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Tourists in Park Guell

Park Guell is extremely popular and receives upwards of ten million tourists every year.

This attraction in Barcelona is second only to Sagrada Familia.

Park Guell is situated off Carrer d’Olot in Barcelona.

Park Guell is made up of two parts – the Monumental Core, which requires the purchase of a ticket, and the unrestricted area which requires no ticket.

Monumental Core makes up 5% of this Park and contains most of Antoni Gaudi’s work.

Park Guell Map

Check out the Park Guell map below to get a sense of the park.

Park Guell is located on Carmel Hill in Barcelona. This is why it is best explored on foot and with an ample amount of time to spare.

Because of the exploratory nature of Park Guell, tourists planning their trips search for ‘Park Guell maps’ or ‘recommended walking routes at Park Guell’.

After all, nobody wants to miss out on a Gaudi masterpiece within Park Guell. Or keep walking around in circles.

This is also why most tourists get a print out of Park Guell’s map or recommended walking route and carry it along.

The other option is to go for Park Guell guided tours in which case a trained guide who knows the park accompanies you.

Note: Park Guell involves a lot of climbing up and climbing down. No Park Guell map can help you if you have limited mobility. For tourists with limited mobility, we suggest you contact the Park authorities at the entrance and get the Park Guell route map customized for tourists with limited mobility. 

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Maps of recommended routes at Park Guell

Park Guell has three entrances. The main entrance is at Carrer de Larrard, the second one at Carretera del Carmel, nº 23, and the third entrance is on Passatge de Sant Josep de la Muntanya.

Whichever entrance you get in from, your objective should be to not miss any of the highlights within Park Guell Monumental Zone.

The highlights of this beautiful park are the serpentine benches and nature square from where you can see the city of Barcelona, the porter’s lodge pavilions near the main entrance, the colorful salamander, the dragon stairway, the hypostyle room, the laundry room portico and Gaudi House Museum.

To ensure you don’t miss out on any of the architectural marvels of Park Guell, you have two options –

Option 1: Print a Park Guell route map

We have provided below three recommended routes for exploring Park Guell.

The route you must walk inside Park Guell will depend on the entrance you took.

Identify the appropriate route map, take a print out and take it along when you visit Park Guell.

To help you understand the Park Guell maps better, here is the key:

A: Entrance and Porter’s lodge

B: Casa del Guarda (the Guard’s house)

C: The Dragon Stairway

D: Hypostyle room, the outside

E: Hypostyle room, the interior

F: Austria gardens

G: Nature square or Greek Theatre

H: Portico of the washerwoman

I: Ramp and Casa Larrard

From Carrer d’Olot

Monumental Zone Park Guell map
If you are entering Park Guell from the entrance on Carrer d’Olot, please follow the route as specified in this map. Map courtesy:

Download route map for print (PDF)

From Placa de la Natura

Park Guell Entrance map
If you are entering Park Guell from the entrance near Placa de la Natura, please follow the route as specified in this Park Guell Monumental zone map. Map courtesy:

Download route map for print (PDF)

From Passatge de Sant Josep de la Muntanya

Park Guell Route Map
If you are entering from the entrance on Passatge de Sant Josep de la Muntanya, please follow the route as specified in this map for the best Park Guell experience. Map courtesy:

Download route map for print (PDF)

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Option 2: Navigate using Park Guell’s mobile app

Park Guell’s mobile app is available in 7 languages for Android and iPhones.

The app provides all information on Park Guell in the form of photographs, interactive maps, and audio to supplement the route.

The app also recommends the best routes for you to follow. Just download the app, open it and let it guide you.

With audio available in seven different languages, this mobile app doubles up as an audio guide as well.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and book your Park Guell ticket online and get it in your inbox in ten minutes. You also save up to 1 Euro per ticket because you don’t pay ticket window surcharge.

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