ticket prices are distributed across five tiers.

The ticketed entry for adults between 18 to 64 years is set at €12.

The entry for youths between 13 to 17 years will cost them €10.

The entry for children between two and 12 years of age will cost  €4

Infants under the age of one are not charged anything.

Senior citizens above 65 can also gain access at the same price as that applicable for youths: €9.

Christ Church Cathedral tickets

Christ Church Cathedral tickets
Image: ChristchurchCathedral.ie

The tickets to the Cathedral of Christ Church in Dublin will grant you access to one of the most revered and well-preserved portals to the complex history of faith and culture in the tumultuous state of Ireland.

You will gift yourself a self-guided tour through the annals of the past in a structure that is one of the pinnacles of human architectural efforts, shaped across centuries, blending all styles from Roman to Gothic along the way.

The leaflets at the church entrance and audio tours in the museum paint a breathtaking, living, breathing tale of human conflicts and faith. 

Looking at the classical, ancient artifacts and tombs gives a dawning sensation of a connection to a continuous effort alive throughout the history of humankind itself.

Make sure you collect souvenirs from the sweet little gift shop!

Ticket Prices

Adult Ticket (17-64 years): €12
Youth Ticket (13-17 years): €10
Child Ticket (0-12 years): €4
Senior Ticket (65 and above): €10
Infant Ticket (0-1 years): Free

Combo tickets

You cannot possibly fully immerse yourself in the grand tales of Dublin’s art, religion, architecture, commerce, and culture without taking a dip into the near-mythological culture of Irish whiskey. 

After all, the word “whiskey” is derived from the Irish word “uisce beatha” itself, which means the ‘water of life’!

So, to reinforce your swim into ancient history at the Christ Church Cathedral, a famous distillery nearby comes alive!

Christ Church Cathedral and the Jameson Distillery combo tickets

Christ Church Cathedral and the Jameson Distillery combo tickets
Image: JamesonWhiskey.com

At just €38, you can gift yourself a combo trip to the Christ Church cathedral and the Jameson Distillery, home to the world-renowned Irish Whiskey.

In addition to your tour through the Christ Church Cathedral, this combo pass will provide you with a tour through the story, process, and taste of Jameson.

After tasting three whiskies from the formidable Jameson whiskey portfolio, you also get a complimentary drink at the JJ bar! A win-win situation, if there ever was one!

Ticket Price: €39

Save time and money! Dublin is one of the most famous cities in the world, with a rich history, unbeatable music, a flourishing art scene, and age-old stories and events of drink and merry. At just €74, you can buy an all-inclusive pass with access to 40+ attractions in Dublin, including bus tours, a trip to the Guinness Storehouse, and so much more.

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How to reach 

The Christ Church Cathedral is located in the heart of Dublin.

Address: Christchurch Pl, Wood Quay, Dublin 8, Ireland. Get Directions.

The Dublin Christ Church Cathedral is dotted with several transit options and is well-connected with multiple bus and train lines.

By Bus

The bus stations Winetavern Street and Lord Edward Street both lie nearby, only a two-minute walk away.

Two more bus stops, Patrick Street and Dublin City South, Werberg Street,  are a three-minute walk away.

The Civic office bus stop and the Four Courts bus stop also take just about four minutes on foot to reach.

Bus lines that serve areas near Christ church cathedral are 13,145,27,39,70 and 83.

By Tram

The Jervis light rail station is only seven minutes from the Christchurch Cathedral.

By Car

Put your starting point here to navigate to the Christ Church cathedral.

The area is also well connected by the taxi service.

There are plenty of parking options near the cathedral. 

Christ Church Cathedral Timings

The usual timings for the Christ Church Cathedral Dublin are as follows.

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday: 9.30 pm to 7 pm
  • Tuesday and Thursday: 9.30 pm to 6 pm
  • Sunday: 12.30 to 3 pm and 4.30 pm to 7 pm.

We advise you to check the online booking site for availability regarding your day of the visit, as the cathedral timings are subject to change due to weather, seasons, and events. 

Entry is restricted 45 minutes before closing time.

The choir usually performs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

How long does the tour take

A visit to a Christ church cathedral usually takes around 45 minutes to stroll through the church and exhibition rooms.

There is no time slot restraint, so you take your time to soak in the knowledge and the atmosphere at the timeless church building, its architecture, and the audio guides provided in the crypt. 

Best time to visit

Best time to visit Christ Church Cathedral
Image: ChristchurchCathedral.ie

The best time to visit the church is in the evening, an hour before the choral service, so that you can add the heavenly choir songs to your memorable experience.

Sundays are also a great time to visit, as you can witness the community and faith come together. 

However, if you like to explore historical monuments in a leisurely and peaceful way, you should avoid the rush on Sundays and public holidays!

The weather in Dublin is prone to drizzling quite often, so it is best to look at the weather forecasts before planning a visit.

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FAQs about Christ Church Cathedral

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Christ Church Cathedral.

Where can I find the tickets to Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin?

Tickets for the Christ Church Cathedral are available online or at the attraction. 

Is the Christ Church Cathedral open to people from other faiths?

There is no restriction on faith or lifestyle. All visitors are welcome.

Does Christ Church allow photography?

Personal photos and videos are allowed, but professional or commercial videography or photography is forbidden.

Is Christ Church Dublin disability friendly?

The structure was designed in ancient times. 

People with handicaps might find certain areas not accessible.

When does the choir perform at Dublin’s Christchurch Cathedral?

The choir usually performs at the end of the day on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

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