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The Upside Down – tickets, museum highlights, opening hours

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Visit Europe’s largest Instagram museum to keep your social media presence! 

Take selfies in the craziest settings and let your imagination run wild in the Upside Down Museum, Amsterdam.

The Insta Museum is a brand-new fantasy world where people of all ages may find inspiration after leaving their present reality.

The Museum strives to enlighten and entertain visitors about typical contemporary Dutch culture.

This article explains everything you must know before buying tickets for The Upside Down in Amsterdam. 

The Upside Down

What to expect at The Upside Down Amsterdam

Once you’re in the Upside Down, you won’t be aware of time or space since you won’t know if you’re above or below the surface.

During your tour, you can view life-size and moving digital projections and experience life below the sea in the Infinity Room. 

You can also visit areas like the Club, which will take your disco experience to the next level.

Get a chance to participate in content production at this 25-room, 1,500-square-meter Museum by joining the facilities. 

You will be accompanied by staff offering the optimal positions for shooting great photos.

You can grab your cameras or use the ones provided to capture the wildest, funniest images and post them on social media. 

Don’t worry, you’ll have enough photos to keep your Instagram account updated for several weeks this way.

Tickets & ToursCost
The Upside Down entry tickets€26
The Upside Down + Our House Amsterdam tickets€46
The Upside Down + Moco Museum Amsterdam€45

You can download all your photos for free from the official website by entering the ticket number after your visit.

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Where to buy The Upside Down tickets

You can buy The Upside Down tickets at the attraction or online. 

However, we suggest you book your tickets online as it offers many benefits.

– You get a discount on booking tickets online, which means you can save money.

– You don’t have to travel to the attraction to buy tickets and sweat yourself standing in long queues. 

– You can book your tickets in advance and plan your tour accordingly.

– Sometimes, the tickets get sold out quickly. However, if you purchase tickets online, you can avoid last-minute disappointments. 

– You can pick a date and time slot for the tour that works best for you. 

How online ticket works

On the booking page of the Upside Down, select your preferred date, timeslot, and the number of tickets and buy them right away.

Tickets will be emailed to your registered email address immediately after payment, so there is no need to print them.

You must show your smartphone ticket at the entrance before the scheduled time. 

Cost of The Upside Down tickets

The Upside Down tickets cost €26 for visitors over 12 years.

Kids aged 3 to 12 years get a discount of €8 and pay only €18 for entry. 

An adult must accompany the kids. 

The Upside Down entry tickets

The Upside Down entry tickets
Image: The-Upsidedown.com

Swirl into an upside-down world where you’ll see the Netherlands differently with the Upside Down tickets

This ticket will help you create the most stunning social media content upside down with 25 immersive alternatives.

Play with mirrors, ball pits, optical illusions, camera angles, and even an upside-down room!

You can access the lockers in which you can keep all your belongings. 

Ticket Price

Adult Ticket (12+ years): €26
Child Ticket (3 to 12 years): €18

Combo tickets

You can comfortably explore two attractions on the same day with combo tickets.

These tickets enhance your tour and experience and are worth buying!

You can buy The Upside Down tickets in combination with Our House Museum or Moco Museum at great discounts. 

The Upside Down + Our House Amsterdam tickets

The Upside Down + Our House Amsterdam tickets
Image: Our-house.com

What if someone asks, “Have you visited the world’s first modern museum of electronic music culture?”  

Nothing to worry about! You can! 

The Upside Down and Our House Museum are nearly 9 km (5.6 miles) apart and can be reached in 15 minutes by car. 

So book a combo ticket to The Upside Down and Our House Museum and enhance your experience!

Get up to 10% discount on the purchase of combo tickets online. 

At Our House Museum, you can learn about the past, present, and future of one of the most popular music genres ever. 

You can also create your music and learn how to mix tracks at the electronic dance music museum.

Ticket Cost: €46

The Upside Down + Moco Museum Amsterdam 

The Upside Down + Moco Museum Amsterdam
Image: MocoMuseum.com

After turning the world upside down at The Upside Down Museum, why not see the original artworks by Banksy and other contemporary and postmodern gems?

Moco Museum is just 3 km (2 miles) from the Upside Down Museum and can be reached in 9 minutes by car. 

Get a combo ticket for The Upside Down and Moco Museum Amsterdam and enjoy a discount of up to 8%.

The ticket lets you spend as much time as you like in Amsterdam’s quaintest and nicest modern art museum.

You can see over 50 original Banksys next to works by other artworld trailblazers like Kusama, Roy Lichtenstein, Dali, and more! 

