Seven reasons why going up on Sagrada Familia towers is worth it

Tourists visiting Sagrada Familia have two choices – they can explore only the Basilica or go up either Nativity or Passion Towers as well.

Since you must purchase the appropriate ticket, you must decide what you want to do in advance.

If you plan to explore only the Basilica, you can buy Sagrada Familia fast track ticket (also the cheapest ticket available).

And if you plan to go up the Tower, you must get the Sagrada Familia tower ticket, which is costlier.

Since the fast track ticket costs around €31 for an adult and the Tower tickets cost €40, tourists want to know it is worth the extra money and effort. 

Note: Because of the pandemic, the self-guided Tower ticket is not available. However, if you want to go up and see the facades, you can book the guided Sagrada Familia ticket with Tower access.

Short answer

Most tourists wonder if Sagrada Familia Towers are worth visiting because of the additional ticket costs, the possibility of long queues, and the effort to go up by elevator and come down the Towers by stairs.

If tourists who have already been on Nativity or Passion towers are to be believed, going up the Towers was worth the time and money.

For a detailed answer, continue reading.

Towers in Sagrada Familia

When construction at Sagrada Familia ends in 2026, it will have 18 towers.

As of the year 2020, eight of the 18 planned towers are complete.

Of these eight constructed towers, four are part of the Nativity facade, and four are part of the Passion facade.

A facade is a view that a few of a building’s towers combine and create for the viewer.

Right now, only the Nativity facade and Passion facade are complete.

Why Towers of Sagrada Familia are worth the effort and money

Visitors can either book a self-guided tour of the Sagrada Familia tower or a guided tour of the towers, where a local expert takes you around.

Seasoned travelers with a keen interest in the architect Antoni Gaudi prefer guided tours.

We list below seven reasons why it is better to go up the towers during your Sagrada Familia tour.

1. Going up the towers don’t cost much

The basic adult ticket at Sagrada Familia, which includes the audio guide, costs 31.60 Euros.

If you book a guided tour of Sagrada Familia, an adult pays 50 Euros.

The self-guided Tower access tickets only 40 Euros, which isn’t much.

If you take along a guide to help you understand Sagrada Familia Towers better, it will only cost you 62 Euros.

2. Going up the towers is effortless

You don’t have to climb up the towers. Each facade has an elevator that takes you right to the top.

Since these elevators can only take six people at a time, sometimes there is a bit of a queue.

In short, going up the tower involves no effort – totally worth it.


3. Visiting the towers doesn’t take long

If you time it right, you can visit one of the towers in 30 minutes.

If you end up going up the towers during peak time, you may have to wait in a queue at the elevators.

Even the climb down the stairs will be slow, making it a 45-minute trip.

Sagrada Familia fast track tickets€31
Sagrada Familia with Tower access (Not available)€40
Sagrada Familia Guided tour€50
Sagrada Familia guided tour + Tower access€59
Guided tour of Sagrada Familia & Park Guell€79
Tip: 90% of the visitors opt for fast track ticket, which is the cheapest way to explore

4. Details on towers make the trip worth it

Many people think the Nativity and Passion towers tour is about seeing the views of Barcelona.

However, the climb up is more about seeing and appreciating the intricate sculptures which adorn both facades.

Did you know that a bookseller gave the city of Barcelona the idea to build Sagrada Familia? More Sagrada Familia facts

5. Climbing down is an adventure

To get down from the towers, you must take the stairs. These stairs don’t have railings, and that is why kids below the age of 6 aren’t allowed.

Stairs to climb down from the Sagrada Familia towers. Image: Junbeom Ahn

The climb down the stairs is an adventure and worth your time and effort.

When it is crowded, climbing down can be slow. That’s why it is better to know the best time to visit Sagrada Familia.

6. View from the Towers is stunning

From the Sagrada Familia towers, visitors see Barcelona city’s stunning views, the mountains around the city, and the blue Mediterranean Sea.

View from the bridge connecting two of the Sagrada Familia’s towers. Image: Fum Bally

Views offered by Nativity Tower and Passion Tower are different from each other but beautiful in their own rights.

Follow the link to find out why five million tourists step inside Sagrada Familia annually.

7. The bragging right is totally worth it

When fully built, Sagrada Familia will be 170 meters tall.

It will be behind Hassan II Mosque in Morocco (210 meters) and ahead of the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace in Ivory Coast (158 meters) in the World’s list of tallest religious structures.

Don’t you want this bragging right? That you once stood at the top of one of the World’s tallest religious structures?

Are you convinced about the Tower climb?

So what will it be – a self-guided tour of the Sagrada Familia tower or a guided tour of the towers?

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