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Eiffel Tower restaurants – timings, prices, menu, reservations, dress code

Snuggled up in Eiffel Tower’s stunning iron frame are two treats for food lovers – Eiffel Tower restaurants Le 58 Tour Eiffel and Le Jules Verne. 

Dining at one of these exquisite restaurants is a unique opportunity because of its high location, the exquisite Parisian cuisine, and the stunning views.

Tourists step into these restaurants all day long – for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and step out in awe, promising themselves to come back again. 

A visit to these Eiffel Tower restaurants also allows you to skip the notoriously long lines at the attraction. 

This article shares everything you must know before booking your table at 58 Tour Eiffel or Jules Verne.

To know everything before planning your Eiffel Tower visit, follow the link.

Number of Eiffel Tower Restaurants

Besides 58 Tour Eiffel and Jules Verne restaurant, there are a few other food and drink outlets.

The Champagne Bar is on the third floor of the Eiffel Tower, also known as the Summit.

If you plan to buy the Eiffel Tower Summit ticket, a flute of Champagne high up in the sky is a must-do activity. 

A temporary food and drink outlet called La Bulle Parisienne has been set up on the first floor of the Tower because 58 Tour Eiffel is currently being renovated. 

58 Tour Eiffel will be operational again by the end of 2021.

Since the Eiffel Tower is a non-smoking monument, all the restaurants are also smoke-free.

Animals and pets are not admitted inside the Eiffel Tower restaurants unless you are a disabled visitor and need the animals. 

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Eiffel Tower restaurant prices

The cost of dining at Eiffel Tower restaurants depends on which restaurant you visit (58 Tour Eiffel or Jules Verne), when you visit them (breakfast, lunch, or dinner), and what you order.

On average, a meal at 58 Tour Eiffel will cost you 75 Euros per person.

At Le Jules Verne restaurant, an a la carte lunch costs 135 Euros, and the 5-course tasting menu is priced at 190 Euros while a 7-course tasting menu is available for 230 Euros.

For dinner, Jules Verne serves only a 5-course and a 7-course tasting menu, priced at 190 Euros and 230 Euros.

Wine is part of the prices mentioned. 

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Jules Verne Restaurant

Eiffel Tower restaurant Jules Verne is at the height of 125 meters (410 feet), on the second floor of the Parisian monument. 

This Michelin star restaurant is classier and more sophisticated than 58 Tour Eiffel and offers mesmerizing views of the city of Paris. 

Jules Verne timings

Jules Verne opens at noon for lunch and closes at 1.30 pm. 

Dinner begins at 6 pm, and the last service order is taken at 9.30 pm.

On July 14, the restaurant closes after lunch and doesn’t serve dinner. 

Jules Verne’s Chef 

Frederic Anton leads the dedicated team at Jules Verne restaurant. 

He is a three Michelin starred master of French gastronomy rated alongside greats such as Gérard Veyssière, Robert Bardot, Joël Robuchon, etc. 

In 2000, he won the Meilleur Ouvrier de France award, marking his arrival as a fascinating French chef. 

Jules Verne’s menu

This Eiffel Tower restaurant offers three menu – 

  1. A la Carte Menu
  2. 5-Course Tasting Menu
  3. 7-Course Tasting Menu

A La Carte Menu

Jules Verne A La Carte Menu is an excellent opportunity to discover Frederic Anton’s favorite starters, main courses, and desserts. 

The A La Carte Menu is only available from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

Jules Verne Restaurant's A La Carte Menu
Jules Verne Restaurant’s A La Carte Menu.

5 and 7-Course Tasting Menu

As the name suggests, the 5-Course Tasting Menu includes five of the Chef’s specialty dishes, with the main ingredient being – Foie Gras, Scallops, Cod, Venison, and Chocolate. 

When you opt for the 7-Course Tasting Menu, you get to try two additional dishes made with Langoustine and Chestnut. 

Jules Verne Restaurant's Tasting Menu
Jules Verne Restaurant’s Tasting Menu

If you have any special dietary requirements, you can make your reservation (Link to book tickets) and then indicate your needs via the contact form

Don’t forget to mention when you will be visiting and your contact details.

