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Eiffel Tower in Paris welcomes more than 7 million visitors every year, which makes it the most visited paid monument in the world.

You can’t have a holiday in Paris and not go up Eiffel Tower.

In this article we share everything you must know before buying Eiffel Tower tickets.

1. Opening hours
2. How to reach
3. Eiffel Tower floors
4. Eiffel Tower map
5. Best time to visit
6. Where to buy tickets
7. Ticket price
8. Eiffel Tower tickets
9. Eiffel Tower Summit
10. Visiting at night
11. Last-minute tickets
12. What to see
13. View from top
14. Restaurants
15. Eiffel Tower facts

Eiffel Tower hours

From mid June to August end, Eiffel Tower opens at 9 am and closes at 0.45 am the next day.

Rest of the year, the Paris attraction welcomes visitors from 9.30 am to 11.45 pm.

During the peak season tourists are stopped from going to the Summit (the topmost floor) after 11 pm and during lean season from 10.30 pm.

The last entry is 45 minutes before the day’s closure.

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How to reach Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower is in the center of Paris, on the banks of river Seine.

It is on the Champs de Mars, a sizeable public greenspace in Paris, precisely at 5 Avenue Anatole France in the 7th arrondissement of Paris.

In Paris, Metro and RER lines are considered the ideal transport options to avoid traffic jams and save time.

Get on to any of the below given trains to get to Eiffel Tower.

Reaching the Eiffel Tower by bus is equally easy.

Depending on where you are starting from, you can use any of these routes given below.

  • 82 Eiffel Tower
  • 42 Tour Eiffel
  • Line 69 & 87 Champ de Mars
  • 72 Eiffel Tower

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Eiffel Tower floors

Eiffel Tower has three floors.

You can reach the first floor only by stairs.

The second floor of Eiffel Tower can be reached both by stairs and the lift.

The topmost floor of Eiffel Tower can only be reached via an elevator from the second floor.

Image: Toureiffel.paris

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Eiffel Tower map

Once you reach Eiffel Tower, getting in and around can be confusing for some visitors.

You can follow our recommendation for a smooth visit and exit.

Getting inside The Esplanade

Map courtesy: Toureiffel.paris

Esplanade is the area under the Eiffel Tower.

There are two entrances to reach Eiffel Tower’s Esplanade – the South entrance and the East entrance.

We recommend you enter through the East entrance because it is usually less crowded.

After a brief security check, you can walk past the landscaped gardens to reach the Esplanade.

Visitors opting for elevators

If you plan to go up the Eiffel Tower in an elevator, you must head to the EAST or WEST pillars of the Tower.

If you aren’t sure ask anybody and they can guide you.

If you have already bought your tickets online, look for a queue with a Green flag for direct entry.

You will find Green marked queues under both the pillars.

If you haven’t yet booked your tickets, you must join the queue for the Eiffel Tower’s ticket office.

This queue will have a yellow flag and is most likely to be long.

Ticket offices are available on both the East and West pillars of the Tower.

Visitors opting for stairs

If you plan to climb the stairs to the second floor of Eiffel Tower, you must head towards the South pillar.

Look for a Blue flag.

Stand in the queue marked by a Blue flag, if you have to buy tickets for the stairs up to the second floor, or stairs + lift tickets to the Summit.

Your path within Eiffel Tower

All visitors start with the second floor.

However, the path you will follow depends on the Eiffel Tower ticket you have in your hand.

Second floor tickets

If you have the 2nd-floor tickets, you first take the lift or stairs to the second floor.

After taking in the Parisian views, you climb down to the first floor to see numerous exhibits, including the glass floor.

You then, get down to the Esplanade and exit the Eiffel Tower.

Summit tickets

If you have the Summit tickets, after visiting the second floor, you take a lift to the top.

Once you have explored the Summit, you come down to the first floor to see the exhibits and finally get off the Tower.

Note: If you have the stairs tickets, your path will be linear – 1st floor > 2nd floor > 3rd floor and then back down.

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Best time to visit Eiffel Tower

The best time to visit this Parisian attraction depends on what you want out of your visit.

Eiffel Tower is highly susceptible to the seasonal increase in popularity.

The busiest time of the year for the Eiffel Tower staff is from mid-July to late August.

