Keukenhof Gardens – tickets, prices, dates for Keukenhof 2021, flower parade

Keukenhof Gardens tulips

Keukenhof Gardens near Amsterdam in Holland attract more than 1.5 Million tourists annually.

Keukenhof flower gardens are open only for around 60 days every year – in 2021 they will be open from 20 March to 9 May.

At these seasonal gardens in Lisse, visitors get to see more than 7 million flowers, including 800 different kinds of tulips.

In this article, we explain everything you must know before visiting the Keukenhof Gardens in 2021.

1. 2021 Dates
2. 2021 Theme
3. How to reach?
4. Opening hours
5. Best time to visit
6. Tour duration
7. Is it worth it?
8. Keukenhof tickets
9. What to see?
10. Events at Keukenhof
11. Flower parade
12. Keukenhof weather
13. Keukenhof castle
14. Keukenhof map
15. Restaurants

Keukenhof 2021 dates

Keukenhof Gardens are the most beautiful in spring, and the creators make sure the visitors see it at its best.

In 2021, the Keukenhof Garden will open from March 20 to May 9, including the Easter weekend, King’s Day (27 April) and Liberation Day (5 May).

Which means, tourists get to enjoy Keukenhof Gardens for only 50 days in 2021.

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Keukenhof theme 2021

Every year the Keukenhof Garden is prepared with a specific theme and the flower decoration, events, artwork, activities etc. are created to reflect this theme.

Keukenhof Gardens’ theme for 2020 was ‘A World of Colours’ but we aren’t sure what the theme will be for 2021. We will have an update soon.

However, you must brace up for a fantastic visual treat.

Keukenhof tickets

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Where are the Keukenhof gardens?

Keukenhof is also known as the Garden of Europe and is in Lisse, South Holland, Netherlands.

The Keukenhof Park covers an area of 32 hectares (79 acres) and is a prominent part of the ‘Dune and Bulb Region’ (also known as Duin- en Bollenstreek).

If you leave from Amsterdam, you will be travelling in the Southwest direction to reach the Flower garden.

Address: Stationsweg 166A, 2161 AM Lisse, Netherlands. Get Directions

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Amsterdam to Keukenhof – how to reach

Reaching the Keukenhof Gardens is easy, and there are many options available.

By Car

Reaching Keukenhof by car is easy and very efficient because of its location between Amsterdam and The Hague.

You can either opt for A4 (Exit Nieuw-Vennep) or A44 (Exit 3, Lisse).

By Bus

Bus to Keukenhof Gardens

From 2019, there are two new bus lines introduced for Keukenhof Gardens – bus No. 852 and No. 859.

Bus routes which can take you to Keukenhof  are:

Bus 858: Connecting Amsterdam and Keukenhof Gardens, from Schiphol Airport
Bus 852: From Amsterdam RAI
Bus 859: From Hoofddorp
Bus 854: From Leiden
Bus 50: From Harlem, passes through Keukenhof
Bus 57: From Lisse

If you are in and around Amsterdam Leidseplein, Rijksmuseum and Museumplein area take Bus 197 to Schiphol Airport.

And from the Airport, you can take Bus 858 to Keukenhof Gardens.

The price of the bus ticket from Schiphol Airport to Keukenhof Gardens one way is 5 Euros.

To get on to Bus 858, you must wait outside the Arrivals Hall 4. 

The journey time from Schiphol Airport to Keukenhof Gardens is around 30 minutes.

By Train

There is no direct train to Keukenhof Gardens.

However, if you are around Central Station, you can decide to travel half the distance by train.

Take a 15-minute train to Schiphol Airport.

And from the Airport, take the bus 858 from outside the Arrival Hall 4. This will take you directly to the Keukenhof Gardens within 30 minutes.

Our recommendation: If you get hassled by all the travel options, it is best to book a Keukenhof Gardens combi ticket, which also includes transport from Amsterdam and back.

If you are not staying in Amsterdam, check out Keukenhof combi tickets which start from Rotterdam or The Hague.

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Keukenhof opening hours

Regardless of the day, the Keukenhof Gardens is open every day from 8 am to 7.30 pm.

