What to see at Alhambra, Granada – Palaces, Towers, Gardens

Highlights of Alhambra Castle

The Alhambra Palace in Granada is the most visited tourist attraction in Spain. Perched on top of a green plateau in the old Albaicín neighborhood, this massive AD 889 structure is the country’s best example of Islamic architecture. Alhambra is known in Arabic as Medinat al-Hamra, the ‘Red City,’ because of the color of the … Read more

View from Passion facade tower at Sagrada Familia

View from Passion facade tower

Of the three facades that architect Antoni Gaudi had planned for Sagrada Familia Cathedral, two – the Passion facade and the Nativity facade – are complete. The Glory facade, which represents Christ’s eternal glory, is yet to be completed. The Passion facade faces the west and represents the suffering of Christ during his crucifixion.  While … Read more

Best places for Christmas holidays with family

Best cities for Christmas holidays

Going on holiday during Christmas is the perfect gift you can give your kids and rest of the family. Traveling with the family means introducing your kids to new cultures, new food, and new languages – the kind of education schools don’t impart. While choosing a spot for your Christmas holiday with family you can … Read more

How to go from Park Guell to Sagrada Familia

Park Guell to Sagrada Familia

Most tourists in Barcelona visit both Sagrada Familia and Park Guell on the same day. Barcelona experts say it is best to start with Park Guell in the morning and go to Sagrada Familia in the evening. If you think otherwise, you can check out how to go from Sagrada Familia to Park Guell. Park Guell … Read more