Berlin Dungeon – tickets, prices, what to expect

Berlin Dungeon

At Berlin Dungeon, professional actors take you on a 600-year trip through the city’s history, from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century. You’ll hear the narratives of the dark side of Berlin’s past in 11 terrifying yet entertaining presentations. Delve into the gruesome and eerie aspects of Berlin’s history with this immersive storytelling. This … Read more

Pompeii Tickets & Tours

Pompeii ruins

Thousands of years ago, Pompeii was a summer holiday destination for the rich and famous of the Roman Empire. However, a deadly volcanic eruption in 79 AD made Pompeii a heart-breaking historical showpiece. In less than 24 hours, Mount Vesuvius volcano reduced Pompeii to ashes but preserved it for eternity. Pompeii is renowned for its … Read more

Golf holidays in France

Golf holidays in France

Art, culture, scenery, food, history— no matter how you look at it, France is an epic holiday destination. A vacation is France is a once in a lifetime experience. A life milestone that millions strive for. Now, imagine a Golf vacation with the legendary country as its backdrop. The stories you can narrate and the … Read more

Which Jameson Distillery is better – Dublin or Midleton?

Jameson Dublin or Midleton

There are two Jameson Distilleries in Ireland – one in Dublin and another in Midleton, Cork County.  Together both these Jameson Distilleries help half a million visitors enjoy the real Irish Whiskey Experience every year.  More than half of these visitors are from North America, especially the USA.  Tourists from European countries such as Germany, … Read more