The Keukenhof Gardens is only open for two months every year during spring when it is at its best.

In 2021, the garden will open from March 20 until May 9.

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Best time to visit Keukenhof

The magnificent flowers being the main attraction of the Keukenhof Gardens, it is best to visit it at a time when they are blooming, and the weather is perfect for an outside stroll.

Since there is no specific period when the flowers will bloom, we suggest you visit the gardens from late April to Early May.

The weather is perfect for flowers, and you are likely to find the whole garden covered with the beauties.

If you are visiting the Keukenhof to escape the city and get some alone time, it is best to visit before 11 am or after 3 pm – the period of least crowd.

When NOT to visit Keukenhof?

The Keukenhof Gardens are the most crowded and busy on National holidays.

Here are the days on which to avoid the gardens because they will be teeming with both tourists and locals.

10 April (Friday): Good Friday
12 April (Sunday): Easter Day
13 April (Monday): 2nd Day of Easter
27 April (Friday): King’s Day

On 27th April, the Gardens will be moderately crowded.

However, since the Dutch will be celebrating the King’s birthday, it will be a nightmare to travel by public transportation to reach the gardens.

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How long does Keukenhof take?

Keukenhof Gardens is a massive place and the amount of time you need to explore will depend on you.

Keukenhof Gardens is full of different types of flowers and activities for kids.

Approximately, it takes at least four hours if you see the main attractions and do not make many stops.

However, if you want you can spend the whole day at the Gardens because the entry tickets aren’t timed.

Tip: If you plan to spend the whole day, we recommend regular stops to rest and eat and drink. Thanks to all the walking, visitors tend to tire quickly.

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Is Keukenhof worth it?

This attraction deserves the travel from Amsterdam (or any other city you are stationed at), and the Keukenhof entrance fee you will be spending.

Keukenhof Gardens are worth it

We can think of at least five reasons why Keukenhof Gardens are worth visiting.

1. Keukenhof has a new theme every year

Each year the Keukenhof Tulip festival park has a different theme, and the flowers, arrangements and activities are planned accordingly.

There is always a centrepiece in the flower show – made up of thousands of flowers – depicting the theme.

In 2018, ‘Romance’ was the theme of the flower show and in 2019 it was 1970s ‘Flower Power.’

And in 2020, the theme is ‘A World of Colours.’

2. Keukenhof is always a different experience

This is one of the attraction which will be different every time you visit.

You can visit multiple times in the 60 days it is open every year, or you can visit in different years, but the Keukenhof gardens look totally different every time.

Different flowers will be in bloom, the theme will be different, arrangements and activities will be different.

As a result, you will see the gardens differently.

3. The variety of flowers you get to see

While the focus of the Keukenhof flower show is on Tulips (800+ different varieties), they aren’t just the famous tulip gardens of Netherlands.

Besides Tulips, the gardens and the four pavilions also showcase roses, daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths, gerbera daisies, carnations, lilies-of-the-valley, bluebells, snowdrops, irises, orchids, callas, amaryllises and many more.

If the colours of the flowers don’t get you, the fragrance will.

4. Keukenhof also has art installations

Keukenhof is not about flowers alone.

Every year fantastic art installations are scattered amongst the flowers.

The beauty is in the way these art installations are seamlessly blended with the flowers.

5. When in the Netherlands do what the Dutch do

Tulips are as much Dutch as Windmills, Clogs and Cheese. You can’t visit Holland and not get an overdose of Tulips.

And what better place to see why the Dutch are crazy about Tulips than the Keukenhof flower gardens.

Speaking of the Dutch’s obsessions with Tulips, have you heard of Tulip Mania?

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Keukenhof tickets

Choosing the right kind of experience at Keukenhof is difficult because of the numerous ticket options available.

In this section, we will share all the different types of Keukenhof tickets available and also provide our recommendation.

Note: These are smartphone tickets – immediately after purchase, they get emailed to you. On the day of your visit, you can show the ticket in your email (on your smartphone) and walk in. No need to take print outs!

‘Skip the Line’ Keukenhof tickets

These are the cheapest and the most popular Keukenhof tickets.

You get to skip the line at the entrance of the Keukenhof Gardens and can access everything thats part of the gardens.

