Sagrada Familia towers – tours, views, elevators, stairs etc

Sagrada Familia towers

By the time construction of Sagrada Familia comes to an end in 2026, the church in Barcelona will have 18 towers.

Each of the 18 towers of Sagrada Familia represents someone. 12 of these 18 towers represent the apostles and four represent the evangelists.

The Sagrada Familia tower with a star on the top is designated for Virgin Mary, and the tallest tower of them all is for Jesus Christ.

Even though Antoni Gaudi (the architect) planned all the 18 towers of Sagrada Familia he couldn’t build them all.

St. Barnabas Tower was the first and only tower to be completed under Gaudi’s supervision. This Nativity facade tower was completed on 30 November 1925. More such Sagrada Familia facts

Gaudi’s successor Domènec Sugrañes i Gras built the next three towers to complete the Nativity facade.

The four towers of the Passion facade were completed by 1977.

As of today, only eight of the 18 Sagrada Familia towers are completed.

Did you know: Even though it is a Basilica, many people think Sagrada Familia is a Cathedral

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Sagrada Familia towers tour

More than 5 million plus tourist visit Sagrada Familia every year. Some of these tourists prefer to spend time inside Sagrada Familia and skip going up the towers.

However, most of the tourists also prefer going up the Sagrada Familia towers and see the Nativity facade or Passion facade from up close.

If you are confused about what you should do, find out the answer to the question – Are Sagrada Familia tower tours worth it.

Tickets for visiting the towers are not included in the basic Sagrada Familia entry ticket. For Sagrada Familia towers tour you need to purchase “Sagrada Familia ticket with tower access.”

At the ticket counter, the ‘Sagrada Familia ticket with Tower access’ costs 35 Euros. If you buy the same tickets online, you save 6 Euros per ticket.

Yes, you read that right – and it is because when you buy this ticket online you don’t pay the window surcharge. Links to buy online tickets provided at the end of this article.

For safety reasons, kids younger than 6 years can’t go on Sagrada Familia tower tours. And children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult while on a tower tour.

Because of the nature of the attraction, visitors with reduced mobility or reduced visibility can’t go on Sagrada Familia tower tours.

Sagrada Familia towers elevator

Once you buy Sagrada Familia tickets with tower access, you can go up the tower of your choice – the Nativity facade tower or the Passion facade tower.

Everybody has to take the elevator to go up the Sagrada Familia towers. If you land up at the wrong time, there may be some waiting just outside the elevator. Check out tips on how to avoid queues at Sagrada Familia.

There are two lifts – one to go up Nativity facade and one to go up Passion facade. Since the facades aren’t joined, you can only go up one of the facades with one ticket.

The Sagrada Familia towers are thin and the lifts can carry only six visitors at a time.

During adverse weather conditions such as strong winds or heavy rain, the tower elevators are closed.

Sagrada Familia towers stairs

After you are done with your Sagrada Familia tower tour, you can’t take the elevator down. The elevators are used to go up and the stairs to go down.

This is the reason why visitors with limited mobility and visibility and kids below a certain age aren’t allowed on these tours.

The stairs are narrow and steep. They have a railing to hold on to on one side but that’s about it. The stairs eye is very small.

The duration of this climb down the stairs depends on your speed of descent and the people ahead of you. Sagrada Familia towers stairs have a total of 400 steps.

Climbing down these Sagrada Familia towers stairs isn’t recommended for those who suffer from claustrophobia, are scared of heights or suffer from vertigo.

Check out this video of the stairs at one of the towers –

Passion towers or Nativity towers?

The Tower access tickets of Sagrada Familia only allow you access to one of the towers – either Nativity facade tower or Passion facade tower. This is because the facades aren’t connected.

Most tourists are not able to decide which tower they must choose. Unfortunately, you can’t go up both the Sagrada Familia towers because for that you need to buy two tickets for yourself.

Even if you buy two tickets for Sagrada Familia tower tours, you need time on your hands to go up the two towers.

And we all know that while on a holiday in Barcelona, two things are always in short supply – time and money.

When it comes to Passion facade vs Nativity facade showdown, we always recommend Nativity facade tower. Find out why Nativity facade Tower is better.

Views from Sagrada Familia towers

You don’t have to go by our recommendation. You can decide by yourself after seeing the views from the Sagrada Familia towers.

Views from Passion facade / Views from Nativity facade

When you go up both the towers you get stunning views of the sculptures on the facades and towers.

Besides this, you also get an amazing view of the city of Barcelona, the mountains just out of the city and the Ocean right next.


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