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Park Guell Monumental zone – tickets, free entry, what to see etc

Park Guell Monumental Zone

Park Guell in Barcelona is one of the finest Public Parks in the world. It was designed by architect Antoni Gaudi between 1900 to 1914.

It was to be a residential complex with 60 houses but when nobody came forward to buy houses in Park Guell, the project was abandoned. A few years later it was turned into a public park. More such facts about Guell Park.

As word about Gaudi’s masterpiece spread people from all over the World started pouring in. While this surge of tourists had a wear and tear on Gaudi’s work at Guell Park, it also affected the lives of the local people.

To conserve Park Guell and keep the locals happy, the authorities have divided the park it into a Monumental Zone and a free area. Entry to the monumental zone is restricted by tickets.

Attractions in Park Guell Monumental Zone

Park Guell Monumental Zone Entrance
The beautiful entrance to Antoni Gaudi’s masterpiece in Barcelona – Parc Guell. Georgios Tsichlis /

The Monumental Zone occupies 5% of the total area of Park Guell. This part of Guell Park contains the Gaudi attractions most tourists come for. The must-see attractions in this zone are:

1. Museu del Guarda (Guard Museum)
2. Sala Hipòstila (Hypostyle Room)
3. Jardins d’Àustria (Gardens of Austria)
4. Pòrtic de la Bugadera (Wash House Portico)
5. Plaça de la Natura (Nature Square or terrace)
6. Casa Museu Gaudí (Gaudí House Museum)
7. The Roadways, Paths and Viaducts

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Restrictions to Monumental zone entry

Since October 2013, entry to Park Guell monumental zone is restricted. The objective is simple – to conserve Gaudi’s masterpieces and to ensure they are available for generations to come.

The restriction is implemented by selling only 400 tickets for every half hour. That is, only 800 people are allowed inside the Monumental Zone of Guell Park every hour.

Tickets for Park Guell Monumental zone

It is because of these restrictions that we suggest you buy your tickets to Guell Park before visiting this attraction in Barcelona.

Buying tickets to Guell Park in advance makes sense if you are traveling single, with your family or in a large group.

Once you buy tickets for there are two ways you can enter the Monumental zone at Park Guell.

1) Take a print out of your tickets to show at the entrance
2) Show the QR code on your smartphone or tablet

When you buy your tickets to Gaudi’s Park Guell, you are assigned a time band. Don’t worry – you can also select this time slot while purchasing your tickets.

You can enter the Monumental zone of Park Guell up to 30 minutes from your assigned time. For example, if your ticket is for 2 pm you can be at the entrance of the Monumental zone for your entry till 2.30 pm.

We recommend you don’t land up at Guell Park and then try to buy tickets because they are subject to availability. With the Monumental Zone restrictions in place, you may have a lot of waiting to do.

Crowd at Park Guell Monumental Zone
It can get very crowded at Park Guell’s Monumental zone. That’s why we recommend the purchase of online tickets to avoid long waiting times. Oleg Zaslavsky /

You can book your tickets three months ahead of the visit. All you must do is choose the date and time-band and click the buy button. Do check out the best time to visit Park Guell before you book your tickets.

Buy your tickets for Guell Park now!
If you book this ticket online, you save up to 1 Euro per ticket because you don’t pay ticket window surcharge.

Ticket discounts for Park Guell Monumental zone

Children aged 7 to 12 get a discount on their tickets. Visitors over the age of 65 also qualify for this ticket discount.

To avail these discounts, the holder of a discount ticket must present a valid identity card at the entrance.

Note: Entrance is free for children between age 0 to 6. You still must buy their tickets, when you buy them for the accompanying adults.

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Enter Park Guell Monumental zone for free

If you are a local living near the Park Guell area, you have guaranteed free entry to the Monumental zone all through the year. All you must do is show your personal and non-transferable card to the entrance staff.

If you are not a Barcelona local, you must buy tickets.

People with disabilities can also enter the Park Guell Monumental zone for free. However, they must be accompanied by someone to help. Do note that disabled tourists are provided with a different itinerary because of the nature of the park’s terrain. Please contact the Visitor Service at

If you are an early riser you can enter the Monumental zone for free. The guards at the Barcelona attraction set up the railings and ticket checking booths at 8 am, and if you can get inside the monumental zone before that you can have a free entry.

You can also enter Park Guell for free at night – after the railings and ticket checking booths are removed in the evening. But by then the sun goes down, and it is not possible to view Gaudi’s masterpieces.

Park Guell Monumental zone map

In the map below you can see the restricted monumental core, the free entry area, the numerous picnic areas in Park Guell, the ticket offices and the access control points.

Park Guell Monumental Zone Map

Is Park Guell Monumental zone worth it?

You can’t be in Park Guell and miss Gaudi’s greatest designs. Almost all of Antoni Gaudi’s work is concentrated around Barcelona, so you won’t get another chance to witness his work till you visit Barcelona again.

We strongly recommend paying the entrance fee for the Monumental Zone at Parc Guell and checking out all his work.

With your Monumental zone tickets, you will be able to see the Guard Museum, Hypostyle Room, Gardens of Austria, Wash House Portico, Park’s terrace, and the numerous cobbled paths and viaducts.

We think for a general ticket of Euros 7.50 and a discounted ticket price of Euros 5.25, what you see inside the Park Guell Monumental zone is totally worth it.

In fact, you can’t just see Gaudi’s work in Park Guell alone. You should also explore his ongoing work at Sagrada Familia. As a teaser, do check out the views of Nativity facade and views from Passion facade. Or for that matter, his other masterpieces Casa Batllo and La Pedrera.

Book Skip the Line tickets for Guell Park!
If you book this ticket online, you save up to 1 Euro per ticket because you don’t pay ticket window surcharge. You don’t need to stand in a waiting line – so you save time too!

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