Musee d’Orsay – tickets, prices, hours, guided tours, free entry

Musee dOrsay, Paris

Musee d’Orsay is home to some of the best Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings in the World. Famous artists on display at d’Orsay Museum in Paris include Renoir, Monet, Manet, Van Gogh, Degas, Cézanne, Seurat, Sisley, Gauguin etc. More than 3 million tourists visit Musee d’Orsay annually. This article explains everything you need to know before … Read more

Arc de Triomphe tickets – prices, discounts, free entry

Arc De Triomphe in Paris

Napoleon I commissioned Arc de Triomphe in 1806 to celebrate the most extraordinary times of the French military’s prowess. Everybody falls in love with the fantastic Parisian view from the observatory space at the top of this massive arc. Almost two million tourists visit Arc de Triomphe every year. In this article, we explain everything … Read more

Golf holidays in France

Golf vacation in France

Art, culture, scenery, food, history— no matter how you look at it, France is an epic holiday destination. A vacation is France is a once in a lifetime experience. A life milestone that millions strive for. Now, imagine a Golf vacation with the legendary country as its backdrop. The stories you can narrate and the … Read more

Sainte Chapelle – tickets, prices, hours, dress code, free entry

Sainte Chapelle, Paris

Sainte Chapelle in Paris was built to house priceless Christian relics, including Christ’s crown of thorns. The Holy Chapel has 15 stained glass windows, each 15 meters high, and together they depict more than 1100 scenes from the Old and New Testaments narrating the world’s history. Annually more than a million tourists visit this chapel, … Read more