Park Guell hours – opening times of Gaudi’s masterpiece

Park Guell in the morning

Park Guell is a World Heritage site which attracts more than four million tourists every year.

Park Guell is made up of two parts.

The first part is the unrestricted area which requires no ticket and is always open. This area is 95% of Park Guell.

The second part is also known as Park Guell’s Monumental Core, and access to this area is restricted.

The monumental zone is access controlled because most of architect Antonio Gaudi’s work is in this part of the park, and it is what the tourists pay to see.

You can enter this part of the park only when you hold a valid Park Guell ticket. Find out how to enter Park Guell for free at night

When tourists search for “Park Guell hours” or “Park Guell opening hours” they are searching for the time Park Guell’s Monumental Zone opens and closes.

Park Guell opening hours

When it comes to Park Guell opening hours, three timings are most important.

Opening time: This is the time when access controls are put in place, and the guards at the entrance start allowing the tourists inside.

Last entry time: This is the time when the guards stop allowing the visitors inside Park Guell.

Closing time: This is the time when the Park closes. Visitors can still go in, but the illumination in the park is limited.

These three timings vary depending on the seasons.

Low-season timings

1 Jan to 24 Mar: Opens at 8.30 am. Last entry at 6 pm & access controls removed at 7 pm

28 Oct to 31 Dec: Opens at 8.30 am. Last entry at 5.30 pm & access controls removed at 6.15 pm

Mid-season timings

25 Mar to 29 Apr: Opens at 8 am. Last entry at 7.30 pm & access controls removed at 8.30 pm

27 Aug to 27 Oct: Opens at 8 am. Last entry at 7.30 pm & access controls removed at 8.30 pm

High-season timings

30 Apr to 26 Aug: Opens at 8 am. Last entry at 8.30 pm & access controls removed at 9.30 pm

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Park Guell opening days

Many visitors planning their Barcelona itinerary ask, “Is Park Guell open on Sundays?” and the answer to that is a resounding yes. This Gaudi masterpiece is open on Sundays and gets crowded too.

In fact, Park Guell is open on all days. Be it Christmas, New Year or any other Spanish holiday – Park Guell is always receiving visitors.

Park Guell free entry

Yes, that’s right. It is possible to enter Park Guell in Barcelona for free. All you must do is work around the Park Guell hours.

For instance, you can walk into Park Guell at 7.30 am – before the access restrictions are placed at the entrance of the Monumental Zone.

Or better still, you can wait till the closing time of Park Guell and walk in after the access controls are removed.

One problem with visiting the park at night is that even if you had Park Guell maps, you will find it difficult to explore. Because it is a heritage site, lighting is limited to reduce the attraction’s wear and tear.

You can also check out the best time to visit Park Guell before deciding.

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