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Disneyland Paris One Day Tickets, Prices & Discounts


Disneyland Paris is the happiest place to be, and a trip to Paris is incomplete if it is not part of your Parisian holiday.

The theme park is perfect for everyone – kids can go on rides and watch their favorite Disney characters, while adults can relive their childhood.

The park has rides, attractions, shows, parades, etc., for all age groups that are bound to thrill you.

If Disneyland is already on your itinerary, plan your day wisely, for there is so much to see.

This article shares everything about Disneyland Paris’ one-day ticket so that you can quickly visit the theme park.

Top Disneyland Paris One Day Tickets

# Disneyland Paris one-day ticket prices

Is one day enough to explore Disneyland Paris?

Disneyland Paris consists of two parks – Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios. Both the parks have lots to offer.

This leaves tourists confused about whether one day would be enough to explore both parks. 

While the one-day Disneyland Paris ticket allows you to enter both theme parks in one day, you cannot explore and experience everything. 

For instance, to explore an attraction in Disneyland Park, you might have to give up a show at Walt Disney Studios.

But if you’re on a tight budget and want to visit the park in one day, then go ahead. You can still get the most out of a one-day trip. 

If you want to see every nook and corner of the parks and give yourself enough time to rest in between, you need at least 3 to 4 days at Disneyland in Paris.

One park or two parks in one day?

You can purchase either a 1-Park or a 2-Park ticket if you visit for just one day.

If you are visiting with smaller kids, sticking with one park is the best option for your time and money.

When selecting just one park, it is better to go for Disneyland Park over Walt Disney Studios, as it is bigger and has top-class thrill rides like Pirates of the Caribbean, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Sleeping Beauty Castle.

If you will be visiting with teenagers who don’t tend to tire easily, it is better to opt for the two-park ticket.

If you buy two park tickets for a day, it can be a little exhausting, but at the end of the day, you will have more fun.

Disneyland Paris one-day ticket prices

The ticket prices vary from season to season.

Based on the crowd, the theme park has four seasons: Eco, Low, Medium, Medium Plus, Regular, and Peak.

Disneyland offers two kinds of tickets: dated tickets, which can be canceled up to 3 days before arrival, and undated tickets, which are valid for the whole year. 

The ticket prices are different for different age groups; however, kids aged 2 or under require no ticket. 

One-day one-park ticket

Ticket Adult (12+) Kids (3 to 11)
1-Day, 1-Park Ticket – Eco €56 €52
1-Day, 1-Park Ticket – Low €64 €59
1-Day, 1-Park Ticket – Medium €72 €67
1-Day, 1-Park Ticket – Medium Plus €79 €73
1-Day, 1-Park Ticket – Regular €89 €82
1-Day, 1-Park Ticket – Peak €99 €91
1-Day, 1-Park Ticket – Super Peak €99 €91
1-Day, 1-Park Ticket – Same Day Entry €105 €97

One-day, two park ticket

Ticket Adult (12+) Kids (3 to 11)
1-Day, 2-Park Ticket – Eco €81 €77
1-Day, 2-Park Ticket – Low €89 €84
1-Day, 2-Park Ticket – Medium €97 €92
1-Day, 2-Park Ticket – Medium Plus €104 €98
1-Day, 2-Park Ticket – Regular €114 €107
1-Day, 2-Park Ticket – Peak €119 €112
1-Day, 2-Park Ticket – Super Peak €124 €116
1-Day, 2-Park Ticket – Same Day Entry €130 €122

Cost of same-day, one-day ticket

If you haven’t planned your one-day visit in advance and want to book your tickets at the last minute, you must pay a premium.

The 1-day, one-park same-day entrance ticket costs €105 for guests 12 years and above, while visitors aged 3 to 11 years pay a discounted rate of €97.

The 1-day, same-day entrance ticket, which allows you to access both the parks, is priced at €130 for adults and €122 for younger visitors.

Making the most of a one-day visit

With so much to see, your one-day visit to Disneyland Paris needs some planning.

Here are some tips to make the most of your time at one of the World’s most popular theme parks.

Book your tickets in advance

If you’re planning to spend just one day at this Paris theme park, then time is the key to unlocking pleasure.

Paris Disneyland is the most visited theme park in the world, so you will walk into a massive crowd.

Be prepared to see queues at the ticket counters at the entrance gate and at the rides and attractions.

We highly recommend booking your one-day ticket online, much in advance.

With an online ticket on your phone, you can head straight into the park without the need to stand in a queue.

When you don’t waste your time at the ticket counter queues, you can spend every minute of your one day at Disneyland inside the magical world.

Moreover, an e-ticket ensures a guaranteed entry into the park, unlike offline tickets, whose availability is subject to various factors and is likely to get sold out in the peak season.

Arrive early at the gate

Your time of arrival determines the flow of your Disneyland trip. 

When the park gates open, it is quiet and peaceful, giving you space and time to explore the park. 

Many visitors commit the mistake of seeing the park opening at 9 am and arriving at the park at 9 am.

When you arrive at the park as soon as it opens, you may end up wasting a lot of time at the security check, which eventually delays your entry by an hour or so. 

Hence, it is better to buy Disneyland Paris tickets online and arrive an hour before the park’s official opening hours. 

Prioritize rides and attractions

Planning is the key to a successful trip, hence when you visit Disneyland Paris for a day, you need to prioritize which attraction or ride you would prefer the most. 

You can set up your priorities at two levels—at the personal level, which rides you want to go on, and at the park level (based on ratings, reviews, and visitors’ experience), which is the most popular. 

If you are traveling with younger kids, keep in mind the height requirements at the rides.

Going through the list of top rides and attractions at Disneyland Paris can help you prepare your own list. 

If you feel one day is not enough to explore everything, check out two-day Disneyland tickets.

Passes at Disneyland ParisFast Pass, Photo Pass, and Standby Pass

Skip the lines with Fast Pass

Most of the popular rides at Disneyland have long waiting times, especially during the peak season.

Fast Pass at Disneyland Paris lets you skip the queues on a number of rides to make the most out of your park visit. 

The theme park provides free and paid Fast Pass services. The free Fast Pass is included in your general entry ticket to the park, while if you want to add a little comfort and convenience, you can opt for a paid Fast Pass. 

One day isn’t enough to explore Disneyland Paris, but it is sufficient to enjoy rides and watch parades and night shows. 

A day at this attraction will give you tonnes of memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.

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