Louvre Museum tickets – price, discounts, free entry, guided tours etc

More than 9 million tourists visit the Louvre Museum every year.

This means more than 25,000 visitors line up to enter Musee du Louvre daily.

The huge number of tourists in the Louvre Museum means a long queue and even longer waiting periods.

The longest lines can be seen at Louvre Museum during the summer months of June, July, and August.

After all, summer is the best time to be holidaying in Paris – days are long and warm, and the sky is clear.

Find out the Best time to visit the Louvre Museum

Skip the line with Louvre Museum tickets

When you visit the Louvre Museum in Paris, you wait in a queue at two places – the Louvre Museum ticket counter, and then at the security check line.

You can’t skip the security check line.

However, you can buy a Louvre Museum’s Skip The Line ticket online to skip the queue at the ticket counter.

This can save you anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on the time and day.

Some tourists also try out other Louvre Museum entrances to avoid the crowd, but that doesn’t always help.

Museum opening times

Before you buy your the Louvre Museum ticket, you should know that this Paris attraction is closed on Tuesdays.

Rest of the week it opens at 9 am.

Monday: 9 am – 6 pm
Tuesday:  Closed
Wednesday:  9 am – 9.45 pm
Thursday:  9 am – 6 pm
Friday:  9 am – 9.45 pm
Saturday:  9 am – 6 pm
Sunday:  9 am – 6 pm

If you want to get your ticket’s worth by spending a lot of time in Grand Louvre, opt for Wednesday or Friday.

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How long is the Louvre Museum tour?

There are 380,000 artifacts available in the Louvre Museum but only 35,000 works of art are on display. More such interesting facts from Louvre Museum.

Your Louvre Museum ticket allows you one day to see all of these works of art.

The duration of your Louvre Museum tour can be as long as you want it to be.

Tourists who have been to Louvre multiple times say that after 2-3 hours of roaming around, art fatigue sets in.

If you want to stretch your time in Louvre Museum, here is what we suggest:

– Be well rested and well fed before you head out to see Louvre Museum

– Buy the Skip the Line Louvre Museum ticket so that you don’t waste your time and energy waiting in the ticket lines

– Take regular breaks in between browsing through the art on display

If you follow these tips, you can extend your Louvre Museum tour to 4-5 hours.

Note: Want to see all the 35,000 items on display? If you spend only 30 seconds in front of each item and are in Museum for eight hours daily, you will still need 36 days.

Paris Museum Pass

Guided tours in the Louvre Museum

You can have guided or non-guided tours of Lourve.

When you buy a Louvre Museum ticket, it doesn’t come with a guide.

However, if you prefer to have some help navigating the Louvre Museum, you have two options.

Install Louvre Museum’s self-guided tour app

You can download Louvre Museum’s app on your mobile and navigate your own path.

All the 60,000 square meters of Louvre museum is modeled in 3D, with all the information you may need.

The app is available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Korean and Japanese.

It is available for download for both iPhone and Android.

Buy the Multimedia Guide

If you don’t mind spending 5 Euros per person, we recommend you buy the multimedia guide to complement your Louvre Museum ticket.

You can buy these Louvre Museum audio guides at four spots.

The first spot is in front of Group Reception Area, also known as Accueil des Groupes.

The other three places where you can buy the multimedia audio guide is the Museum’s three main entrances at Denon, Sully, and Richelieu.

Tourists who have used them confirm that these Lourve multimedia audio guides are very effective.

Louvre Museum tickets price

Tickets waiting line at Louvre
Online tickets for Louvre Museum cost 3 Euros more than the offline tickets being sold at the venue. However, you can avoid long waiting time by booking your tickets in advance. Dgazdik /

While buying your tickets for Louvre Museum you have two options.

The Louvre Museum tickets price varies depending on the option you choose.

Option 1: Wait in the queue – and it can get long and tiring – and buy the Musee du Louvre tickets for the price of 15 Euros per person.

Option 2: Buy advance Louvre Museum tickets for the cost of just 18 Euros and skip the line completely.

Kids below the age of 18 and EU citizens below the age of 26 years enter the Museum for free.

Be aware that cancellations are not possible for Louvre Museum tickets.

