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One World Observatory – tickets, prices, discounts, hours, Passes

One World Trade Center is the main building of the rebuilt World Trade Center Complex in Lower Manhattan, New York City.

It is also known as ‘ Freedom Tower.’

The main attraction in this complex is the observational deck called ‘One World Observatory’.

From the 100th floor observatory, you get to see never-before views of the city of New York.

In this article, we explain everything you need to know before you visit One World Observatory.

1. Opening hours
2. Best time to visit
3. Ticket discounts
4. Observatory tickets
5. OWO Combo tours
6. One World with Passes
7. iPad Explorer
8. Best observatory in NYC
9. Reviews
10. One World at night
11. Restaurants

Location of One World Observatory

One World Trade Center,
285 Fulton St. 45 fl. Street F,
Manhattan, NY 10007.
Phone: (844) 696-1776

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One World Observatory hours

One World Observatory is open 7 days a week.

However, its open timings keep changing all through the year.

May 1 to Sept 4: 8 am to 9 pm
The last ticket is sold at 8.45 pm

Sept 5 to Dec 20: 9 am to 9 pm
The last ticket is sold at 8.15 pm

Dec 21 – Jan 3: 8 am to 8 pm
The last ticket is sold at 7.15 pm

Jan 4- Apr 30: 9 am to 9 pm
The last ticket is sold at 8.15 pm

Once inside the One World Observatory before the cut off time, you can continue to stay and enjoy the experience till 10 pm.

The box office opens daily at 9 am. However, we don’t suggest you line up at the ticketing counter.

To avoid wasting time standing in line, buy One World tickets online.

Special day timings

On special days, the One World observatory’s timings change –

New Year’s Day, Jan 1: 8 am to 8 pm
The last ticket is sold at 7.15 pm

Independence Day, 4th July: 8 am to 6 pm
The last ticket is sold at 5.15 pm

Sept 11: 12 pm to 9 pm
The last ticket is sold at 8.15 pm

Thanksgiving, Nov 22: 9 am to 9 pm
The last ticket is sold at 8.15 pm

Black Friday, Nov 23: 9 am to 9 pm
The last ticket is sold at 8.15 pm

Christmas Eve, Dec 24: 9 am to 7 pm
The last ticket is sold at 6.15 pm

Christmas Day, Dec 25: 9 am to 9 pm
The last ticket is sold at 8.15 pm

New Year’s Eve, Dec 31: 9 am to 7 pm
The last ticket is sold at 6.15 pm

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Best time to visit One World Observatory

One World Observatory entrance
One World Observatory entrance

If you want to avoid the crowd, the best time to visit One World Observatory is between 8 am to 10 am.

In the morning, it is difficult to take pictures of the eastern side of the building, i.e. Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn North.

At noon, the sun is at its peak, and it is the best time to take pictures from all sides of the Observatory.

If you are interested in photography, we recommend you plan your trip in such a way that at 12 noon you are in the Observatory.

However, if you want to enjoy both day and night experience, the best time to reach One World is 5 pm.

You can see the sunset in New York and then hang around long enough for the lights to come up.

It is best to book an hour earlier and give yourself enough time to reach the top of the observation area.

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One World Observatory discounts

There are many types of tickets you can buy at One World Observatory.

On all these tickets, kids below 5 years of age get a 100% discount.

However, when it comes to seniors and senior kids, discounts are available only on One World Observatory’s Standard Reserved Ticket.

A Standard Reserve adult ticket for OWO costs 37 USD.

Kids aged 6 to 12 years get a 6.6 USD discount and senior citizens (65+ years) get a 1 dollar discount on the full ticket price.

None of the other One World Observatory ticket offer discounts for seniors and youth.

Traveling with kids? Go ahead and book the standard tickets

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One World Observatory tickets

One World Observatory has six different tickets you can choose from.

Out of these six, we have picked out the top three experiences.

These One World Observatory online tickets get delivered to your inbox the moment you purchase.

On the day of your visit, just show the ticket at the entrance, on your smartphone and walk in. There is no need to take printouts!

Note: All these tickets allow kids under 6 to get in for free. But they need a ticket, which you can get from the guest service desk at One World building. 

1. Standard Reserve Tickets

This is a timed ticket (you need to select a time while booking it).

With this ticket, you to get skip-the-line at the entrance and save yourself a lot of waiting time.

Since this is the most value-for-money One World ticket, it sells the most.

It gives you access to all 3 floors of One World Observatory – Levels 100, 101, and 102.

Ticket price

Adult ticket (13 to 64 years): 37 USD
Youth ticket (6 to 12 years): 30.50 USD
Seniors ticket (65+ years): 35 USD
Child ticket (0 to 5 years): Free entry

Buy This Ticket

2. Priority Reserved Tickets

With this ticket, besides skipping the line at the ticketing counter, you can also fast-track through the security check.

