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Walt Disney Company owns Disneyland Paris, which was initially called Euro Disney Resort.

It opened on 12th April 1992 and has seen around 350 million visitors in 30 years, making it the most visited theme park in Europe.

It has two theme parks, many resort hotels, a shopping center, multiple dining options, an entertainment complex, and a Golf course.

The two theme parks in Disneyland Paris are Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park.

This article shares everything you need to know before buying Disneyland Paris tickets.

Top Disneyland Paris Tickets

# Fixed-day ticket

# Flexible-day ticket

# Multi-day ticket

What to expect at Disneyland Paris

There are three ways to experience Disneyland Paris.

If you want a short visit and know when you will be visiting, you can buy the Fixed 1-day ticket, or if you aren’t sure about the date, you can purchase the Flexible 1-day ticket.

If you want to explore Disneyland Paris fully, you should buy multi-day Disneyland Paris tickets.

Still undecided?
If you are unsure how many days you will be at the theme park, check out everything about one-day and two-day tickets at Disneyland Paris.

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Tips to know before buying Disneyland Paris ticket

Disneyland Paris is a highly rated attraction just outside of Paris and is always crowded.

It is always better to buy Disneyland Paris tickets online to save money and waiting time at the ticketing counter.

The sooner you get in, the better you can start enjoying the magic inside.

If you visit for two days in the low season, you should buy two 1 Day-1 Park tickets and visit one Park each day.

This option is cheaper than buying two tickets for 1 Day-2 Parks.

Disneyland ticket prices usually increase each spring.

Since most tickets are valid for a year from the date of purchase, it’s better to buy your ticket before an increase. This will save you money.

If you visit Disneyland Paris for three days (or more) or are planning to come back within the next 12 months, we recommend Disneyland Paris Annual Pass.

Annual Pass is easy to buy and cheaper than regular tickets.

They offer up to 365 days of access to Disneyland Parks each year with additional perks.

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Disneyland Paris packages

Disneyland Paris tickets
Image: Pixiedust.be

Around 15 million tourists visit Disneyland Paris every year – that is more than 40,000 visitors every day.

No wonder it is the most visited theme park in Europe.

Therefore it is always better to book your Disneyland Paris tickets online, in advance.

Less time spent waiting in line means more time inside the Park.

While buying Disneyland Paris tickets, you have the following three options –

1) Buy tickets for one pre-booked day
2) Buy tickets for one flexible day
3) Buy tickets for multiple days

All the ticket options given below are smartphone tickets. This means the ticket will be emailed to you and at the entrance you just need to show the ticket on your smartphone screen. Yes, no printouts needed!

With all of these tickets, you can enter the Disneyland Paris Park at 10 am, when it opens and stay inside till it closes.

Fixed-day tickets

If you know when you will be visiting Disneyland Paris, this is your best choice.

This ticket is usually a 1-day and 1-Park ticket.

However, you can upgrade on the ticket booking page and make it a 1-day and 2-Parks ticket and enjoy both.

Our tip: Stick to one Park. Two Parks can get hectic.

One-day One-park ticket

Ticket Adult (12+) Kids (3 to 11)
1-Day, 1-Park Ticket – Eco €56 €52
1-Day, 1-Park Ticket – Low €64 €59
1-Day, 1-Park Ticket – Medium €72 €67
1-Day, 1-Park Ticket – Medium Plus €79 €73
1-Day, 1-Park Ticket – Regular €89 €82
1-Day, 1-Park Ticket – Peak €99 €91
1-Day, 1-Park Ticket – Super Peak €99 €91
1-Day, 1-Park Ticket – Same Day Entry €105 €97

One-day, two park ticket

Ticket Adult (12+) Kids (3 to 11)
1-Day, 2-Park Ticket – Eco €81 €77
1-Day, 2-Park Ticket – Low €89 €84
1-Day, 2-Park Ticket – Medium €97 €92
1-Day, 2-Park Ticket – Medium Plus €104 €98
1-Day, 2-Park Ticket – Regular €114 €107
1-Day, 2-Park Ticket – Peak €119 €112
1-Day, 2-Park Ticket – Super Peak €124 €116
1-Day, 2-Park Ticket – Same Day Entry €130 €122

Flexible-day tickets

This Disneyland Paris ticket is everything the previous ticket was, except you don’t have to choose a ‘fixed date.’

