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One World Observatory tickets – price, discount, reviews

One World Observatory tickets

One World Trade Center, also known as ‘Freedom Tower’, is the main building of the rebuilt World Trade Center Complex in Lower Manhattan, New York City.

However, the attraction that tourists visit is the observational deck called ‘One World Observatory’.

Location of One World Observatory

One World Trade Center,
285 Fulton St. 45 fl. Street F,
Manhattan, NY 10007.
Phone: (844) 696-1776

Here are the topics we cover in this article –

1. One World Observatory tickets
2. One World Observatory discounts
3. One World Observatory with New York Pass
4. One World Observatory with Sightseeing Flex Pass
5. Which is the best Observation Deck in NYC?
6. One World Observatory review
7. One World Observatory at night
8. One World Observatory restaurants

One World Observatory tickets

Popular observation platform One World Observatory has six different tickets you can choose from. Out of these six, we have picked out the best four experiences.

Whichever OWO ticket you buy, please ensure you are available at this New York attraction 15 minutes before your before your scheduled time.

Late arrivals will be accommodated based on capacity. If you miss your time slot, you may have to wait until the next open timeslot.

All these tickets allow kids under 6 to get in for free. But they need a ticket, which you can get from the guest service desk on the lower level security.

1. Standard Reserve Tickets

– Skip-the-line access at the entrance

– Access to all 3 floors of One World Observatory – Levels 100, 101, and 102

– Access to casual cafes and fine-dining at ONE restaurant

– Arrival via The Sky Pod elevators, among the fastest in the world

– An exciting New York City film presentation in the SEE FOREVER Theater

– Special features including City Pulse and Sky Portal

– iPad experience One World Explorer (if chosen while booking the ticket)

This One World Observatory ticket’s price is USD 34 for visitors between 13 to 64 years of age.

Youth (6 to 12 years) get in for a discounted ticket costing USD 30.49.

Senior citizens get a 2 dollar discount and their ticket price is USD 32.

Our Verdict: This is the most value-for-money ticket. Go for it!

Buy TicketsBuy Standard Reserve Tickets

2. Priority Reserved Tickets

– Enter through priority access security lane – the fastest

– Access to all amenities including See Forever Theatre, Sky Portal, and City Pulse.

– Arrival is done via Sky Pod elevators and the option to express elevator loading area.

– You also get a chance to visit all the observatory floors – levels 100, 101 and 102

– Food options are the same as the standard ticket.

– Upgrade to ‘One World Explorer iPad’ experience (watch the video below) by paying an additional USD 16.33.

This One World Observatory ticket’s price is USD 60.97 for all visitors above five years of age. There are no special discounts for youth or senior citizens.

Our Verdict: If you can afford it, we suggest you go for it. The Explorer iPad experience will make the extra money worth it.

Buy TicketsBuy Priority Reserved Tickets

3. Priority Anytime Tickets

– Visit OWO on any date and time of your choosing

– Entry through the Priority Access security lane

– Use of the SkyPod elevators

– Access to all Observatory floors – levels 100, 101 and 102

– Access to the Sky Portal, See Forever Theater and City Pulse

– One World Explorer iPad experience (if you opt to upgrade)

If you buy this ticket, do remember to check for a change in timings (if any) before your visit.

This One World Observatory ticket’s price is USD 72.95. This one price applies to everybody above five years of age.

Our verdict: We couldn’t figure out why anyone would want the luxury of buying a ticket, with a six months validity. We feel if you plan just a month or two ahead, you should be able to get One World Observatory tickets for your preferred time and date.

Buy TicketsBuy Priority Anytime Tickets

4. ‘Drink in the View’ One World Observatory tickets

Besides everything you get for the Standard Reserve Ticket (at USD 34), with the ‘Drink in the View’ ticket you also get two complimentary drinks.

You can choose between Beer, Wine or Prosecco (Italian White Wine).

This ticket can only be bought for/by patrons 21 years and older. You will be requested to show your ID at the entrance.

The bar’s last call is 45 minutes before closing. And drink vouchers cannot be redeemed after that.

This One World Observatory ticket’s price is USD 67.50.

If you upgrade your experience by adding the ‘One World Explorer iPad’ to your cart while making the purchase, the total cost of your ticket becomes USD 82.50 per person.

Our verdict: If you are a couple out to have some good quality fun, we highly recommend this One World Observatory ticket.

Buy TicketsBuy ‘Drink In The View’ Tickets

Note: Once you purchase these online tickets, they are instantly delivered to your inbox. On the day of your visit, just show your smartphone at the entrance and walk in.

One World Observatory discounts

One World Observatory tickets are available at a discount for seniors and kids.

The Standard Reserved Ticket costs USD 32 for senior citizens (65+), USD 28 for Youth (6-12), and is free for children (5 and under).

