Is Park Guell Monumental Zone worth it?

Park Guell Salamander

You can’t be in Barcelona and miss Gaudi’s awesome work in Park Guell.

Park Guell has two parts – the free Park area, and the access controlled Monumental zone.

All of Gaudi’s work is in Monumental Zone and that’s why you need a ticket to enter.

We strongly recommend paying the entrance fee for the Monumental Zone at Park Guell and checking out all his work.

Park Guell is worth every Euro you will spend on it.

With your Monumental zone tickets, you will be able to see the Guard Museum, Hypostyle Room, Gardens of Austria, Wash House Portico, Park Guell’s terrace, and the numerous cobbled paths and viaducts.

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Why Park Guell is worth it

Here are some of the reasons why we believe that spending time and money on visiting Park Guell is worth it.

1. You won’t find anything like Park Guell, elsewhere

Almost all of Antoni Gaudi’s work is concentrated around Barcelona. This means you can’t see his work until you visit Barcelona again.

Park Guell is not a multi-destination attraction like Madam Tussads or Disneyland that u can experience it during your next vacation elsewhere.

The exclusivity makes Park Guell worth visiting.

2. It is value for money

We think for a general ticket of Euros 7.50 and a discounted ticket price of Euros 5.25, what you see inside the Park Guell Monumental zone is totally worth it.

3. A visit to Park Guell comes with a city tour

Your trip to Park Guell from the center of Barcelona won’t cost you more than 2.5 Euros.

Even though the journey by bus lasts only around 20 minutes, you get to see parts of the city you won’t otherwise visit.

4. World’s longest bench is in Park Guell

Park Guell bench
Mariamichelle /

The Egyptians gave ergonomic chairs to their Gods as long back as 7500 BC.

However, Antonio Gaudi decided to do one better at Park Guell.

The colorful, mosaic-embedded bench he built at Park Guell is 110 meters long. It is said to be the longest undulating bench in the world.

We feel the opportunity to sit on this bench and snap a selfie, makes Park Guell’s monumental zone worth it.

Important information on Park Guell tickets

Park Guell gets crowded during peak seasons, which can lead to waiting times.

Since Park Guell tickets are timed, you can enter the Park only at the time mentioned on your ticket.

We recommend you book your Park Guell tickets online (they are cheaper too!)

Buy TicketsBook Park Guell tickets

If you book this ticket online, you save up to 1 Euro per ticket because you don’t pay ticket window surcharge. Since you don’t wait in ticket counter lines, you save time too!

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