Best cruises from Brisbane, Queensland

Cruise from Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane is a warm up to a nice, laidback cruise holiday. After all, it is the capital of ‘sunshine state’ Queensland. No wonder then that Brisbane port is a bustling hub of both affordable cruises and luxury cruises. Whatever your choice is – short weekend cruises to Sydney or long Trans-pacific cruises – Brisbane has … Read more

Carnival cruises from New Orleans, Louisiana

Carnival cruises from New Orleans

New Orleans in Louisiana is a legendary party destination. People who have partied at Jazz Fest and Mardi Gras can vouch for that. A cruise from New Orleans is your opportunity to discover the charm, tastes and smells of the Crescent City before or after your cruise. All you must do is reach the city a … Read more

Golf holidays in New Zealand

Golf holidays in New Zealand

New Zealand is a country of astonishing natural beauty. The blue ocean, the lofty mountains, and the green valleys make it a delightful cocktail for any nature-loving traveler. Now imagine a Golf vacation in this beautiful backdrop, and you are all set for the vacation of a lifetime. Golf holidays in New Zealand are popular … Read more

Golf Holidays in Portugal, Algarve

Golf holiday in Portugal

For most people, Portugal and sport would mean one name — Cristiano Ronaldo. However, the largely coastal country situated in the Iberian Peninsula does not only boast of one of the best footballers of all time. Portugal also has a thriving culture of golf. No wonder then that golf holidays in Portugal are quite popular. … Read more

Golf holidays in Bulgaria

Golf holidays in Bulgaria

The Balkan nation of Bulgaria is quite an attractive tourist destination. With a coastline bordering the Black Sea, mountains, rivers and diverse cultural heritage, Bulgaria is a veritable cornucopia for the senses. Golf holidays in Bulgaria had started mostly because of Golf courses in Ihtiman, Ravno Pole and Sliven. However, quite a few world-class Golf … Read more

Best cruises from Baltimore, Maryland

Cruise from Baltimore Port

If you are keen on a cruise holiday to Eastern Caribbean, Bahamas, Canada, Bermuda or New England look no further than Baltimore in Maryland. If you club a few days in Baltimore with your cruise, it can be a perfect vacation. It isn’t without reason that this port city is also known as the ‘charm … Read more

Best cruises from Galveston, Texas

Best cruises from Galveston

On the Gulf Coast of Texas in the USA sits the historic port city of Galveston. Galveston Port was once a commercial port but now caters mainly to cruises. From some of the top cruises in the world to more affordable cruises, Galveston has something to offer all lovers of the sea. Here is our … Read more

Golf holidays in Dubai

Dubai Golf holidays

When you think of Dubai, the first things that come to mind are shopping malls, towering skyscrapers and every luxury imaginable to man. In recent times, however, Golf holidays in Dubai have emerged as a travel trend. One of the reasons for this development is the mostly warm climate that Dubai enjoys. Except for the … Read more

Best cruises from Miami, Florida

Cruises from Miami

Over the last century, Miami, Florida has evolved from being a mangrove swampland to an affordable cruise heaven for tourists around the globe. Many cheap cruises depart from Miami offering the ultimate luxuries and amenities to the sailing tourists. Cruises leaving from Miami vary in their size and luxury. Amenities like spas, wellness centers, and … Read more