Reservations for Jules Verne

To reserve your table at Jules Verne, you can call +33(0)1 83 77 34 34 from 1.30 pm to 5 pm, Central European Standard Time (CET ).

The operator is available all through the week. 

However, we don’t recommend calling because over the call you can only reserve a table at the restaurant and not book the Eiffel Tower ticket. 

When you make a reservation for the Jules Verne restaurant, a private lift in the South Pillar takes you directly to the restaurant.

The visit to the Eiffel tower, which is by the Tower’s public lifts, is not included.

That’s why we recommend you book a dinner + Eiffel tower visit combo

Dress code for Jules Verne

Jules Verne enforces a smart casual dress code, where smart casuals can be defined as a style that treads the fine line between formal wear and casual everyday attire.

Some men land up in a jacket and a tie, but ties are not a must. 

Women usually wear dresses, skirts or trousers. 

You can wear jeans as long as it is dark, clean and paired with solid shirt and shoes. 

Sportswear such as trainers, shorts, and t-shirts are not accepted.

To get a sense of how people visiting Jules Verne dressed up, check here, here and here.

Kids at Jules Verne

While kids can accompany you to the Jules Verne restaurant, there are no special offerings for them. 

The restaurant doesn’t have high chairs, nor do they have a special kid’s menu. 

Since child buggies/strollers that are not foldable are not allowed into Eiffel Tower, they can’t enter the restaurant either. 

How to reach Jules Verne

To get to the Jules Verne restaurant, you must first get to the Jules Verne reception desk at the Eiffel Tower’s southern pillar (In French: Tour Eiffel Pilar Sud). 

Jules Verne Restaurant's entrance
Jules Verne Restaurant’s welcome desk. Image: Mightymac.org

Once you step in, you will have access to the restaurant directly from a private elevator.

If you are driving to Eiffel tower, you can avail of the valet parking facility service at the corner of Avenue Octave Gérard and Avenue Charles Floquet – near the southern pillar.

Eiffel Tower access from Jules Verne

After your meal, if you prefer to explore the top of Eiffel Tower, you need to have Eiffel Tower entry tickets. 

And since it doesn’t make sense to go up to Jules Verne restaurant and not explore the different floors of the Parisian monument, we recommend you buy Jules Verne + Eiffel Tower entry ticket much in advance. 

You can also buy the Eiffel Tower entry tickets at the bottom of the Tower, but expect long lines at the ticket counter on the day of your visit.

Before deciding if you would prefer a lunch or dinner at this Parisian monument, please read up on why visiting Eiffel Tower at night is a unique experience.

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58 Tour Eiffel Restaurant

58 Tour Eiffel Restaurantis on the first floor, at the height of 58 meters (187 feet), explaining the name. 

It is less formal than the Jules Verne restaurant on the second floor and serves breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner. 

58 Tour Eiffel offers picnic-style lunches and 3-course meals as well. 

58 Tour Eiffel restaurant also has a lounge bar on the ground floor, offering all kinds of drinks with a relaxed menu, an intimate ambiance, and background music. 

Important: Eiffel Tower restaurant 58 Tour Eiffel is closed for renovations until the end of October 2020.

58 Tour Eiffel timings

Patrons without prior lunch booking can walk in between 11.30 pm and 3.30 pm, and they will be assigned tables depending on availability. 

We recommend booking your lunch at 58 Tour Eiffel in advance, in which case you can choose either the noon slot or the 1.30 pm slot.

If you have reserved a table, it is essential to be at the base of Eiffel Tower half an hour before your reservation. 

There is no walk in for dinner. All visitors must book their dinner at 58 Tour Eiffel in advance and choose either the 6.30 pm slot or the 9 pm slot. 

Eiffel Tower lounge bar (on the ground floor) offers a selection of cocktails and French-style tapas, from 6 pm to 11.30 pm.

58 Tour Eiffel’s Chef

Thierry Marx is a two-Michelin-starred chef, and his interests stretch from street food to molecular cuisine.