You can visit all the observatory floors – levels 100, 101 and 102.

These tickets are also known as ‘combination package’ because it includes the ‘One World Explorer – virtual iPad guide’, which is worth 15 USD.

‘One World Explorer iPad’ experience makes the high price of this ticket, well worth it. Learn more about ‘Explorer iPad’

Ticket price

Adult ticket (6 years and above): 48 USD
Child ticket (0 to 5 years): Free entry

Buy This Ticket

3. ‘Drink in the View’ One World Observatory tickets

Besides everything you get for the Standard Reserve Ticket (at USD 34), with the ‘Drink in the View’ ticket you also get two complimentary drinks.

You can choose between Beer, Wine or Prosecco (Italian White Wine).

This ticket can only be bought for/by patrons 21 years and older. You will be requested to show your ID at the entrance.

You can upgrade your experience on the ticket booking page, by adding the ‘One World Explorer iPad.’

If you are a couple out to have some good quality fun, we highly recommend this One World Observatory ticket.

Ticket price

Adult ticket (21+ years, WITHOUT iPad Explorer): 62 USD
Adult ticket (21+ years, WITH iPad Explorer): 77 USD

Buy This Ticket

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One World Observatory combo tours

There are a couple of reasons why combo tours are popular among tourists planning to visit One World Observatory.

1. OWO tickets tend to be costly, and combo tours are a great way to save up to 15% on your ticket money.

2. Because One World Observatory can be explored in 1-2 hours, tourists are in search of one more activity or attraction which can be experienced the same day.

We present below the best combination tickets which also include a visit to One World’s observation deck.

Click on the links below to know more about the tours.

>> 9/11 Memorial Museum + One World Observatory

>> New York City tour + One World Observatory

>> One World Observatory + Statue of Liberty

>> Guided New York City walking tour + One World Observatory

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One World Observatory with New York Pass

One question frequently asked by tourists planning their visit to One World Observatory is: “Is One World Observatory included in the New York Pass?”

It should have been. But unfortunately, the answer to that question is “No!”

One World Observation deck on top of the Freedom Tower is NOT included in the New York City Pass or The Explorer Pass.

However, 80+ other New York attractions can be accessed for free or at a discount if you buy this one Pass.

Buy New York Explorer Pass

One World Observatory with Sightseeing Flex Pass

Fortunately, for tourists who believe in Discount cards, there is hope.

The NYC Sightseeing Pass is the only pass that includes free admission to One World Observatory.

All you have to do is walk up to One World Observatory, present your NYC Sightseeing Pass and walk in for free.

Buy NYC Sightseeing Pass

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One World’s ‘Explorer iPad’ experience

If you can afford it, we recommend you opt for the ‘Explorer iPad’ experience.

Don’t believe us? Check out this Tripadvisor review

With the Explorer iPad in your hand, when you stand atop the Observatory, you get to know the New York skyline better.

How does it work?

When you look at the NYC skyline through the iPad Explorer, you see labels against prominent buildings – 40 of them in total.

When you touch a label, you are flown to the building/site by helicopter.

Once up close, you get to see an exciting video and hear engaging stories about the building/site.

One World’s Explorer iPad experience is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Hindi.

Check out this short video to understand how this interactive tour of New York works.

Saw the video? Now check out the tickets section

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Best observation deck in New York?

New York City has some of the finest observational decks in the World.

The top three are – One World Observatory, Empire State Building and Top of the Rock.

This puts tourists in New York in a state of dilemma.

Two of the comparisons which come up often are:

1. One World vs Empire State Building
2. One World vs Top of The Rock

We will try to help answer the question, “Which is the best observatory in New York City?”

New York Skyline
New York Skyline

One World Observatory vs Empire State Building

There is no doubt that One World Observatory is a better deal than the Empire State Building.

Though the tickets to the Empire State Building are a bit cheaper than One World Observatory, it is worth paying a bit extra.

In the southern part of Manhattan, One World Observatory has excellent views of the Financial District below, the Hudson River and the East River and the northeastern New Jersey (including Lady Liberty).

At One World, the Sky Pod elevator with a digital time-lapse that highlights 5 centuries of New York City’s evolving landscape is absolutely breathtaking.

Seeing Forever Theatre™, an audio-visual experience that explores NYC’s skyline is another perk here.

At the Empire State building, there is nothing like One World’s Explorer iPad to improve how you enjoy the New York skyline.

What’s more – from the One World Observatory, you can see the Empire State Building as well.

