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Are Sagrada Familia Towers worth it – Are cost of tickets, time taken justified?

Are Sagrada Familia Towers worth it

“Are Sagrada Familia Towers worth it?” is a question each of the 3 million tourists visiting Sagrada Familia in Barcelona has on their mind as they see the queue at the ticketing counters.

The short answer is, “Yes Sagrada Familia Towers are totally worth it.”

For the long answer please continue reading. The are many reasons why it is worth going up the Nativity and Passion towers and we have detailed it out below.

Why do tourists want to know if the towers are worth it?

There are various reasons why tourists visiting Sagrada Familia want to know if going up the towers will be worth it.

    1. They have limited time on their hands and want to see as much of Barcelona as possible
    2. To go up the Nativity Tower or Passion Tower, they need to buy tickets (audio or non-audio), which means incurring extra cost
    3. The facades are not connected, which means you can either visit the Nativity facade or Passion facade at a time.
    4. Tourists can only use the elevator to go up the towers, and to get down you must climb down 400 stairs. Because of this large number of stairs, the tourists want to know if the physical exertion is worth it.
    5. The Internet is full of mixed reviews about the Sagrada Familia tower tours, which confuses the visitors.

If you knew these 23 unbelievable facts about Sagrada Familia, we won’t even be debating if the towers are worth it.

While the worthiness of the tower tours is a subjective thing, we will try and be as objective in our evaluation as possible.

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Are Sagrada Familia Towers worth it?

Should you buy the ticket that allows you to go up the towers in Sagrada Familia? What views will you see from the Nativity facade? What views will you from above the Passion facade?

Is it worth the extra time, money and effort of yours? Let’s discuss.

1. Going up the towers doesn’t cost much and is worth every Euro

For a normal adult basic tickets to Sagarda Familia cost 15 Euros and if you go for the audio guide it becomes 24 Euros. By adding 5 Euros more, you can go up on one of the towers. For only five Euros, a visit up the towers is total worth it.
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Cost of Sagrada tower tickets are worth it

Of course, you will have to choose the tower you will visit. Best of course is that you go up both the towers. If you don’t have the luxury of time and have to choose only one – go for the Nativity facade. Find out why Nativity facade tower is better than the Passion facade Tower.

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2. Visiting the towers doesn’t take long and is worth the time

If you have already booked Sagrada Familia’s Top View tickets online, it takes approximately an hour to have a peaceful visit to one of the towers of Sagrada Bascilica. On crowded days, your speed will depend on the speed of the tourists ahead of you. On not-so-crowded days your tower tour can even be shorter – around 45 minutes. To know how to avoid the massive crowd at this Basilica, check out the best time slots to visit Sagrada Familia.

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3. The intricate details on towers make the trip up worth it

Sculptures on Sagrada Familia Towers worth it

Many people think the Nativity and Passion towers tour are about seeing the views of Barcelona. Instead, the aim of going to the top of these towers should be to understand and appreciate Gaudi’s masterpiece. To see and enjoy the intricate sculptures which adorn both the facades. Still not convinced? Check out the views from the top of Nativity facade and views from the top of Passion facade.

Note: If you want to see great views of the city of Barcelona we recommend you try Parc Guell’s three crosses instead.

4. Going up the towers is effortless

Unlike what many people believe, you don’t have to climb up the towers. Each facade has an elevator which takes you right to the top. Since these elevators can only take six people at a time, sometimes there is a bit of a queue. So going up the tower involves no effort – totally worth it.

5. Climbing down is adventure and worth the physical exertion

To get down from the towers on both the facades, you will have to take the stairs. These stairs don’t have railings and that is why kids below the age of 6 aren’t allowed. Kids from seven and above till 16 need an adult to go with them.

Climbing down Sagrada Towers stairs worth it

The climb down the stairs is an adventure and worth your time and effort.

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6. Towers are THE attraction, so they better be worth it

Gaudi’s design for the church has 18 towers, of which only eight are complete. Of these eight, Gaudi himself built the four towers in the Nativity facade.

Wouldn’t you want to see the eight towers which have taken more than 130 years to build? These towers are the highlight of this wonder of the World – why miss it?

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7. This bragging right is totally worth it

When construction of Sagrada Familia will complete, it will be 170 meters tall. Thus becoming the highest religious structure in whole of Europe. Sagrada Familia will be behind Hassan II Mosque in Morocco (210 meters) and ahead of Basilica of Our Lady of Peace in Ivory Coast (158 meters) in the world’s list of tallest religious structures.

Don’t you want this bragging right? That you once stood at the top of one of the World’s tallest religious structure?

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