However, you will have to manage your own transport.

Ticket price

Adult ticket (18+ years): 18 Euros
Child ticket (4 to 17 years): 8 Euros
Infant ticket (0 to 3 years): Free entry

For an additional six Euros you can also book your parking space at the Gardens in advance.

Keukenhof tickets with transport

Keukenhof gardens is 40 Kms (25 Miles) from Amsterdam, 58 Kms (36 Miles) from Rotterdam and 32 Kms (20 Miles) from The Hague.

The traveling time to Keukenhof gardens is:

From Amsterdam: 40 minutes
From Rotterdam: 60 minutes
From The Hague: 50 minutes

Because of this distance from the major cities, many tourists prefer to book Keukenhof gardens tickets which also includes transport both ways.

These tickets are also known as Keukenhof combi-tickets.

Travel to the gardens and back is in an air conditioned coach.

Combi ticket from Amsterdam

Adult ticket (14+ years): 39 Euros
Child ticket (4-13 years): 19.50 Euros

Combi ticket from Rotterdam

Adult ticket (12+ years): 59 Euros
Child ticket (4-11 years): 29.50 Euros

Combi ticket from The Hague

Adult ticket (12+ years): 59 Euros
Child ticket (4-11 years): 29.50 Euros

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What to do in Keukenhof?

A visit to Keukenhof isn’t just about looking at the flowers.

Check out the video below on what visitors can expect on their visit to Keukenhof –

Here is a list of things you can do at Keukenhof Gardens Holland to have an enriching trip.

1. Take lots of pictures

If you are touring the Keukenhof Tulip festival, do capture some of the memories for later.

If you go early in the morning, the light is perfect for capturing amazing photographs of the myriad of colours.

2. Take a ‘whisper’ boat trip

If you are tired from walking or cycling around, take the ‘whisper’ boat to see the Tulip fields from a different perspective.

The ‘whisper’ boats depart at the windmill in Keukenhof park.

3. Rent a bike and explore

Keukenhof is bike friendly. For a small fee, you can rent a bike, get a map with various biking routes and explore both the flower gardens and the surrounding area.

Learn to make flower arrangements

Every day there are ongoing workshops on how to arrange flowers.

All you must do is step in, start learning.

4. Visit Keukenhof Castle

Many tourists visiting Keukenhof Gardens don’t know that there is a Keukenhof Castle as well.

Book your Castle ticket in advance and check out some of the impressive artefacts on display from the Golden Age of Dutch history.

Insider Tip: Visit the Castle after you are done with Keukenhof Gardens because you can’t re-enter the Gardens.

5. Watch the Flower Parade

This is not something you can do every day.

But if you are in Keukenhof Gardens on 25 April 2021, you can see the Annual Flower Parade pass through the gardens between 3.30 to 4.30 pm.

As part of the Parade, floats made up of bulb flowers will parade through the streets in Bollenstreek (Bulb region) and will pass by Keukenhof.

Insider tip: 25 April will be the busiest day of 2021 at Keukenhof, so visit on this day only if you can handle the crowd.

6. Indulge in kids activities

If you are visiting Keukenhof with kids, don’t worry they will have their hands full during the trip.

Besides the flowers, there is a petting zoo, a playground, a maze and a treasure hunt to keep them occupied.

7. Visit flower fields around Keukenhof

This is something you must plan for after you have explored the Keukenhof Gardens of Lisse and have some energy left.

Because once you exit Keukenhof Gardens, you can’t re-enter.

From the parking of Keukenhof, you will be able to slip into the surrounding fields.

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Events at Keukenhof Gardens

Throughout the flower season, special activities, shows and performances are held at the Keukenhof Gardens.

This is especially true for weekends and public holidays.

Access to these events is free and is included with your Keukenhof ticket.

Keukenhof Tulip festival show 2021’s events are yet to be announced.

