Best places for Christmas holidays with family

Best cities for Christmas holidays

Going on holiday during Christmas is the perfect gift you can give your kids and rest of the family. Traveling with the family means introducing your kids to new cultures, new food, and new languages – the kind of education schools don’t impart. While choosing a spot for your Christmas holiday with family you can … Read more

Golf holidays in Spain

Golf holidays in Spain

A vibrant culture. Richly tapestried history. Scenery to remember forever. Mouthwatering food. The two meccas of club football—Barcelona and Real Madrid. Spain is a country which, if you visit once, you will not be able to forget in a lifetime. More so if you are fond of Golf. Yes, Golf vacations in Spain are just … Read more

Casa Batllo facts – Gaudi’s Batllo house in Barcelona

Casa Batllo's roof

Casa Batllo or House of Batllo is perhaps the most beautiful residential property ever built. Located on number 43, Paseo de Gracia, in the central region of Barcelona, the building is a major tourist and cultural attraction. Antoni Gaudi built Casa Batllo, which now receives more than a million tourists every year. Some of Gaudi’s … Read more