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View from Passion facade tower at Sagrada Familia

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Of the three facades that architect Antoni Gaudi had planned for Sagrada Familia Cathedral, two – the Passion facade and the Nativity facade – are complete.

The Glory facade, which represents Christ’s eternal glory, is yet to be completed.

The Passion facade faces the west and represents the suffering of Christ during his crucifixion. 

While the Nativity facade is highly decorated, the Passion facade is austere, plain, and straightforward.

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View from Passion facade tower

The Passion facade is the only part of Sagrada Familia where you will find straight lines.

Going up the Sagrada Familia towers is one of the best ways to view Gaudi’s Basilica.

You can enjoy two views from the towers in the Passion facade of Sagrada Familia, Barcelona.

First, of course, is the view of the intricate skeletal sculptures on the various towers of Passion facade. The second is a fantastic ocean view.

When you climb up the Passion facade tower for the stunning views, you look down from 65 meters (214 feet).

You need to have Towers Access tickets (also known as the Top View tickets) to go up the Passion Towers.

Important: Fast Track Sagrada Familia entry ticket is the cheapest way to get into the Basilica. If money isn’t an issue and you prefer an immersive experience, opt for the guided tour of Sagrada Familia. To go up the Tower, buy a Tower access ticket.

Let’s start with a video of the Passion facade at Sagrada Familia

Here are some of the best photographs of Passion facade towers –

View of passion facade's front in Sagrada Familia
It is believed that almost the same number of people climb up the Passion facade towers as in the Nativity facade towers. Image: Pinterest.com
Passion facade's full towers view
According to some tourists, the presence of construction equipment hinders some of the views on the Passion facade. Image: Antoniotajuelo.com

Sagrada Familia gets more than 5 million visitors annually. To avoid the crowd, it is better to purchase Sagrada Familia tickets in advance and read up on the best time to visit Gaudi’s masterpiece.

Photo taken from Passion facade tower
The original architect intended to strike fear into people’s hearts who saw the Passion facade, and he achieved this objective easily. Image: Thecastlehome.blogspot.in
Passion facade view of intricate sculpture - Denial of Peter
The shame of Peter, who disowned Jesus after the last supper, has been captured beautifully by the sculptor on the Passion facade. This Passion facade view is quite popular with tourists who climb up the tower. Image: Archdaily.com
Magic square on Passion Facade
On the Passion facade, right next to the Kiss of Judas, one can view the Magic Square. All rows and columns of the magic square add up to 33 – Jesus’ age when he died. Image: Pinterest.com
View from Passion facade - Jesus Christ's crucification
Jesus Christ’s crucifixion scene is central to the Passion facade at Sagrada Familia. Image: Antoniotajuelo.com

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View from Passion facade Sagarada Familia
Jesus Christ’s suffering is depicted all through the Passion facade. As seen from one of the Passion facade towers, Jesus is seen wearing a crown of thorns. Image: Jeffmatherphotography.com
View from Passion facade tower - Pilate washes his hands
Pilate wanted to spare Jesus, but the crowd hadn’t agreed. In this sculpture, as viewed from one of the towers, he symbolically washes his hands to show that Jesus’ blood is not in his hands. Image: Bluffton.edu

Did you know that architect Antoni Gaudi is buried under the Basilica? Find out more such interesting Sagrada Familia facts.

View from Passion facade - Sitting Christ
This view of the ‘Sitting Christ’ sculpture on the Passion facade symbolizes the ascension of Jesus Christ. Image: Wikimedia.org
View of Last Supper at Passion facade
This view of the Last Supper is simple – in line with the style of the rest of the Passion facade. Image: Barcelonaphotoblog.com

If you are still undecided on which Sagrada Familia tower you want to see, also check out the views from Nativity facade tower and read this Passion Tower vs Nativity Tower comparison.

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