This Paris attraction also witnesses high visitors during Easter and Christmas holidays.

Best time of the day to visit

If you want to visit Eiffel Tower when the crowd is at its minimum, morning and evening are the best times.

You can visit as soon as it opens at 9.30 am or after the sunset is over.

However, if you want the best Eiffel Tower experience you must visit just before the sunset.

Sunset times in Paris varies from 5.30 pm to 10 pm, so we recommend you check the sunset timings before you plan.

If you go up the Eiffel tower 60 minutes before sunset, you can see the sun go down and then hang around to see the city shimmering at night.

Eiffel Tower sunset is one of the most romantic things to do in Paris.

Best season to visit Eiffel Tower

The best season to visit Eiffel Tower is winters. Especially the weekends.

A weekend in winter is the quietest time of the year with very few visitors.

The calmest month to visit Eiffel Tower is in January.

Best time to visit for photography

If you are an amateur or professional photographer, the best time to visit Eiffel Tower is before 9 am.

Around this time, you will be able to click photos of the massive monument without people in your photograph.

Best view of Eiffel Tower

If you want a classic shot of the Eiffel tower, you must visit Place du Trocadero.

It is right across the River Seine, about 1 Km away from Eiffel Tower.

The best full-length photographs of the Eiffel Tower can be taken from here.

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Where to buy Eiffel Tower tickets

The Eiffel Tower tickets can either be bought online or from the ticketing counter in Eiffel Tower.

We strongly recommend that you buy the Eiffel Tower tickets online because online tickets have several advantages over the physical tickets purchased from the venue.

1. Online tickets are cheaper because you don’t pay ‘ticketing window surcharge’

2. You save your time by skipping the long lines at the Eiffel Tower ticket counter (see images below)

3. If you buy an online ticket in advance, you get in shorter lines for the security check at the Eiffel Tower

While Eiffel Tower is worth all the wait, if you can avoid standing out in the sun for 1-2 hours, why not? Image: Discoverwalks.com
It is surprising, that so many tourists don’t know that they could have avoided this long wait at the ticketing counter by booking their Eiffel Tower tickets online. Image: Pdxcyclst.wordpress.com

This is why we always recommend tourists to buy Eiffel Tower tickets, online.

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Eiffel Tower ticket price

The cost of your Eiffel Tower ticket depends on many factors –

1. The Eiffel Tower floor you plan to visit
2. How you plan to go up – the stairs or the lift
3. Guided tour or self-guided tour
4. Age of the visitor
5. You buying your tickets online or at the venue (online tickets are cheaper)

Visitors 25 years and above pay the full adult ticket price.

The Youth ticket rates apply to tourists 12 to 24 years of age. The price of this ticket is mostly 50% of the adult ticket price.

The Child ticket price is applicable to all visitors in the age group of 4 to 11 years. The cost of this ticket is mostly 25% of the adult ticket price.

Kids below age of 4 years walk in free, irrespective of the type of tickets being purchased.

Depending on the kind of experience you opt for, the price of a Eiffel Tower ticket ranges from 10 Euros to about 250 Euros. Check out the ticket prices in detail

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Eiffel Tower tickets

Image: Worldinparis.com

If you want to go up only till the 2nd floor of Eiffel Tower, you can choose from the three recommended tickets below.

If you want to go up to the topmost floor, skip to the Eiffel Tower summit section.

1. Eiffel Tower Priority Access tickets

This ticket has two massive advantages, which help you save a lot of time.

– A company rep greets you at Eiffel Tower and guides you to the Priority entrance

– At the Priority Entrance, you show your ticket on your mobile and walk-in without waiting.

With this ticket, you can take an elevator up to the 2nd floor of Eiffel Tower.

Ticket price (3+ years): 44 Euros

2. Eiffel Tower Climb tickets

This Eiffel Tower ticket is perfect for those who are fit enough to climb 700+ steps of the Tower, and who want to save on some money.

With this ticket, you get to avoid the long elevator lines at the Eiffel Tower and climb the stairs to the 2nd level.

Once you arrive at the first level of Eiffel Tower, you can take in the views and relax a bit before starting the climb to Level 2.

