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Best time to visit Park Guell – early morning, to avoid crowd, for photography

Park Guell Barcelona

Barcelona’s Park Guell is a World Heritage site which attracts four and half million tourists annually. With so many tourists visiting Guell Park every year, one question gets asked quite a lot: “What is the best time to visit Park Guell?”

This is a valid question because so many things can influence your Park Guell experience. Before we go about answering the question on the best time to visit Park Guell, please allow us to share few things about this tourist attraction in Barcelona.

Key things about Park Guell

1. Since Park Guell is a little away from the city, it takes some effort to visit

2. Park Guell has three entrances. The entrance you get in from decides the route you take inside the park. Check Park Guell’s Map

3. You may land up at the best time to visit Park Guell, but if you spend all your time waiting in the queue to buy tickets, the best time may pass. We highly recommend that you buy the Park Guell tickets in advance.

Best time to visit Park Guell

The best time to visit Park Guell depends on your expectations from Gaudi’s masterpiece.

Early morning visits are best for free entry

Park Guell has two parts – the free part and the paid part which is also known as the Monumental core. The monumental core is only 5% of Park Guell but it is part of the park that attracts nine million tourists every year. Know everything about Park Guell’s Monumental Zone.

The security people come in the morning and place the access controls by 8 am (during the low season months, by 8.30 am). In effect, after 8 am you will need to carry tickets to enter the monumental zone of Park Guell.

If you want to enter for free, the best time to visit Park Guell is before 8 am. You can also enter Park Guell for free at night.

Best time to avoid crowd in Park Guell

If avoiding the crowd is important for you, the best time to visit Park Guell is by 9 am. Buy your Park Guell tickets online and be there at the park by 8.30 am. Walk around the free part of Guell Park for half an hour and then enter the monumental zone.

During this period the crowd hasn’t picked up yet and your photographs won’t have a lot of people.

Best time to visit Park Guell for photography

Photographer in Park Guell
Many photographers spend hours in Antoni Gaudi’s amazing Park Guell. Page Light Studios /

If photography in Park Guell is your prime objective, early morning visits end up being better. The morning light helps the colorful mosaics in Park Guell come out well in your photographs.

Early morning visits also mean fewer people in your photographs.

The good thing about early morning photography at Park Guell is that you can then reach Sagrada Familia by afternoon. The best photographs of Sagrada Familia can be taken in the late afternoon when the light enters the stained glass at an angle. Best time to visit Sagrada Familia for taking photos

Some photographers prefer to enter Park Guell from the Carmel entrance, which is higher, and walk down snapping photographs.

However, early morning is not the best time to take panoramic shots of the Barcelona City and the sea. For this we suggest getting into Park Guell at night (and it can be free!).

Park Guell’s opening and closing time

Low Season

– 1 Jan to 24 Mar: Opens at 8.30 am. Last entry at 6 pm & access controls removed at 7 pm
– 28 Oct to 31 Dec: Opens at 8.30 am. Last entry at 5.30 pm & access controls removed at 6.15 pm

Mid Season

– 25 Mar to 29 Apr: Opens at 8 am. Last entry at 7.30 pm & access controls removed at 8.30 pm
– 27 Aug to 27 Oct: Opens at 8 am. Last entry at 7.30 pm & access controls removed at 8.30 pm

High Season

– 30 Apr to 26 Aug: Opens at 8 am. Last entry at 8.30 pm & access controls removed at 9.30 pm

Buy Park Guell tickets online!

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