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The Glòries tower, also known as the Agbar Tower, is a modernist skyscraper in Spain.

Designed by French architect Jean Nouvel, the tower is considered one of the most iconic landmarks of the city and is a remarkable example of modern architecture in Spain.

The Tower Agbar is 138 meters (453 feet) tall and has 34 floors, of which 28 are used as office space. 

The design of the building was inspired by the shape of a geyser, a natural phenomenon where water is expelled from the earth’s surface, and symbolizes the power and energy of Barcelona.

This article shares everything you should know before booking tickets for the Glòries Tower in Barcelona.

Glories Tower

What to expect at the Glòries Tower

The Glòries Tower is located near the beach and is surrounded by parks, gardens, and other modern buildings, making it a key part of the city’s urban landscape.

Here are some of the highlights you can expect to see when visiting the tower:

Iconic Facade

The building’s unique double-skin facade, made of glass and aluminum, is one of its most striking features. 

It is illuminated at night by 4,500 multi-colored LED lights, creating a spectacular light show that can be seen from miles away.

Open Interior Spaces

One of the most interesting features of the Torre Glòries is its interior.

The tower’s interior is characterized by its open spaces and clean lines, with large windows providing ample natural light and stunning city views.

Environmental Sustainability

The Agbar Tower is equipped with several energy-saving systems.

This includes a rainwater collection system, a waste management system, and a system for generating electricity from renewable sources. 

These systems help reduce the building’s energy consumption and minimize its impact on the environment.

Art Installations

The Glòries tower is home to several art installations, including a large mural by Spanish artist Sol LeWitt, which covers one of the building’s walls.

360-Degree Views

The Torre Agbar’s location near the beach and its height of 138 meters provide visitors with 360-degree views of the city of Barcelona and the surrounding area.

Whether you are an architecture buff, a fan of contemporary design, or simply someone who appreciates beautiful buildings, the Torre Glòries is a must-see destination in Barcelona.

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Where to book Glòries Tower entry tickets

You can purchase your Torre Glòries entry tickets at the attraction or online in advance.

If you land at the venue to buy tickets, you’ll have to line up at the ticket counter. 

During peak times, these lines can get long, and you will end up wasting your time. 

Online tickets for the Glòries Tower in Barcelona are cheaper than the tickets sold at the venue. 

Online tickets also help you avoid last-minute disappointments when tickets get sold out. 

How online ticket works

Go to the Glòries Tower booking page and select your preferred date, time slot, and the number of tickets, and buy them instantly.

After the purchase, you will receive the tickets in your email. 

You don’t need to take any printouts. 

Scan your smartphone ticket at the entrance on the day of your visit and walk into the Tower Agbar right away.

Cost of Glòries Tower entry tickets

The Torre Glòries entry tickets cost €15 for all visitors aged 18 to 64 years.

Seniors aged over 65 years get a discount of €3 and pay only €12 for entry.

Children aged between 5 to 17 years also pay €12 for entry.

Kids up to 4 years can enter the Glòries Tower for free.

Tickets for Torre Glòries 

Tickets for Torre Glories
Image: TripAdvisor.com

The tickets for Torre Glòries include access to the interactive museum and the 360º lookout on the 33rd floor.

You can also find an exhibition space on the 26th floor, which offers a multimedia experience showcasing Barcelona’s history and evolution.

You will also receive an audio guide that provides information about the tower, the surrounding area, and Barcelona’s history.

You can also add Cloud Cities Barcelona Experience for an extra €10 during checkout.

Ticket Prices

Adult Ticket (18 to 64 years): €15
Senior Ticket (65+ years): €12
Youth Ticket (5 to 17 years): €12
Infant Ticket (Up to 4 years): Free

Combo tickets

Combo tickets are the best way to explore Barcelona as they let you explore two attractions, usually located closer. 

You can buy Glòries Tower tickets in combination with Cybernetic Dalí at IDEAL Centre d’Arts Digitals and Park Güell.

On these tickets, you get a whopping discount of up to 10%, making this a steal deal!

Cybernetic Dalí at IDEAL Centre d’Arts Digitals + Torre Glòries Lookout

Cybernetic Dalí at IDEAL Centre d’Arts Digitals is nearly 1.8 km (1.1 miles) from Glòries Tower and can be reached in 7 minutes by car.

So why not book a combo ticket, visit both attractions on the same day, and amplify your tour?

