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Park Guell vs Palau Guell

The amazing duo of Antoni Gaudi and Eusebi Guell came together to create the most wonderful landmarks of Barcelona.

Two of them are the renowned public park – Park Guell, and the mansion museum Palau Guell.

While Palau Guell was one of Gaudi’s first major commissions, Park Guell is among his later and more celebrated works.

Though the same man designed these attractions, they differ in many ways.

This article provides an insightful comparison between the popular Park Guell and the lesser-known but equally brilliant Palau Guell.

Tour Cost
Park Güell Admission Ticket €13
Palau Guell Entry Ticket  €12

Did you know that Park Guell was never intended to be a park? Know many more interesting Park Guell facts.

Comparison between Park Guell and Palau Guell


Park Güell, located on Carmel Hill in Barcelona, offers you beautiful views of the city and the sea. 

Surrounded by greenery at a higher altitude, it is the perfect getaway from the buzzing city.

However, Palau Guell is right in the heart of Barcelona near the well-known La Rambla street. 

Situated in a historic and vibrant place, this attraction is easily accessible to tourists.

Purpose and background

Originally intended to be a residential complex inspired by the English Garden City, Park Guell was later converted into a public park due to a lack of buyers. 

In 1984, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site under the Works of Antoni Gaudi. 

Palau Guell mansion, which now serves as a museum, was built by Gaudi for Guell. 

He lived there for a long time before moving into his Park Guell residence. 

Today, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is open for you as a museum due to its architectural and historical significance.

Architectural significance

Park Guell boasts iconic structures and buildings, such as the colorful Salamander, Dragonway Staircase, Hypostyle Room, Nature Square, and many wonderful works in the Monumental Zone

You will see that all these structures are decorated with Gaudi’s favorite colorful invention, Trencadis.

Palau Guell, designed much earlier than Park Guell, reflects the early Modernisme Movement. 

It is known more for its brilliant interiors than its beautiful exteriors. 

Gaudi has intelligently used space and light in the main room to create a starry sky effect.

Visitor Experience

If you love both nature and architecture, Park Guell is the place for you with its enchanting vibrant structures, serene green spaces, and panoramic views. 

You can take long walks in the shaded walkways, admire Gaudi’s style of integrating architecture with nature, and enjoy amazing views of Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea from the Greek Terrace.

However, Palau Guell is a must-visit if you wish to get a sneak peek of the elite lifestyle of the 20th century. 

Here, you can closely explore Gaudi’s early experimentation with architectural forms and techniques, which paved the way for innovation and practicality. 

Cultural and Historical Significance

Gaudi’s use of organic shapes and colorful mosaics in Park Guell did not conform to traditional urban designs but reflected modernisme. 

The innovation and creativity displayed in this attraction were ahead of their time and set trends for the future.

Palau Guell showcases the way of life of the elites during Barcelona’s industrial boom. 

Its design, the superlative material used in its construction, and the attempt for uniqueness show its owner’s social status and aspirations.  

Where to go first – Park Guell or Palau Guell?

The Palau Guell Is a Mansion

Park Guell is more crowded than Palau Guell, so we suggest you visit Park Guell during the opening hours to admire this attraction at peace and later head to the Guell Palace. 

Park Guell is covered in highly-rated tours like the Complete Gaudi Tour and Best of Barcelona Tour.

However, if you are especially interested in Gaudi’s early architectural works and wish to take a closer, intimate look at them, head first to Palau Guell. 

Did you know that Park Guell has three entrances?

Distance between Park Guell and Palau Guell

Park Guell and Palau Guell are just 3 miles (5 km) apart. 

The most efficient way to travel from Park Guell to Palau Guell or reverse is by using the metro. 

The metro station nearest to Park Guell is Vallcarca Station, and the one nearest to Palau Guell is Liceu Station

You can commute between the two stations using Line 3 (Green). The journey takes 25 minutes.

However, suppose you only have time to visit one of the above two attractions and are still trying to decide which one to visit. 

In that case, your choice should depend on whether you prefer exploring Gaudi’s creative outdoor structures or experiencing the opulent, rich interiors of Palau Guell.

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