If you buy this ticket, you can visit Disneyland Paris any day you want and enjoy the rides, shows, and parades at your convenience.

If your Paris holiday is longer than five days, we recommend this option.

Ticket Adults (12+) Kids (3 to 11)
1-Park, 1-Day Flexible Ticket Non-Refundable €105 €97
2-Park, 1-Day Flexible Ticket Non-Refundable €130 €122

Multi-day tickets

To enjoy Disneyland Paris, you need three full days – two days to explore Disneyland Park and one day for Walt Disney Studios Park.

If you have the time and money, we highly recommend the ‘Multi-Day’ ticket.

You have the choice of booking two days, three days or four days of fun at both the Parks.

After your first visit (Day 1), you will get seven more days to use up your remaining visits to the Disney attraction.

This means you can take a few days to rest before you plan your next visit to Disneyland Paris.

Ticket Adult (12+) Kid (3 to 11)
2-Park, 2-Day Ticket – Eco €142 €132
2-Park, 3-Day Ticket – Eco €201 €186
2-Park, 4-Day Ticket – Eco €236 €220
2-Park, 2-Day Ticket – Low €154 €142
2-Park, 3-Day Ticket – Low €222 €204
2-Park, 4-Day Ticket – Low €252 €236
2-Park, 2-Day Ticket – Medium €174 €162
2-Park, 3-Day Ticket – Medium € 240 € 222
2-Park, 4-Day Ticket – Medium €284 €264
2-Park, 2-Day Ticket – Medium Plus €188 €172
2-Park, 3-Day Ticket – Medium Plus €258 €237
2-Park, 4-Day Ticket – Medium Plus €304 €280
2-Park, 2-Day Ticket – Regular €206 €190
2-Park, 3-Day Ticket – Regular €285 €264
2-Park, 4-Day Ticket – Regular €336 €312
2-Park, 2-Day Ticket – Peak €224 € 206
2-Park, 3-Day Ticket – Peak €312 €288
2-Park, 4-Day Ticket – Peak €368 €340
2-Park, 2-Day Ticket – Same day  €224 €206
2-Park, 3-Day Ticket – Same day  €312 €288
2-Park, 4-Day Ticket – Same day  €368 €340

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Where is Disneyland Paris?

Disneyland Paris is an entertainment resort in Marne-la-Vallée, a new town located 32 km east of Paris.

Address: Bd de Parc, 77700 Coupvray, France. Get Directions

The fastest way to get to Disneyland Resort Paris from the capital is to take the RER A train.

It’s only a 35-40-minute trip from the center of Paris to the gates of Disneyland Resort Paris.

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Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios are open year-round; however, their opening hours change from season to season.

Both parks open at 9 am, yet their closing times are 9 pm on weekdays and 10 pm on weekends.

The parks opening hours are subject to change, so please visit the official website before your visit.

Disney Village hours

Disney Village opens at 7.30 am and closes at midnight every day.

Access to Disney Village is free, and visitors road around the entertainment district with shopping, cinema, dancing, shows, restaurants, etc., till late at night.

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What is ‘Extra Magic Time’

Extra magic time is the time from 8.30 am to 9.30 am available to special guests of Disney to enjoy Disneyland Paris much before it opens to the public.

It is a special feeling because there are small to no queues, and you get the park to yourself (well, almost!).

To avail of ‘Extra Magic Time,’ you must be a Disney hotel guest. That is, you must stay in one of the below given Disney Hotels –

– Disneyland Hotel
– Disney’s Hotel New York
– Disney’s Newport Bay Club
– Disney’s Sequoia Lodge
– Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne
– Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe
– Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch

Disneyland Paris Extra Magic Hour Pass
When you stay at the designated hotels, you get this Extra Magic Hour Pass which gets you special access at Disneyland Paris. Image: Mousehacking.com

Another way to enjoy the Extra Magic Time is to be the annual pass holder with Infinity, Magic Plus, Dream, or Fantasy pass.