None of the other OWO ticket options offer discounts for seniors and Youth.

However, kids below 5 years of age continue to walk in free with all other One World Observatory deck tickets you may purchase.

One World Observatory with New York Pass

One question asked frequently by tourists planning their visit to One World Observatory is: “Is One World Observatory included in the New York Pass?”

It should have been. But unfortunately, the answer to that question is “No!”

In fact, this Observation deck on top of the Freedom Tower is NOT included in the New York City Pass or The Explorer Pass as well.

Find out what is included in New York City Pass and in New York Explorer Pass.

One World Observatory with Sightseeing Flex Pass

Fortunately, for tourists who believe in Discount cards, there is hope.

The NYC Sightseeing Pass is the only pass that includes admission to One World Observatory.

Once you have bought the NYC Sightseeing Pass, present it at the entrance of OWO for a free entry.

Find out what other New York attractions are included with NYC Sightseeing Pass.

Which is the best Observation Deck in NYC?

New York City has some of the finest Observational decks in the World.

The top three are – One World Observatory, Empire State Building and Top of the Rock.

This puts tourists in New York in a state of dilemma. The question is always: “which is the best observatory in New York city?”

One World Observatory vs Empire State Building

Empire State building

Observatories:  80th and 86th floors (or upgrade to the 102nd floor)

Location:  Midtown Manhattan — entrance on Fifth Avenue between 33rd & 34th Streets

Hours:  8:00 am – 2:00 am — 365 days/year
(last elevator 1:15 am)

General Admission – Adults USD 34
Children (6-12) USD 27
Seniors (62+) USD 31

Accessible:  Yes, fully.

The Empire State building boasts of a history that stretches from the mid-1920s.

The main deck of the Empire State Building is on the 86th floor and provides perfect views of The Central Park, The Hudson and The East Rivers, The Brooklyn Bridge and The Times Square, The Statue of Liberty, as well as other wealth of attractions in Midtown Manhattan below.

There are two viewing platforms: the more popular and cheaper one is on the 86th Floor and the more private and expensive one is on the 102nd Floor.

When you enter the lobby from 5th Avenue, take a moment to take in the beautiful Art Deco design made from imported marble from Germany, France, Belgium, and Italy.

If you already purchased your tickets, you can take the elevator up right away. If you have not, take the escalator on your right side up to the ticket booths.

Once you get the tickets you walk through a few featured exhibitions and then take the first elevators to the 80th Floor. The elevator ride will take 60 seconds.

To avoid standing in line for the second elevator again, you can walk up the 6 flights of stairs and get your day’s workout done.

Twilight is a popular time of the day to come up and see the city, which means waiting times are a bit longer. To avoid the crowds come between 8 am – 11 am.

Entry to the Empire State Building is included for free with City Pass, the Explorer Pass, and the New York Pass.

You will encounter many street sales agents when you approach the entrance to the Empire State Building.

Be aware that they are not employed by the Empire State Building Observatory. You must purchase your tickets inside the Empire State Building.

The best option, however, is to purchase your Empire State Building tickets online. You can skip the line, and have a much hassle-free experience.

One World Observatory (The Freedom Tower)

Hours: OWO is open 7 days a week. Summer hours are 9 am to midnight. After Labor Day, the hours change to 9 am-8 pm. One World Observatory hours in detail

Last tickets are sold 45 minutes before closing.

Location: At 285 Fulton Street. Guests enter from West Street. Nearest subway is the N and R trains to Cortland St, 2 and 3 trains to Park Pl, and 4 and 5 trains to Fulton St.


Adults: USD 34

Seniors (62+ years of age): USD 32

Youth (6-12 years): USD 28

Kids (below 5 years): Free entry

One World Trade Center is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere and is the 4th tallest in the World.

One World Observatory is much newer but it has a history of its own because of its ties to the terror attacks of 9/11.

The Observation Deck was created as part of the reconstruction efforts in the wake of this tragic devastation of the World Trade Center.

Besides the historic exhibits and the Observation Deck itself, the building also serves as a primary commercial site.

The main observatory on the 100th floor allows guests to have an incredible, 360-degree view of the city.

For many, however, the highlight is the Sky Portal. This 14-foot wide disc shows real-time video footage of the streets directly below the observatory

One World Trade Center Observatory also offers Priority Admission, Day Flex, and Weekend Flex tickets which enable expedited entry or flexible admission times.

Costs for these premium tickets range from USD 54 to USD 90 per person.

One World Observatory or Empire State Building – which NYC Observatory is better?

There is no doubt that One World Observatory is a better deal than the Empire State Building.

Though the tickets to the Empire State Building are a bit cheaper than One World Observatory it is worth paying a bit extra.