Ticket price

Adult ticket (12+ years): 39 Euros
Child ticket (4 to 11 years): 35 Euros

If you would prefer a live tour guide to accompany you when you go up, check out this guided Eiffel Tower climb

Funny but true: Do you know about the time when a kiss on the Eiffel Tower resulted in a massive manhunt?

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Eiffel Tower Summit

A lot of tourists planning a trip to Eiffel Tower want to know what is ‘Eiffel Tower summit’?

They want to know what is the difference between the 1st and 2nd floors and the Eiffel Tower Summit? Is it even worth going up the Summit?

Find out answers to all these questions –

What is Eiffel Tower Summit

The third floor or the topmost floor of the Eiffel Tower is usually referred to as Eiffel Tower Summit.

It is the highest floor of the Eiffel Tower and is accessible to all tourists, who have an Eiffel Tower Summit ticket.

Eiffel Tower Summit or 2nd floor

The second floor offers more beautiful and better views than the top floor, as it’s a little bit harder to see the city’s beautiful landmarks from the top floor or the Summit.

And many times, just because of its height, it becomes cloudier and hazier at the top and the viewers might not able to see the city clearly.

Is it worth going up Eiffel Tower Summit

We feel if you are visiting Eiffel Tower, you must also visit the Eiffel Tower Summit.

Though it costs extra to visit the top, Eiffel Tower Summit is worth it.

Being able to see Gustav Eiffel’s office, the real model based on which the top of Eiffel Tower was built etc are once in a lifetime opportunity.

Eiffel Tower Summit tickets

Only an elevator can take you up the Eiffel Tower Summit. There is no option to climb the stairs.

The lift for the top floor must be taken from the second floor as there is no single elevator which works from the ground directly to the top of the tower.

For visiting the Summit, you must buy your tickets from the ground floor or buy them online, in advance (links provided below).

Some visitors prefer to go up to the second floor, and then decide if they want to visit the Tower’s Summit.

For such visitors, a limited number of Eiffel Tower Summit tickets are sold at the second floor, however there is no guarantee that you will get one on the day of your visit.

It is highly recommended that you buy Eiffel Tower Summit tickets in advance.

Skip The Line Summit ticket

You start this 2 hours’ tour by skip the long lines to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower.

This ticket allows you to take an elevator till the second floor. However, you can take the stairs if you want to.

A local guide will hand-hold till the 2-floor, regaling you with interesting stories about the world-famous monument.

Ticket price

Adult ticket (12+ years): 69 Euros
Child ticket (4-11 years): 65 Euros

On the ticket booking page you must choose the option “Summit-Level Access.”

If you are an early bird, check out this tour of Eiffel Tower Summit, which starts at 8.45 am.

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Eiffel Tower at night

At night, Eiffel Tower is the main attraction of the ‘City of Lights.’

The Eiffel Tower looks mesmerizing during the night and the night view from the Tower is even better.

Once you are on top, you get to see the other Parisian landmarks all lit up – Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre, Arc de Triomphe etc.

Eiffel Tower lights

The Eiffel Tower sparkles every night – for five minutes every hour.

The sparkling starts at dusk when the city lights up and usually ends at 1 am in the night.

On special nights such as Christmas etc it ends at 2 am.

During the sparkling, the tower is covered with golden lights and the sparkling is powered by 20000 light bulbs.

Eiffel Tower at day or at night?

If you want to see the panoramic view and want to take pictures with Paris in the backdrop, you must schedule your visit during the day.

But if you want to experience the sunset and light-shows then you must visit the Eiffel Tower at night.

Having said that, it is difficult to choose between Eiffel Tower during day and Eiffel Tower at night.

In fact, if you are in Paris for more than five days we suggest you make two visits – one during the day and another one at night.

Eiffel Tower night tour tickets

To make your night out at Eiffel Tower even more memorable, we recommend the following night tours.

This Skip-the-Line guided tour helps you skip long lines for accessing Gustave Eiffel Tower.

During this 90 minutes tour you will see the light shows at Eiffel Tower from the 2nd floor.

Ticket Price

Adult ticket (15+ years): 45 Euros
Child ticket (4-14 years): 40 Euros
Infant ticket (0-3 years): Free entry

Planning to visit Eiffel Tower at night? Follow the link to know in detail about lights show, sparkling, climbing the Tower, tickets, image rights, etc.