Recently, Thierry Marx helped create waste-free recipes for space for French astronaut Thomas Pesquet.

58 Tour Eiffel restaurant’s menu

During the day, there is a non-stop service for the picnic-style lunches, which are served to you at the counter in a basket.

You can take this basket to your table and enjoy your meal.

For dinner, 58 Tour Eiffel takes on a new refined look with soft lighting and minimalistic furniture and a hostess to greet you.

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, there are numerous menus to choose. A sample below –

58 Tour Eiffel restaurant's menu
58 Tour Eiffel restaurant’s menu. Image: Fandomfashionista.com

Reservations for 58 Tour Eiffel

Even though you can walk into 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant from 11.30 pm to 3.30 pm, it is better to reserve in advance. 

When you reserve in advance, you guarantee yourself a table, however, crowded it may be. 

You can reserve your lunch table for either 12 noon or 1.30 pm sitting. 

The dinner table must be reserved for either 6.30 pm or 9 pm sitting. 

Since it gets crowded in the evenings, no walk-ins are allowed for dinner. 

Dress code for 58 Tour Eiffel

During the day, you will fit right in with smart casuals. 

However, the whole restaurant takes on a formal look in the evening, so sophisticated and semi-formal wear would be better.

To get a sense of how people visiting 58 Tour Eiffel dressed up, check here, here and here.

Kids at 58 Tour Eiffel

If you visit with kids younger than fifteen years, 58 Tour Eiffel is a better option than Jules Verne.

Kids have lots of food options, and some of the desserts are shaped like the Eiffel Tower, adding that extra bit of excitement. 

How to reach 58 Tour Eiffel

If you reach Eiffel Tower without a reservation for Restaurant 58, you must stand at the ticket counter to buy the entry tickets and then walk into the restaurant. 

Since the Eiffel Tower ticket counters have scary long lines, we don’t recommend that. 

It is better to book your table at 58 Tour Eiffel online, much in advance. 

If you have already reserved your table, you must report at the 58 Tour Eiffel welcome desk on the Esplanade, between the North and East pillars.

This map below helps you identify the Welcome Desk’s location. 

50 Tour Eiffel restaurant's Welcome Desk

This is how 58 Tour Eiffel’s reception on the Esplanade looks like.

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Eiffel Tower access from 58 Tour Eiffel

Access to the first floor of the Eiffel Tower is included in your reservation for 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant.

But it would be criminal to go up to the first floor of Eiffel Tower and NOT go to the second and the third floors – for they offer the best views of Paris. 

That’s why we suggest you book 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant + Eiffel Tower Summit ticket combo so that you can experience all the floors. 

With the combo ticket, you can decide to explore Eiffel Tower before or after your meal at the restaurant. 

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Champagne Bar

Champagne Bar is at the height of 276 meters (905 feet), on the third floor of Eiffel Tower.

Because of the space constraints, it is just a counter, but its a great way to enjoy a glass of champagne while admiring the city of lights.

The Bar also serves soft drinks, in case you don’t fancy a glass of Champagne.

Champagne Bar is open daily from 10:15 am to 10:15 pm without interruption.

You don’t need to reserve to use the facilities of the Champagne bar. 

However, at certain times you may not be able to access it due to the number of visitors or weather conditions.

What gets served at Champagne Bar

Glass of white Champagne

Classic cup (10cl): 13 Euros
Light cup (10cl): 18 Euros

Pommery rosé Champagne 

Classic cup (10cl): 17 Euros
Light cup (10cl): 22 Euros

Sparkling Semillon Didier Goubet (grape juice): 12 Euros

Vieilles vignes de France Bottle (27.5cl): 12 Euros

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The Macaron bar

The Macaron Bar on the 2nd floor is a light eats restaurant to consume on the spot or to take away.

You get to try Macaroons of all flavors and tastes – Chocolate, coffee, lemon, strawberry…you name it, and they have it. 

La Bulle Parisienne

La Bulle Parisienne is a temporary restaurant set up until the 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant is renovated by October 2020. 

