How to get to Park Guell? Vallcarca Metro, bus, taxi etc

Park Guell Barcelona

Park Guell is situated off Carrer d’Olot in Barcelona.

This tourist attraction is made up of two parts – the Monumental Core, which requires the purchase of a ticket, and the unrestricted area which requires no ticket.

Since the Park Guell tickets are timed (you need to be within 30 minutes of the time printed on your tickets), you can’t afford to be late in reaching Park Guell.

If your question is, ‘How to get to Park Guell?’ well, you have five options.

Getting to Park Guell

You can take the Metro, the public bus, or opt for Barcelona’s Hop-On Hop-off tourist bus.

If you prefer private transportation, you have the option of taking a taxi or a group coach to Park Guell.

Take Metro to Park Guell

To reach Park Guell, you must take Green Line (L3).

Park Guell is right in between two stations – Lesseps and Vallcarca.

From Lesseps Metro stop

From the Lesseps stop on line 3, Park Guell is a 20-minute walk away.

When you are coming from Lesseps stop the nearest will be the Park Guell entrance on Passatge de Sant Josep de la Muntanya.

From Vallcarca Metro stop

From the Vallcarca stop on line 3 also it is a 20-minute walk to Park Guell.

Most tourists prefer Vallcarca Metro stop. So much so it is also referred to as Park Guell Metro station.

Once you get down, the best route will be to take the escalator on Baixada de la Glòria and then head for the entrance on Passatge de Sant Josep de la Muntanya.

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Take a bus to Park Guell

Bus 116, Bus 24, and Bus H6 ply towards Park Guell.

All the bus routes to Park Guell require you to get off at some distance and walk.

We have given below some bus combination numbers and trip durations below, which you can use to plan your bus trip to Park Guell.

Bus routes to Park GuellFor live updates on Park Guell bus availability and schedule, you can check out MoveItAPP.

Take the Barcelona City tour bus

If you have booked your city tour on Barcelona Bus Turístic the stop to ask for is ‘Park Guell.’ Bus Turístic is the Blue line buses.

If you have booked your city tour on Barcelona City Tour, you must get onto a bus on the ‘East Route’ (which is coded Green). And yet again, the bus stop will be ‘Park Guell.’

Both the tour buses will drop you at Avinguda de la Mare de Déu de Montserrat. From there a brisk 10-minute walk through Av. Pompeu Fabra will bring you to the entrance on Carretera del Carmel.

Private transport to Park Guell

If you prefer to reach Park Guell in a private transport, a taxi or a Group coach is your best option.

So, if you have decided to use a taxi, reach Park Guell at Carrer de Marianao. For 12 of the 13 taxi parking places in Park Guell are on Carrer de Marianao.

If you plan to reach Park Guell in a Group Coach,

All Group coaches bringing tourists to Park Guell come to the entrance on Carretera del Carmel. At this entrance, there is a specific zone where these coaches can park.

Park Guell Metro or Bus

If you are short on time, take the Metro. It is faster.

You just reach Vallcarca stop (or Lesseps) and follow the Park Guell signs along the road. You will find outdoor escalators on your way and in 20 minutes you will be at the Park entrance.

For tourists opting for Metro over buses, here is a super tip – Vallcarca Metro station is slightly higher so opt for it while going to Park Guell.

Lesseps Metro station is lower than the Park, so we recommend it for the return journey.

Buses take longer but you get a better view of the city on your way. Tourists also prefer buses over Metro because the walking distance to the Park Guell entrance is shorter.

Whatever you choose – a metro or a bus, please beware of pickpockets.

Buy TicketsBook Park Guell tickets

If you book this ticket online, you save up to 1 Euro per ticket because you don’t pay ticket window surcharge. Since you don’t wait in ticket counter lines, you save time too!

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