Extra Magic time allows the visitors to experience selected attractions before regular visitors start trooping in.

You can also meet Disney characters and get their autographs.

The Extra Magic Time option is available only in Disneyland Park now.

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Rush hour at Disneyland Paris

From Monday to Friday, Disneyland Paris is less crowded.

Hence, the waiting time is 10-15 minutes for popular attractions and 5 minutes for other attractions.

On Saturday, the theme park can gets crowded, and visitors may have to wait 45-90 minutes for some of the Disneyland Paris rides.

On Saturdays, the not-so-popular attractions also have 15-30 minutes of waiting time.

Interestingly, Sunday is less crowded than Saturday. You may have to wait for 15-45 minutes for popular rides and not more than 15 minutes for moderately popular ones.

The popular rides being Peter Pan’s Flight, Big Thunder Mountain, Tower of Terror, Rock’n’roller Coaster, Star Tours, etc.

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Capitalizing on opening and closing time

Although the Parks and attractions open at 10 am the turnstiles open at 9.30 am.

You can use this half an hour to enjoy the Parks and get in line to enjoy the rides before others.

Certain shows and firework displays happen post-closing time. Therefore, make sure that you are inside the park before the authorities close the turnstiles.

Some shops on Main Street USA (Disneyland) and the ‘Front Lot’ (Walt Disney Studios) remain open for some time even after the Park has closed. So don’t give up on attractions and rush in to shop.

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How to avoid the queue at Disneyland Paris

At Disneyland Paris, you are sure to find queues at two places – the ticket counters and the rides.

Avoid ticket counter queue

Nobody wants to waste their time waiting in long lines, especially in as fun a place as Disneyland Paris.

You can avoid the line at the ticketing counter by buying the ticket online in advance.

Online tickets are also cheaper than those available at Disneyland Paris.

The logic is simple – when you buy online, you don’t pay the ticketing window surcharge.

If you want to ignore the two massive benefits of online tickets (saving time and money!) and still want to buy them at Disneyland Paris, be at the counter before 10 am.

Since everybody starts queuing up after 10 am, the queue keeps increasing until it reaches its peak somewhere between 11 to 11.30 am.

If you line up at the ticket counter at Walt Disney Studios, you will likely find a shorter queue.

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Avoid queue at the rides

If you plan it well, you can avoid waiting in the lines at Disneyland Paris rides.

The best way to avoid the lines at the rides and other Disneyland attractions is to visit during lean days.

For instance, the number of guests during mid-week (Tues, Wed, Thurs) during mid-January to mid-March or mid-April to mid-May is low.

If you plan your visit on these days, you will spend less time waiting in the queue.

Yet another way to avoid the queue (or reduce your wait times) at the numerous attractions is by making the best use of Disneyland Paris’ Fast Pass System.

Rides such as Indiana Jones Temple of Peril, Space Mountain Mission 2, Buzz Lightyear Laser blast, Star tours, Big thunder mountain, Peter Pan’s Flight, etc., accept Fast Pass.

You must swipe your card through the ride that accepts Fast Pass and get a time allotted, and when you reach the ride after your assigned time slot, you will get to the front of the line. More Tips

The third tip to avoid queues at Disneyland Paris rides is quite simple. All you must do is download an app called Disneyland Wait Times app (for Android | for iPhone) and keep a tab on which rides are busy and which aren’t.

The app can tell you which rides have shorter waiting times and which have endless queues. You can decide which queues to avoid and which to join in.

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How many days do you need at Disneyland Paris?

The answer to this question depends on the duration of your holiday in Paris.

Most visitors spend two days at Disneyland Park and one day at Walt Disney Studios Park.

If you have only a day, we suggest you skip Disneyland Studios Park and visit Disneyland Park.

Best time to visit Disneyland Paris

One can argue that Disneyland being the place it is, anytime is the best time to visit Disneyland Paris.

The best time to visit Disneyland Paris depends on what you want out of your visit to the happiest place in the World.

Visiting Disneyland Paris on a budget

If you are on a tight budget, the best time to visit this Disney’s marvel just outside of Paris is the offseason. Tickets prices and hotel fees are low.