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What’s included in your Louvre Museum tickets

The below-listed experiences come along with the Louvre tickets bought online –

1. Fast-track access to the Louvre Museum, without waiting in the queue

2. Access to the Grand Louvre’s permanent collection and all temporary exhibitions

3. Unlimited stay inside the museum, all through the day. Once you get out, you can’t get back in

4. Unlimited photographs. No need to take special permission for photographs

5. Access to Musée Delacroix on the same or following day

6. Access to Tuileries Garden

What’s NOT included in your Louvre Museum ticket

While the advance Louvre Museum tickets give you a lot of privileges, there are some things which aren’t included.

1. Your online Louvre tickets can’t help you skip the security line. In fact, no ticket can help you skip the security check

2. The fast track Louvre tickets don’t guarantee skip the line access to temporary exhibitions going on in the museum

3. Since all rooms can’t remain open on all days, no Louvre Museum ticket guarantees you access to all rooms of the Museum. Find out which rooms of the Museum are open on which day.

4. Whatever Louvre ticket you may be holding, you can’t carry suitcases and large bags inside the Museum.

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How to use ‘Skip The Line’ Louvre Museum ticket

When you book a Louvre Museum ticket online, you also have to select a time slot for when you will be there. These are half-hour slots such as 12.30 pm, 1.00 pm, 1.30 pm etc. Find out the Louvre Museum’s opening hours

To enter the Museum, you need to be at the venue within 30 minutes of the time mentioned on your ticket.

Step 1: At the stipulated time, reach Musee de Louvre and enter via the Pyramid

Step 2: Since you have a timed e-ticket, stand in the yellow line (look for the yellow board as shown below)

Step 3: Show your smartphone ticket and walk in for a security check.

Step 4: If you have friends, family members etc who qualify for free entry, they can enter with you without tickets. ID cards will be requested at the entry.

Step 5: Clear the security check and walk into the museum

Important: If you don’t reach the Louvre Pyramid within 30 minutes of the time mentioned on your ticket, you will be subject to the same conditions as other visitors without tickets

Louvre Museum ticket discounts

There are no discounts on offer on Louvre tickets.

However, if you can match certain criteria you qualify for free entry into the Louvre Museum.

Free entry to Louvre Museum

On 14 July, the Louvre Museum is free for all tourists. It is a French National holiday celebrating the storming of the Bastille.

Every first Sunday of the month from October to March is also a free tickets day at Louvre Museum.

Tourists who qualify the below three conditions gain free entry to Louvre all through the year –

1. All kids and young visitors below the age of 18

2. All visitors from the European Union, till the age of 25

3. All disabled people irrespective of their age

4. All visitors who are accompanying a disabled person, irrespective of their age

IDs will be requested at the entrance to check their age.

Few others who can gain free entry to Louvre Museum are:

– Teachers gain free entry to the Louvre if they can show a valid Education Pass with their school or college’s stamp

– Teachers of various kinds of art gain free access if they can present a document proving their profession

– Visual artists affiliated to the House of Artists and/or International Association of Plastic Arts can enter for free

– Members of ICOM and ICOMOS on presentation of the latest card

– Jobseekers on presentation of proof of less than one year

How to get to the Louvre Museum

Address: Musée du Louvre, 75058 Paris – France
Telephone: +33 (0)1 40 20 53 17

Grand Louvre is located next to the Seine River in central Paris.

If you are traveling to Louvre Museum by Metro you can take Lines 1, 7 or 14.

If you are taking Lines 1 or 7 get down at station Palais-Royal / Louvre Museum.

If you are taking Line 14, station ‘Pyramids.’

If you intend to visit Louvre by bus, depending on where you starting from look for bus numbers: 21, 24, 27, 39, 48, 68, 69, 72, 81, and 95

If you are taking the famous Batobus, ask for the “Louvre” stop.

Where to buy Louvre Museum tickets

You can buy the Louvre Museum tickets at the link provided below.

The cost of the ticket is 18 Euros or USD 20.98.

Kids below the age of 18 can walk in free with you.

*Don’t worry. Once you book your online ticket for Louvre Museum, the ticket will reach your inbox with instructions.


Buy TicketsTickets for Louvre Museum. Buy now!

These ‘Skip The Line’ tickets will be emailed to you in less than 10 minutes.


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