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Last minute Eiffel Tower tickets

If you decide to visit the Parisian attraction on a whim, it is possible to buy the Eiffel Tower tickets at the last minute.

You have two options –

1. Reach Eiffel Tower early and line up at the ticketing queue

2. Buy your tickets online up to 3 hours before your visit

*A limited number of same-day Eiffel Tower tickets are sold daily, so you may want to hurry. Jump to the tickets section

Crazy but true: Sid Frisjes is known as the Eiffel Tower finger guy for trying to ‘touch’ Eiffel Tower.

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What to see at Eiffel Tower

The video below gives a detailed view of what to expect at Eiffel Tower.

If you are in a hurry, skip the first minute, which is mostly author introduction.

Eiffel Tower has four levels – The Esplanade, first floor, second floor and The Summit.

In this section we list out all the must-see exhibits at Eiffel Tower.

The Esplanade

The Esplanade is the large area below the Eiffel Tower.

Four pillars (East, South, North, and West) hold the puddled iron structure and help it reach 324 meters (1062 feet) above the ground.

The four legs of the Eiffel Tower house the lifts and stairways to go up.

1. Bust of Gustave Eiffel

This statue of Gustave Eiffel stands at the foot of the Tower, in the corner of the North pillar.

Antoine Bourdelle sculpted this bust, and it has been an attraction since 1929.

2. Eiffel Tower elevators

The elevators in East and West Pillar of Eiffel Tower use hydraulic machines which are more than a century old.

You may not be able to see the hydraulic machines because they are in the basement, but you can see the lifts.

Gustave Eiffel designed these imposing hydraulic machines himself.

*The Esplanade is also home to the information desk (at the West pillar).

First floor, Eiffel Tower

There is lots to see in the first floor.

1. The immersion show

The Immersion show takes you on a journey into the World of Eiffel Tower.

The show, which happens in Ferrié Pavilion, is projected on three walls by seven projectors.

2. The New Cultural Path

This path is along the outer passageway.

Ths exhibit narrates the history of Eiffel Tower using mediums such as screens, touch screens, displays, digital albums, reproductions of items, etc.

You will be surprised at how less you know about the Eiffel Tower.

3. The Glass floor

Don’t miss the transparent walkway on the first floor, which has become a massive hit with visitors.

The glass floor offers dramatic views from above 57-meter (187 feet).

4. Spiral Staircase

Gustave Eiffel had a small office at the top of Eiffel Tower.

And before he built an elevator from the second floor to the third floor, he used a spiral staircase to reach his office.

However, in 1983 this spiral staircase was removed, and a part of it displayed on the first floor.

*The 1st floor also houses the 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant and the souvenir shop.

Second floor, Eiffel Tower

There is no exhibit on the 2nd floor.

However, you can enjoy unobstructed views of Paris city, including views of monuments such as The Louvre, Notre Dane, Grand Palais, Montmartre, Invalides, the Seine River, etc.

*Jules Verne, the Michelin-starred restaurant is also on this floor.

The Summit, Eiffel Tower

The Summit of Eiffel Tower is made up of two levels – one indoors and the other outside.

1. Gustave Eiffel’s office

Gustave Eiffel’s office at the top of Eiffel Tower is maintained as it was during its heydays.

With life-like wax models, his office depicts the scene where Gustav and his daughter Claire welcomed American inventor, Thomas Edison.

During their meeting, Edison had gifted Gustave Eiffel a Gramaphone, which is also available in the office.

2. The panoramic maps

At the Summit, you can find panoramic maps at various places.

These maps help identify other tall monuments, in different cities and give their relative direction and distance from the Eiffel Tower.

You also get to compare the height of the tall monuments/buildings with that of Eiffel Tower.

3. Model of the Top floor

One of the must-see exhibits on the Eiffel Tower Summit is the model of the top of the Tower from 1889.

This model is at 1:50 scale and is in the Tower’s original reddish-brown color.

*The Tower’s Summit also has a champagne bar which serves rose and white champagne.

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View from Eiffel Tower

View from the top of Eiffel Tower is to die for. It is both romantic and thrilling.

No wonder, more than 250 Million visitors have climbed Eiffel Tower in its 125-years history.