In the southern part of Manhattan, One World Observatory has excellent views of the Financial District below, the Hudson

River and the East River and the northeastern New Jersey (including Lady Liberty).

A Sky Pod elevator with a digital time-lapse that highlights 5 centuries of New York City’s evolving landscape is absolutely breathtaking.

Seeing Forever Theatre™, an audio-visual experience that explores NYC’s skyline is another perk here.

And from One World Observatory, you can see the Empire State Building.

OWTC is completely enclosed whereas the Empire State Building has both open air and enclosed observation decks.

Buy TicketsBuy ‘Standard Reserve’ Tickets

These are the most value-for-money and most selling One World Observatory tickets.

One World Observatory vs Top of The Rock

Top of The Rock

Hours: Top of the Rock is open every day from 8 am until midnight.  The last elevator goes up at 11 pm.

Tip: Because your entry is timed, try to go a little before sunset.  That way you can get day and night views on one trip.

Location: The closest subway is the B, D, F and M trains to 47-50 St, Rockefeller Center.  The main entrance to Top of the

Rock is on 50th Street in between 5th and 6th Avenues.


Adults: USD 36

Seniors (62+ years of age): USD 34

Children (age 6-12): USD 30

Children (5 and below): Free entry

Top of the Rock is located 850 feet (259 meters) above street level and has been offering stunning panoramas of the city since 1933.

This beautiful Art-Deco complex was built in the 1930s by John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

For one, Top of the Rock allows you to enjoy a view of the Empire State Building set against the Manhattan skyline — something that is obviously missed when standing atop the Empire State Building.

You also have a relatively unobstructed view of Central Park, a view not available with the other decks.

Additionally, you purchase tickets for a specific time slot at Top of the Rock. This keeps the crowd under control and cuts down on a lot of time spent waiting in line.

It also makes it a little easier to plan the rest of your day for other New York attractions.

The observation deck is indoor/outdoor, so it’s a good choice for pretty much any time of year.

It also offers great views of Empire State Building (looking south), Chrysler Building, One World Trade Center, Central Park, Bank of America Tower, Flatiron Building, Brooklyn Bridge, surrounding buildings in Midtown Manhattan and more.

Entry to Top of the Rock is included for free with City Pass, the Explorer Pass, and the New York Pass.

Top of the Rock or One World Observatory – which is better?

We would say, both are on par.

You can choose any one and yet walk out of the building fully satisfied with your observational deck experience in New York.

Just that One World Observatory ticket prices are cheaper – so you save some money.

One World Observatory review

Many reviews on Tripadvisor suggest that tourists who want to experience New York City from a high should look no further than the One World Observatory.

The reviewers were especially thrilled by One World Trade Center’s high-speed elevator which shoots visitors straight to the three-story observatory in just 47 seconds.

Many tourists who gave positive reviews mentioned the impressive time-lapse technology in the elevators, showcasing NYC’s transformation over the last 500 years, on immersive floor-to-ceiling screens.

At the top, spectacular 360-degree views of New York City’s waterways, iconic skyline, and renowned landmarks also found mention.

The reviews on Yelp and Tripadvisor also mentioned the installations which allow visitors to zero in on various neighborhoods and check out real-time footage of streets far below. These were especially popular among families with kids.

The reviewers also mention that the OWO also provided an emotional connection, something the other observatories in NYC can’t. After all, One World Observatory is built on the very spot where the twin towers once stood.

One World Observatory at night

One World Observatory’s night view is a must.

Though the view is a bit unclear at night, all the lights make it worthwhile. The crowd is also a bit less during night time, making it seem like a private preview of the city of New York.

If you land up in the late afternoon, no harm staying there till the lights go up. Check out the Empire State Building at night

One World Observatory restaurants

Dining at the top of the World is an experience of its kind.

One Dine – highest in the USA

One Dine, the highest restaurant in the United States, is accessible only to One World Observatory ticket holders and requires reservations.

The 101st-floor fine dining establishment serves a seasonal menu and offers craft beer, wine, and cocktails overlooking the main observation floor.

Address: 285 Fulton Street, New York City, New York 10006, USA

Hours: Nov 17 – Jan 7: 9 am – 9 pm, May 5 – Sept 4: 9 am – 10 pm. Last entry one hour before closing.

Admission: Adults USD 36

One Mix – for a spontaneous stop

For small plates and drinks, head to One Mix.

Guests can enjoy shareable plates as well as thoughtfully sourced and crafted selections of burgers, sandwiches, seasonal salads, and bar snacks.

Specialty cocktails, microbrews, and wines by the glass highlighting local distilleries, breweries, and wineries are served in a casual atmosphere.

Guests are accommodated on a walk-in basis. Reservations are not required.

Hours: Daily between 11 am-9 pm

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