Things to do in Chicago

Tourist attractions in Chicago

Also known as the ‘windy city,’ Chicago attracts around 60 million tourists every year. This city on Lake Michigan’s shores is known for its World-class Museums, sky-high observatories, cultural attractions, and excellent architecture tours. Chicago attracts both American tourists and those from abroad and has over the years grown as a tourist destination purely by … Read more

Things to do in Rome

Attractions in Rome

Rome is an ancient city with a glorious heritage. After all, it was from Rome that the Roman Empire once spread throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia. Rome isn’t just about history. It is also about art, Christianity, and much more. Visitors to Rome also visit the Vatican, the seat of the Catholic Church. There is … Read more

Best family weekend getaways from London

Getaways from London

If you live in London, occasionally you may want to go on weekend getaways with your family. It is alright to want to leave the city behind and get some fresh air. Weekend getaways are always fun – especially if embarked upon with your family or with your partner. Since nobody wants to spend a … Read more

Valentine’s Day 2024 in Philadelphia – Romantic things to do

Valentine’s Day in Philadelphia

You will like to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2024 in Philadelphia if you love quiet romantic places, excellent food, museums, and night activities.  Aptly named the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia caters to lovers eager to infuse their relationships with a little extra passion around Valentine’s Day. Here, you will find some of the most romantic … Read more

Madame Tussauds London – tickets, prices, discounts, hours

Tom Hardy at Madame Tussauds London

Inaugurated in 1884, Madame Tussauds Museum in London displays wax statues of celebrities from all over the World. Over the years, Madame Tussauds wax Museums have come up in many cities, but the Madame Tussaud at London remains the most popular of them all. The wax figures at Tussauds London include politicians, royals, movie stars, … Read more

Leonardo Da Vinci Experience – tickets, prices, what to expect

Leonardo Da Vinci Experience in Rome

Leonardo da Vinci is one of Italy’s most ingenious minds, and there are many museums dedicated to the painter, sculptor, engineer, and scientist.  However, the Leonardo Da Vinci Experience in Rome offers the best experience. It is the only Leonardo Da Vinci museum with 50 plus certified inventions and approved reproductions of his stunning paintings. … Read more

Bode Museum – tickets, prices, discounts, what to expect

Bode Museum in Berlin

The Bode Museum brings together Byzantine art and one of the world’s largest sculptural collections.  With its majestic-looking dome, the neo-baroque building immediately catches your eye. After all, it is one of Berlin’s most beautiful buildings. The exhibits at Bone Museum cover several centuries, from the end of the Roman Empire to the nineteenth. The … Read more