But we give below a schedule of 2019’s events to give you an idea of what to expect –

23 to 24 Mar, 2019: Sounds of Holland

29 to 31 Mar, 2019: Holland Heritage Weekend

05 to 07 Apr, 2019: Flower Power Weekend

13 Apr 2019: Keukenhof Flower Parade

21 to 22 Apr, 2019: Easter weekend – Melloy Yellow

27 Apr 2019: King’s Dag at Keukenhof

29 Apr to 03 May, 2019: Bird of Prey shows

11 to 12 May, 2019: Romance at Keukenhof

13 to 19 May, 2019: Woodstock Festival

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Keukenhof flower parade

Keukenhof flower parade

Bloemencorso Bollenstreek is one of the most popular flower parades in Holland.

Since it happens during the Keukenhof Flower festival and passes through Keukenhof Gardens, many refer to it as Keukenhof Flower parade.

Just like the Gardens, the Keukenhof flower parade also revolves around a theme every year, and the 2021 theme is yet to be announced.

In 2019, it was ‘Changing World’ and in 2020 it was ‘A World of Colours’.

The parade will take place on 25 April 2021 and will go through a 40 km (25 Miles) route starting from Noordwijk and ending at Haarlem.

At 3:30 pm, the beautiful cars decorated with flowers will pass through the Keukenhof Gardens.

You can enjoy the full parade from the road along the side of the main car park.

Since the parade is an extraordinary event, it is going to be extremely crowded, and the roads will remain closed from 3 pm to 5.30 pm, so make your plans accordingly.

If you plan to watch the parade, it is best to reach Keukenhof before 11 am to get the best experience.

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Keukenhof weather

Tourists check on the weather in Keukenhof for two reasons.

Impact of Keukenhof weather on flowers

Spring is the season of flowers.

Nature revives itself from the gloominess of the harsh winters, and flowering is just one of the acts.

Since Tulips are flowers of the warm weather, they start growing and blooming way faster in spring than in the winters.

As a result, Keukenhof is covered with these colourful beauties and ends up becoming the best place to relax and experience spring.

Some of the Tulips need a little warmer weather than the others, and that is by the time all of them bloom, it is April.

How Keukenhof weather affects visitors

Keukenhof being an outdoors attraction, it is always a good idea to know what to expect.

You wouldn’t want to be in a garden while it’s raining, no matter how beautiful it is.

The good thing is that Keukenhof also has indoor pavillions which you can rush into when it rains.

For the best Keukenhof weather prediction, click on this link and search for Lisse’s weather.

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Keukenhof Castle

Keukenhof Castle

Standing just outside Lisse, at the entrance of the Keukenhof Gardens, the Keukenhof Castle houses fantastic artefacts.

As a matter of fact, the Keukenhof Garden and exposition is originally the gardens of the Keukenhof Castle.

And unlike Keukenhof gardens, the Keukenhof Castle is open all year round for tourists and admirers of the place.

What’s to see in Keukenhof Castle?

The Keukenhof Castle portrays the culture and history at its most raw form.

There are fabulous collections of furniture and portraits adorning the space and famous paintings of Nicolaes Maes from the 17th Century.

You can also see the Chinese and Japanese porcelain beautifully displayed at a unique cabinet and the great chimney designed by the French architect and designer, Daniel Marot.

Also, in the book cabinet, you can find a complete Encyclopedia from 1770.

Keukenhof Castle’s hours

If you’re planning to visit the Keukenhof, you must know that its opening times vary with season.

April to September: 8.30 am to 7.30 pm

October to March: 8.30 am to 4.30 pm

The Castle is open only for guided tours. So, make sure you have the ticket before you visit the place.

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Keukenhof map

The Keukenhof Gardens is divided into various areas and sections and because of its size is a bit challenging to navigate.

With the Keukenhof map, you could quickly come up with a plan and decide on how you want to cover the place.

Moreover, it is always a good idea to know where the restaurants and eateries are.

Keukenhof Gardens Map 2020
Download a bigger version of Keukenhof Gardens’ map. Courtesy:

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Food at Keukenhof

Keukenhof is not short of eateries and restaurants.

With Italian to an authentic Asian restaurant, you can have anything your tummy desires.

And for evening snacks or a quick bite, you can opt the mobile food outlets spread across the park.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Being a garden, the Keukenhof has picnic spots where you can sit and eat your own food.

But inside restaurants, the home cooked food is prohibited.

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