Check out some of the best views from Eiffel Tower observation decks –

Marcinzlegnicy / Pixabay.com
Kirkandmimi / Pixabay.com
Pexels / Pixabay.com

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Eiffel Tower restaurants

Eiffel Tower restaurants in Paris are popular with both locals and tourists.

This tourist attraction has two restaurants – 58 Tour Eiffel and Le Jules Verne.

The dress code for both the restaurants is smart casuals. Sportswear such as t-shirts, shorts, trainers, etc. are not allowed.

1. 58 Tour Eiffel Restaurant

58 Tour Eiffel is a luxurious, newly redesigned restaurant located on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

It serves classic French cuisine with a variety of drinks.

Height: 58 meters (190 feet)

2. Le Jules Verne Restaurant

Le Jules Verne is a small yet excellent restaurant located on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower.

It offers a variety of food to its visitors such as seafood, fusion, street food, French and European, with extraordinary views.

Height: 125 meters (410 feet)

For details such as timings, prices, menu, dress code, reservations, kid-friendliness etc of the Eiffel Tower restaurants, follow the link.

Dinner at Eiffel Tower

Dinner at Eiffel Tower can be an unforgettable night out experience.

The fact that it is a combination of two classical Parisian experiences – exquisite French food and panoramic views from the Eiffel Tower makes it a unique experience.

If you opt for 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant, we recommend their 4-course dinner of classic French cuisine.

You can either go for the 6.30 service or if you prefer a late dinner, the 9.30 service.

Dinner time at Le Jules Verne is between 6 pm to 9.30 pm. It does not serve dinner on 14 July.

Eiffel tower lunch

You don’t need to reserve a table for having lunch at 58 Tour Eiffel.

You can walk in anytime between 11.30 am, and 3.30 pm and a table will be allocated to you, subject to availability.

Lunchtime at Le Jules Verne is from 12 pm to 1.30 pm.

Restaurants with a view of Eiffel tower

We recommend the below given three restaurants –

1. Le Ciel de Paris

Restaurant Le Ciel de Paris is on the 56th floor of Tour Montparnasse and offers a panoramic view of the city of Paris, including the Eiffel Tower.

Even though this is a pricey restaurant, you will have to reserve in advance.

2. Le New York

This Cafe on Avenue de New York offers a great view of the tower from just across the Seine.

3. Chez Francis

Chez Francis gets recommended by many tourists as the perfect place for a spectacular view of the Eiffel Tower.

This classic brasserie is at Place de l’Alma, and boasts of a large terrace from where all diners can enjoy the Parisian masterpiece.

Want to save money and time during your holiday in Paris? Buy one discount Pass and visit 60+ attractions for free. Buy Paris Museum Pass

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Eiffel Tower facts

Here are some interesting facts about Gustav Eiffel’s Tower in Paris.

  1. What is Eiffel Tower?

    Eiffel Tower is a wrought iron lattice tower on the Champ de Mars in Paris, France.

    It was named after the engineer Gustave Eiffel, whose company designed and built the tower.

  2. When was the Eiffel Tower built?

    Eiffel Tower was constructed from 28th January 1887 to 15th March 1889 and was first opened for public on 31st March 1889.

  3. What is Eiffel Tower made of?

    Eiffel Tower is entirely made up of lattice wrought iron, which is a type of pudding iron.

    No steel was used in its construction.

  4. What is Eiffel Tower’s height?

    Eiffel Tower is an 81-storey building, with a height of 324 meters (approximately 1063 feet) including the antenna at the top of the tower.

    Without the antenna, Eiffel Tower is 300 meters (984 feet) tall.

  5. Why was the Eiffel Tower built?

    The Eiffel Tower was built for ‘Exposition Universelle’ in 1889.

    Exposition Universelle was a world fair organized in Paris to celebrate the Centennial of French Revolution.

    Eiffel Tower was built to commemorate the ‘Centennial of the French Revolution’ and to demonstrate France’s industrial prowess to the world.

  6. How many steps in Eiffel Tower?

    Eiffel Tower has 81 stories which add up to a total of 1710 steps.

  7. What is Eiffel Tower used for?

    Eiffel Tower is being used as a transmitter station for transmitting both radio and television signals throughout the capital city and beyond.

  8. Is Eiffel Tower a wonder of the World?

    No, Eiffel Tower is not included in the list of the Seven Wonders of the World.

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