Ticket Cost: €45

Save time & money! Discover Amsterdam with the Amsterdam City Card. Visit world-class museums and attractions, get unlimited access to Amsterdam’s public transport, and enjoy a free canal cruise.

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How to reach The Upside Down

The Upside Down Amsterdam is located in Amsterdam South.

Address: Europaboulevard 5, 1079 PC Amsterdam, Netherlands. Get Directions

You can reach the museum by subway, tram, train, bus, or car. 

By Subway

You can take the green (metro: 50) and orange (metro: 51) lines and get off at the RAI subway station, 8 minutes walk away from the museum.

You can take the blue line (metro: 52) and get off at the Europaplein subway station, which is within 3 minutes walking distance.

By Tram

M4 tram stops at Amsterdam, Europaplein, Station Rai, and Amsterdam, Dintelstraat transit stops. 

These transit stops are within 2 to 4 minutes of walking distance.

By Train

You can also go to the attraction by taking an Intercity or Sprinter train that stops at the Amsterdam RAI train station. 

By Bus

If you board buses 62 or N84, you can get off at Amsterdam, Europaplein transit stop. 

You can also stop at Amsterdam, D. Scarlattilaan, 8 minute by drive from the attraction. 

Bus 321 stops at Amsterdam, Station RAI bus stop, 7 minutes walk away from the Museum.

By Car

You can also reach the attraction by renting a cab or using your car if you prefer private transportation. 

Navigate using Google Maps!

Click here to check the nearest parking lots.

The Upside Down timings

The opening hours of the Upside Down museum are from Monday to Sunday, 10 am to 7 pm.

On Fridays and Saturdays, the museum opens at 10 am and closes by 8 pm.

How long does The Upside Down take

Exploring the Upside Down in Amsterdam takes around an hour and a half. 

There’s no need to rush. Take your time and enjoy your visit to the museum.

Best time to visit The Upside Down

The best time to visit The Upside Down Amsterdam is between 10 am and 11 am.

If you fail to make it early morning, visit after 3 pm to avoid crowds.

Fewer crowds will allow you to devote more time to exploring the highlights.

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Highlights of The Upside Down

Here are some major highlights of The Upside Down Museum.

Royal Room

Royal Room
Image: The-Upsidedown.com

You can find some contemporary Dutch heroes in the Royal Room of the Upside Down Museum. 

Attempt to “hang out” with them while you’re there!

The Pool

The Pool
Image: The-Upsidedown.com

The pool has 3 kilometers of LED lights and 81 transparent balls, allowing you to illuminate the pool in whatever color you desire. 

Shout your favorite color into the microphone; magic will take care of the rest.

Dutch Design Room

Dutch Design Room
Image: The-Upsidedown.com

Visit the Dutch Design room to experience the minimalistic lifestyle of the Dutch. 

Pink Private Jet

Pink Private Jet
Image: The-Upsidedown.com

The Netherlands is also well-known for being a pioneering country in aviation. 

Even if flying has grown in popularity, traveling in a private plane remains the most premium option.

Many celebrities and the super-rich have private jet. 

For a limited time, you can live the lavish lifestyle of the rich and famous aboard the Pink Private Jet.

Mondriaan Room 

Mondriaan Room
Image: The-Upsidedown.com

In The Mondriaan room, immerse yourself in a piece of modern art and color beyond the lines.

FAQs about the Upside Down

Here is a list of questions mostly asked by visitors before visiting the Upside Down museum.

Do I need to book tickets in advance to visit The Upside Down, Amsterdam?

Yes, book tickets in advance because you need a specific time slot. You can book tickets here

How can I reschedule/cancel my tickets to The Upside Down?

Rescheduling or cancellation is not possible on this ticket. 

How much do The Upside Down tickets cost?

For general entrance, guests aged 12 years and above need to pay €26. While kids aged 3 to 12 years pay €18 for entry. 

Can I give my Upside Down tickets to someone else?

The Upside Down tickets are personal and cannot be transferred to another person. 

What can I expect at the Amsterdam Upside Down Museum?

It’s exciting and fresh, and the colors and effects are unforgettable. The concept of taking images of oneself in different places with different effects is really tempting. 

Is a baby stroller allowed inside The Upside Down museum?

Yes, a baby stroller is allowed. 

Are pets allowed inside The Upside Down museum?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed. 

Is there any parking space available near The Upside Down museum?

Yes, the Museum has parking spaces underneath. You can also find lots of parking spaces nearby the attraction. 

Can I store my luggage inside The Upside Down Museum?

The Upside Down Museum offers free lockers to store visitors’ stuff. 

Is the Upside Down wheelchair accessible?

Yes, The Upside Down Museum provides wheelchair accessibility.  

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