How long does it take to tour Park Guell?

Park Guell tour

Barcelona receives more than 30 million tourists every year.

Five million of these tourists add Park Guell to their holiday itinerary.

This masterpiece by architect Antonio Gaudi is the second most popular attraction in Barcelona – just behind Sagrada Familia.

One question is quite popular amongst the tourist visiting Park Guell: “How long does it take to tour Park Guell?”

Why do tourists want to know?

Tourists want to know if it will take two hours, or half a day or a full day to see Park Guell for multiple reasons.

However, three of these reasons stand out  –

1. Since Park Guell is on the outskirts of Barcelona, this information helps them plan their trip better.

2. They want to know if they will have the time to visit both Park Guell and Sagrada Familia on the same day.

3. Once it is decided to club both Park Guell and Sagrada Familia on the same day, being aware of the ‘tour duration’ helps book tickets at the right time.

*Both Park Guell and Sagrada Familia have timed tickets. This means you need to be at the entrance within 30 minutes of the time mentioned on your ticket.

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>> How to go from Park Guell to Sagrada Familia

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How long does it take to tour Park Guell

A leisurely tour of Park Guell takes around 90 minutes.

For a more detailed answer, please continue reading.

Fast Explorer

Have you added Park Guell to your itinerary only because you didn’t want to miss it? Are you the type that doesn’t get into the details?

If your answer to both the questions is a ‘Yes,’ you will only take 60 minutes to tour Park Guell.

Relaxed Explorer

If you are the kind of tourist who stops for pictures, reads guides and looks at everything in detail, you will need anywhere from 90 to 120 minutes to finish your tour of Park Guell.

No-Hurry Explorer

If you are the kind of tourist who loves to take it easy, there are lots of interesting ways to spend time at Park Guell.

For instance, you can park yourself on the bench on the terrace (it is the world’s longest continuous bench) and watch the other tourists or the city of Barcelona.

Or you can decide to climb up the stone cross at the top of Park Guell and get panoramic views of the city.

For a traveler who likes to take it easy, the tour of Park Guell can even last the whole day.

Buy TicketsBook Park Guell tickets

If you book this ticket online, you save up to 1 Euro per ticket because you don’t pay ticket window surcharge. Since you don’t wait in ticket counter lines, you save time too!

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