About Us

There are plenty of Internet products which help book flights, hotels, holiday packages and build itineraries. We don’t do any of that.

TheBetterVacation.com aims to help travellers who hate surprises.

Our objective is to guide travellers who like to find out everything about a tourist attraction before stepping out.

We help you find answers to questions which arise the moment you sit up on your hotel bed in Paris (or any other city) and decide to visit an attraction.

To give you an example, we help answer questions such as:

  • What time does The Louvre Museum open?
  • What is the best time to visit The Louvre?
  • How long will my tour of The Louvre take?
  • Can I plan to have my lunch inside The Louvre?
  • I want to photograph Mona Lisa. Can I take my camera inside The Louvre?

There are thousands of tourist attractions, and we are sure you have a lot of questions.

We aim to get them all answered, eventually.

For now, we have made a small start with approximately 210 tourist attractions in 28 cities. Check us out

Making tea at a road side tea shop in West Bengal, India. The shop owner was inundated with orders and someone had to step in 😉

TheBetterVacation.com is Jamshed Velayuda Rajan’s labour of love.

He built internet communities for companies such as Sify.com, Satyam Computers, Yahoo.com, AIG, Ibibo.com, Nimbuzz etc for 18 years before taking a break towards the end of 2016.

He spent 2017 writing three books for kids and getting them published.

In early 2018, he started on this travel portal and got hooked to it.

He now works with a team of 18 writers, who also double up as researchers.

Together they try to reduce the element of surprise in travel.

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