OWTC is completely enclosed whereas the Empire State Building has both open air and enclosed observation decks.

Our vote goes to One World Observatory.

Buy One World Observatory tickets

These are the most value-for-money and most selling One World Observatory tickets.

Or if you still prefer the Empire State Building’s observation deck –

Buy Empire State Building tickets

One World Observatory vs Top of The Rock

From Top of the Rock, you enjoy a view of the classic Empire State Building set against the Manhattan skyline.

From the Rock, you also have a relatively unobstructed view of Central Park, which is not available with any other observation deck.

It also offers excellent views of Chrysler Building, One World Trade Center, Bank of America Tower, Flatiron Building, Brooklyn Bridge, and the surrounding buildings in Midtown Manhattan and more.

This is why we conclude that both Top of the Rock and One World Observatory are on par.

You can choose any one and yet walk out of the building fully satisfied with your observational deck experience in New York.

Just that One World Observatory ticket prices are cheaper – so you save some money.

Buy One World Observatory tickets

Or if you want to give Top of the Rock a try, book your visit now –

Buy Top of the Rock tickets

Tip: Entry to Top of the Rock is included for free with City Pass, the Explorer Pass, and the New York Pass. Check out the New York Passes

Recommended Reading: Chicago Skydeck

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One World Observatory review

Many reviews on Tripadvisor suggest that tourists who want to experience New York City from a high should look no further than the One World Observatory.

The reviewers were especially thrilled by One World Trade Center’s high-speed elevator which shoots visitors straight to the three-story observatory in just 47 seconds.

Many tourists who gave positive reviews mentioned the impressive time-lapse technology in the elevators, showcasing NYC’s transformation over the last 500 years, on immersive floor-to-ceiling screens.

At the top, spectacular 360-degree views of New York City’s waterways, iconic skyline, and renowned landmarks also found mention.

The reviews on Yelp and Tripadvisor also mentioned the installations which allow visitors to zero in on various neighbourhoods and check out real-time footage of streets far below.

These were especially popular among families with kids.

The reviewers also mention that the OWO also provided an emotional connection, something the other observatories in NYC can’t.

After all, One World Observatory is built on the very spot where the twin towers once stood.

Buy one discount Pass and save up to 40% on ticket costs during your New York holiday. Know more about New York Explorer Pass

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One World Observatory at night

One World Observatory’s night view is a must.

The best way to enjoy the night view One World offers is to reach during sunset and stay till the skyline lights up.

However, not everybody has that luxury of time.

In case you land up after all lights are on, be aware that at night it is difficult to identify the buildings which form NYC’s skyline.

However, the crowd is less during night time, making it seem like a private preview of the city of New York.

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One World FAQs

1. Is a photo ID required with an online ticket?

The One World Observatory does not check an ID proof for entry.

After booking your tickets online, you only have to show the printed voucher.

However, to be on a safer side, we recommend keeping one handy.

2. Is getting VIP entry worth the extra money? Will it save us the waiting time?

In our opinion, going in with a pre-booked online ticket is safer.

However, if it is a crowded day, you can always upgrade your ticket once you reach the venue.

Another trick to have an intimate visit is to be there by early morning.

3. If we already have the ticket, how much time before we need to be there?

On your lucky day, you can turn up at last minute and go straight in.

But every day is not a lucky day so, a good 30 minutes buffer is recommended.

4. Is the iPad Explorer worth it? Should we buy it?

New in the city and want to know every building? Go for the iPad explorer to answer all your questions.

A small amount might give you an out of the world informative experience.

But, you are here just for the view? Then you can skip the hassle of a tablet and enjoy the skyline of a Manhattan and beyond.

5. Is it worth it to pay the extra for the priority admission, so you skip the long lines? We will be going in the summer.

Who likes long lines anyway? Save yourself the waiting time and headache of lining up early.

It is better to go for priority admission in advance.

One World Observatory restaurants

Dining at the top of the World is an experience of its kind.

One Dine – highest in the USA

One Dine, the highest restaurant in the United States, is accessible only to One World Observatory ticket holders and requires reservations.

The 101st-floor fine dining establishment serves a seasonal menu and offers craft beer, wine, and cocktails overlooking the main observation floor.

Hours: Nov 17 – Jan 7: 9 am – 9 pm, May 5 – Sept 4: 9 am – 10 pm. Last entry one hour before closing.

One Mix – for a spontaneous stop

For small plates and drinks, head to One Mix.

Besides the drinks, guests can enjoy shareable plates as well as thoughtfully sourced and crafted selections of burgers, sandwiches, seasonal salads, and bar snacks.

Guests are accommodated on a walk-in basis. Reservations are not required.

Hours: Daily between 11 am-9 pm

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