Another way to save costs is by staying in Paris and traveling to Disneyland Paris instead of opting for a Disney Hotel.

If you want to save on the Paris city to Disneyland Paris travel cost, you can even stay in a much cheaper Disney Good Neighbor hotel nearby.

Best time to visit for parades

A parade called ‘Stars on Parade’ sets out at 5.30 pm each day and is updated every week.

When the park hours are shorter, the parade happens at 5 pm.

It starts in Fantasyland near the Small world and ends at Town Square at 6 pm.

However, if you want to see a more extravagant, themed parade, you can visit Disneyland during special days like Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

When NOT to visit Disneyland Paris

The most crowded days at Disneyland Paris are Martin Luther King Jr Day, President’s Day (February 15 to 24), Spring break (March 21 to April 7), Easter weekend, Weekends in May, Mid-June through Aug 12, the week of Thanksgiving, and the period from Christmas week till the second week of the New Year.

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Disneyland Paris coach trips

Disneyland Paris is in a town called Marne-la-Vallée, 32 km east of Paris.

Because of this distance from Paris, tourists who want to visit Disneyland Paris have two options – staying at one of the Disney hotels within Disneyland Paris or staying in Paris and traveling to the tourist attraction.

Disneyland Paris coach tours
Image: Viator.com

Most of the tourists opt to stay in Paris and travel to Disneyland Paris. The two primary reasons being –

1. There is so much to see in Paris as well
2. The Disney hotels can be costly

Therefore, there is a massive demand for Disneyland Paris coach tours.

Coach tours to Disneyland Paris

There are two kinds of coach trips available for tourists who want to visit Disneyland Paris.

Coach trip from Paris city to Disney land Paris

This trip happens on the famed Disneyland Paris Express, a fully air-conditioned, WiFi-enabled coach.

When you book this tour, your entrance ticket to Disneyland Paris is also included.

While booking this trip, you must make two decisions –

1. Will you be exploring one Park or both the Parks
2. Will you be boarding the coach at Central Paris or Eiffel Tower

From Central Paris the coach starts at three different time slots – 8.15 am, 8.35 am and 8.55 am. From Eiffel Tower, the coach starts at 8.30 am.

Depending on your choices, your tour price will vary.

Return from Disneyland Paris happens at 8.30 pm.

Tickets Prices for 1 park
(either Disneyland park or the Walt Disney Studios Park)

Meeting Point Departure Adults (13+) Kids (3 to 12)
Eiffel Tower 8.30 am €139 €129
Gare du Nord 8.15 am €139 €129
Opéra 8.35 am €139 €129
Châtele 8.55 am €139 €129

Tickets Prices for 2 parks
(both Disneyland park and the Walt Disney Studios Park)

Meeting Point Departure Adults (13+) Kids (3 to 12)
Eiffel Tower 8.30 am €159 €149
Gare du Nord 8.15 am €159 €149
Opéra 8.35 am €159 €149
Châtele 8.55 am €159 €149

Coach trip from Paris airport to Disneyland Paris

Many tourists are impatient and head straight to Disneyland Paris after getting down at the airport.

That’s why Magical Shuttle runs from CDG and ORY airports to Disneyland Paris.

From Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport

Boarding is at terminal 1. The coach shuttles depart every 45 minutes starting from 9 am to 7.45 pm. They head towards Disneyland Resort hotels, Serris-Val d’Europe, and other selected hotels.

The shuttle departs every hour from 9 am to 8.25 pm, every day of the week.

From ORY Paris airport

The coach shuttle departs every hour from 9 am to 8:25 pm to all Disney hotels.

Tourists also have a choice to disembark at the Disneyland bus station and transfer to the park’s own shuttle service.

Note: This shuttle service is only a one-way tour.

