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Free entry into Park Guell at night – best time for ticketless entry

Park Guell at night

Yes, that’s right. You can enter Park Guell for free at night.

As you may be aware, entering Park Guell is free. It is the only Park Guell’s monumental zone, which forms 5% of the park, that is access controlled.

The monumental zone is access controlled because most of Gaudi’s work is in this part of the park, and this is what tourists pay to see.

These access controls are put in place at 8 am in the morning (during the low season months, it is at 8.30 am) and are removed at the closing time. The park’s closing time varies as per the season.

Park Guell’s closing time

Low Season
1 Jan to 24 Mar: Last entry at 6 pm & access controls removed at 7 pm
28 Oct to 31 Dec: Last entry at 5.30 pm & access controls removed at 6.15 pm

Mid Season
25 Mar to 29 Apr: Last entry at 7.30 pm & access controls removed at 8.30 pm
27 Aug to 27 Oct: Last entry at 7.30 pm & access controls removed at 8.30 pm

High Season
30 Apr to 26 Aug: Last entry at 8.30 pm & access controls removed at 9.30 pm

Couple in Park Guell at night
A couple sits on the beach in Park Guell’s terrace at night. Tourists on a budget prefer night visits to Park Guell because it helps them save ticket money. Dmitrijs Bindemanis /

Once the security bands are removed from the entrance of Monumental Zone at night, tourists can walk in to explore Park Guell.

In fact, some tourists already know of this trick to gain free entry into Park Guell at night and hence they line up in advance. They reach the park 10-15 minutes before closing time and wait for the access controls to be removed.

Using this not-so-popular trick, tourists can avoid paying the 7.5 Euros for their ticket and gain free entry into Park Guell at night.

To decide on what route to walk inside Park Guell, you can take the help of these Park Guell maps.

Check out this video to see how Park Guell looks at night.

It is not just the tourists who make their way into Park Guell at night. Once you make it inside, you will notice that a lot of salesmen perch themselves near the famed ‘Salamander’ trying to sell all kinds of curios.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the beauty of Park Guell lies in its color and at night, you will miss that.

Park Guell in the dark
While visiting Park Guell in the night for free is a lot of fun, it is much better to visit it during the day. After all, colors are an important part of the Park Guell experience. A. Aleksandravicius /

Since Park Güell is a UNESCO World Heritage site, only limited artificial light sources are installed. This means, once the sun goes down at night, there is not much illumination in Guell Park. Best time to visit Park Guell

Having said that, the best views of Barcelona city can be seen from Park Guell at night.

Our final word: While it is possible to gain free entry into Park Guell at night, we strongly suggest you book a daytime ticket. It costs only 7.5 Euros and helps you relish Antoni Gaudi’s Park Guell in the light – in all its colorful glory.

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