This ephemeral bistro is set on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower, under a dome, and you get to sit at the table around a central wine bar.

It serves seasonal French cuisine and offers breathtaking views of Paris. 

Your reservation at La Bulle Parisienne includes access to the first floor, but not to the second and third floors. 

We recommend you instead buy an Eiffel Tower ticket and try your luck on the day of your visit – since it is not a fine-dining restaurant, diners get in and get out quickly. 

Eiffel Tower Buffets

You will find Eiffel Tower Buffets on all floors during your visit – the Esplanade, the first floor, and the second floor.

These are not buffets in the real sense. Check out this user’s lament on Tripadvisor.

However, these outlets offer quality light meals that you can eat on the spot or take away.

If you a large group or are on a budget, we recommend you try out one of the ‘Buffet’ places in the Eiffel Tower.

They also serve a wide range of hot and cold drinks, sweet treats and savory snacks, salads, sandwiches, pastries, cakes, pizzas, and ice-creams.

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Eiffel Tower Restaurants FAQs

In this section, we answer some of the questions visitors asked before booking a table at one of the Eiffel Tower restaurants.

  1. Does Eiffel Tower have a restaurant?

    Eiffel Tower has many restaurants, and the most popular ones are – Jules Verne, 58 Tour Eiffel, and La Bulle Parisienne.

    Besides these three, the Parisian attraction also has three Buffet outlets and a Macaron bar.

  2. What is the Eiffel Tower restaurant called?

    Eiffel Tower restaurants are called Jules Verne (extremely sophisticated dining), 58 Tour Eiffel (fine dining), and La Bulle Parisienne (regular family dining).

  3. Which Eiffel Tower restaurant is the best?

    If you plan to celebrate an occasion, we recommend Jules Verne restaurant on the second floor of Eiffel Tower.

    If you are not on a budget but wouldn’t want to splurge, you must try the 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant on the first floor.

    If you are on a budget or a large group, we recommend ‘Buffets outlets’ on which are available on the Esplanade, first floor, and the second floor.

  4. Where is the Eiffel Tower restaurant located?

    Tour Eiffel 58 restaurant is on the first floor, fine dining restaurant Jules Verne is on the second floor, and the Champagne bar is on the Summit (third floor).

  5. When is the Eiffel Tower restaurant open?

    The premium fine dining restaurant Jules Verne opens at noon for lunch and closes at 1.30 pm. It begins again at 6 pm for dinner, and the last guests walk in at 9.30 pm.

    58 Tour Eiffel opens at 11.30 am for lunch and closes at 3.30 pm. In the evening it is open from 6.30 pm to 11.30 pm.

    There are many more restaurants and food & drink counters at Eiffel Tower, opening the moment the attraction opens for the public.

  6. How to book a table at the Eiffel Tower restaurant?

    To book a table at Jules Verne, please call +33(0)1 83 77 34 34 from 1.30 pm to 5 pm, Central European Standard Time(CET ).

    To book a table at 56 Tour Eiffel, you must call+33 (0) 1 83 77 70 58.

    However, it is best is to book your table online – that’s much faster and convenient. 

  7. How much does the Eiffel Tower restaurant cost?

    On average, a meal at 58 Tour Eiffel will cost you 75 Euros per person.

    At Le Jules Verne restaurant, the cost of the meal depends on what you opt for –

    A La Carte meal costs 135 Euros
    The 5-course tasting menu costs 190 Euros
    The 7-course tasting menu costs 230 Euros

  8. Does the Eiffel Tower restaurant rotate?

    Eiffel Tower is a stationary monument, and that’s why even the restaurants on its various floors don’t rotate.

  9. Is the Eiffel Tower restaurant expensive?

    Some of the Eiffel Tower restaurants are expensive.

    For a couple, a meal at Jules Verne restaurant could cost between 270 Euros to 460 Euros. At 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant, a couple will end up paying approximately 150 Euros.

    However, there are cheaper options, such as the Eiffel Tower Buffets, The Macaron bar, etc.

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