Ticket Prices

1-Way Shuttle Service from CDG to Disneyland Paris

Adult Ticket (13+ years): €24
Child Ticket (4 to 12 years): €11
Infant Ticket (up to 3 years): Free

1-Way Shuttle Service from ORY to Disneyland Paris

Adult Ticket (13+ years): €24
Child Ticket (4 to 12 years): €11
Infant Ticket (up to 3 years): Free

1-Way Shuttle Service from Disneyland Paris to CDG Airport

Adult Ticket (13+ years): €24
Child Ticket (4 to 12 years): €11
Infant Ticket (up to 3 years): Free

1-Way Service from Disneyland Paris to ORY Airport

Adult Ticket (13+ years): €24
Child Ticket (4 to 12 years): €11
Infant Ticket (up to 3 years): Free

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Disneyland Paris by train

This ticket includes two things –

1. Transport from Paris to Disneyland via train (both ways)
2. Entrance ticket to 1 or both the Parks (your choice)

On the day of your visit, an RER A train will take you from the City Centre to the front of the Amusement Park in just 40 minutes.

Note: You must collect your printed ticket at the Magic Ways office, 25 Rue Godot de Mauroy, 75009 Paris.

Ticket Prices

For 1 Park

Adult Ticket (12+ years): €139
Child Ticket (3 to 11 years): €129

For 2 Park

Adult Ticket (12+ years): €159
Child Ticket (3 to 11 years): €149

Disneyland Paris by private transport

This ticket includes two things –

1. Round-trip transportation from Paris to Disneyland by luxury vehicle
2. Entrance ticket to 1 or both the Parks (your choice)

On the day of your visit, you will be picked up from your accommodation in Paris and on return dropped back to the same place.

Transfer service is available every day, from 7 am to 9 pm.

Ticket Prices

One-Way Transfer: €122 (for 3 passengers)

Roundtrip Transfer: €244 (for 3 passengers)

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Disneyland Paris on New Year’s Eve

There is nothing better than spending the New Year with your loved ones in a magical world filled with your favorite Disney characters.

Is Disneyland Paris open on New Year’s Eve?

Disneyland Paris is open throughout the year, and the New Year’s Eve is no different.

The usual opening times of Disneyland Paris are from 9.30 am to 10 pm every day. However, on New Year’s Eve, the timings are a bit different.

Disneyland Paris New Year opening times

Since Disneyland Paris is open till midnight on New Year, you can enjoy New Year’s Eve party at Disneyland for a long time.

Even the Walt Disney Studios Park is open till the clock announces the arrival of the following year. This Park does not require a special events ticket.

Enjoy the festivities sprinkled with Disney Magic as you meet the Disney characters dressed up for the occasion.

Disneyland Paris New Year party

On 31st December, spend the last few hours of the year celebrating with Mickey and his friends, watching the fireworks and partying the night away.

Wave to your favorite Disney characters during the Disney Parade, go crazy at the dance party, and end your evening with a fantastic firework display at the Sleeping Beauty castle.

Disneyland Paris New Year’s Eve tickets

This ticket is valid for one night only – from 7 pm on 31 December to 1 am on 1 January.

All ticket holders can enter Disneyland Park from 5 pm onwards, but the celebrations begin from 7 pm only.

The tickets get confirmed within 48 hours of the booking.

This is a non-refundable ticket so book only if you are sure to show up.

Ticket Cost: €99 per person

On the ticket booking page, select the ‘Disney’s New Year’s Eve Party’ option.

Disneyland Paris special days

These two special days are NOT to be missed –

Disney Halloween Festival

Celebrate 90 years of Mickey in autumn’s Disney Halloween Festival from 1st October to 4th November and immerse yourself into a ghoulish Disney fun.

For Mickey’s Halloween party, you need to purchase a separate ticket. But if you visit Disneyland 3 hours before Mickey’s Party time, you need to buy a regular ticket too.

These parties are very popular, so purchase your ticket in advance lest they get sold out.

On the ticket booking page, select the ‘Disney’s Halloween Party’ option.

Disney’s Enchanted Christmas

Revel in the extra sprinkling of merry magic in the Disney world and the gigantic 60 feet tall Christmas tree as you celebrate Disney’s Christmas with your family and friends.

The Christmas fantasy parade and the fireworks are two of the best things to experience in Disneyland on Christmas.

Make sure that you are inside a little early since Disneyland is quite crowded on this day.

On the ticket booking page, select ‘25 December’ before booking your tickets

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