From Glòries Tower, you can enjoy a stunning view of the city, and at Cybernetic Dalí, you can enter a metaverse full of surprises.

Ticket Cost: €23

Park Güell + Torre Glòries Lookout

Park Güell + Torre Glòries Lookout
Image: TripAdvisor.com

After visiting Glòries Tower, you can consider exploring Gaudí’s famous Barcelona park – Park Güell, nearly 15 minutes away by car. 

At Park Güell, you’ll be delighted to see exuberant buildings, colorful tile work, and the amazing snaking Serpent Bench.

Ticket Cost: €26

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How to reach Torre Glòries

The Torre Glòries is located in the district of Sant Martí, in the northeastern part of the city.

Address: Avinguda Diagonal, 211, 08018 Barcelona, Spain. Get Directions!

You can reach Barcelona’s Agbar Tower via both public and private transport. 

By Bus

You can board bus numbers 192 and V23 to reach the Badajoz – Diagonal Bus Stop, a 1-minute walk from the Glòries Tower.

By Tram

Tram lines T5 and T6 can take you to La Farinera Tram Stop, a 2-minute walk from the tower.

By Subway

You can take Subway Line 1 to reach the Glòries Subway Station, a 2-minute walk away.

By Car

If you’re driving, you can turn on Google Maps on your smartphone and get started.

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Torre Glòries Barcelona timings

The timings of the Glories Tower vary based on peak and non-peak seasons.

From 15 October to 31 March, the Agbar Tower in Barcelona opens at 9.30 am and closes at 6.30 pm daily.

However, from 1 April to 14 October, the time is 10 am to 9 pm.

The Torre Glòries remains closed on 25 December and 1 January.

On 24 and 31 December, the tower is open from 9.30 am until 3 pm.

How long does Glòries Tower take

How long does Glòries Tower take
Image: guiding-architects.net

The Glòries Tower takes around one hour to explore.

However, you can spend as much time here as you want.

Best time to visit the Glòries Tower

The best time to visit the Torre Glòries is during weekdays, early in the morning, or late in the afternoon if you want to avoid crowds.

Another best time to visit Torre Glòries is during sunset when the sky changes color, and the city’s lights start to twinkle.

So, if you want to witness a stunning sunset view, plan your visit for late afternoon or early evening.

Is Torre Glòries worth a visit

A visit to the Torre Glòries is an opportunity to see a unique and innovative building that showcases the creativity and technical expertise of its designer, Jean Nouvel. 

Its unique design and environmentally sustainable features make it an important landmark in Barcelona and a symbol of its commitment to progress and innovation.

Whether seen at night, when its LED lights create a stunning light show, or during the day, when its striking facade reflects the sun, the Torre Agbar, captures the imagination and inspires awe.

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FAQs about Glòries Tower

FAQs about Glòries Tower
Image: Tiqets.com

Here are some questions that visitors usually ask about Glòries Tower.

What are the operating hours of Glòries Tower?

The Glòries Tower in Barcelona opens at 9.30 am and closes at 6.30 pm daily from 15 October to 31 March and 10 am to 9 pm from 1 April to 14 October.

What is the ticket price for visiting Glòries Tower?

The Torre Glòries entry tickets cost €15 for all visitors aged 18 to 64 years. Seniors aged over 65 years and children aged between 5 to 17 years get a discount of  €3 and pay only €12 for entry. 

Is Glòries Tower open to the public?

Yes, visitors can access the tower’s observation deck and enjoy views of Barcelona’s skyline.

Is there an elevator in Glòries Tower?

Yes, there is an elevator that takes visitors to the observation deck.

Is there parking available near Glòries Tower?

Yes, there is a paid parking lot available near the tower. Click Here to check nearby Car Parking Lots.

Can I bring my pet to Glòries Tower?

No, pets are not allowed inside the tower.

Can I take photos inside Glòries Tower?

Yes, visitors are allowed to take photos inside the tower and on the observation deck.

Is there a gift shop in Glòries Tower?

Yes, there is a gift shop located on the observation deck.

Can I book tickets to Glòries Tower in advance?

Yes, visitors can book tickets to Glòries Tower in advance through the Glòries Tower booking page.

Can I visit Glòries Tower at night?

Yes, the tower is open for a visit until 9 pm, allowing visitors to enjoy the city’s skyline at night.

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