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Visit Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York – tickets, price, guided tours

Metropolitan Museum of art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York City, generally called “the Met”, is the largest art museum in the United States.

Over 5,000 years’ worth of Art is displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art belonging to a variety of cultures and time periods.

MET Museum opened to the public in 1880 and since then has grown to cover a space of more than two million square feet.

In this article, we cover everything you need to know before visiting the MET Museum in New York.

1. MET hours
2. Best time to visit
3. MET Museum tickets
4. Ticket inclusions
5. MET guided tours
6. Visiting MET with City Passes
7. Audio guide
8. Must see masterpieces
9. MET Museum for kids
10. Parking at MET, New York

Metropolitan Museum of Art Location

The official address for the MET Museum:
1000 5th Avenue,
New York, NY 10028, USA.
Phone: 212-535-7710

Directions to MET Museum (Google Maps)

Metropolitan Museum of Art hours

MET Museum is open all the days of the week

Monday – Thursday: 10 am to 5:30 pm

On Friday and Saturday, they open at the same time – 10 am, but stretch their closing time to 9 pm to encourage more tourists.

Metropolitan Museum of Art hours on Sunday

The MET Museum, which is also known as Met Fifth Avenue, is also open on Sundays.

Sunday timings: 10 AM to 5:30 PM

When is MET Museum closed?

This New York Museum is closed on the following special days.

– Thanksgiving Day
– Christmas (December 25)
– New Year (January 1)
– First Monday of May

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Best months to visit MET Museum

The best month for visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art is from the month of May to late October.

Weather around this time is pleasant, allowing you to visit the Roof Garden Café and Martini Bar, located on the 5th floor of the MET Museum.

The top floor provides an astonishing view overlooking the entire Manhattan and its star tourist spot, the Central Park.

From a waiting time perspective, the least crowded months are February and September.

Best time to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The MET Museum is one of the star attractions of New York City and that’s why it is almost always crowded.

Despite the crowd, you won’t feel rushed because of the massive space this Art Museum occupies.

If you still wish to look at the art with some quiet and peace, then try going around the weekdays.

Another tip to avoid the crowd is to go there early in the morning.

A lot of tourists also feel that the best time to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art is around 4-5 pm on Friday or Saturday. Majority of the visitors are done with their museum visit by then and you get 4-5 hours of MET Museum time.

During school and public holidays, New York parents visit MET Museum with their kids. This almost doubles the number of visitors on holidays – so stay away.

If you are in New York this Museum is a must visit. It is one of the few attractions Worldwide to have a Tripadvisor rating of five.

Survival Tip: There is always a waiting time in the tickets queue. Depending on the time and day, it can range from 20 minutes to an hour. That’s why we always recommend that you buy online Skip the Line tickets.

New York City Explorer Pass

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MET Museum tickets

The Admission ticket price at MET Museum is different for New Yorkers and non-New Yorkers.

For visitors from outside New York State

Metropolitan Museum of Art ticket price for general admission is $25 for adults, $17 for seniors (above 65 years of age), and $12 for students (with valid ID).

Kids 12 years and under enter the Met Museum for free.

These General admission tickets include exhibitions and are valid for three consecutive days at The Met Fifth Avenue, The Met Breuer, and The Met Cloisters.

MET’s ‘Pay as You Wish’ for New Yorkers

For New York State residents as well as New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut students, the amount you pay is up to you.

The tickets for The Met Fifth Avenue can be bought online or at the Museum admissions desk with a valid ID.

You can submit the following for residency verification:

– New York State driver’s license
– New York State identification card
– Current bill or statement with a New York State address
– Student ID
– New York library card

What is included in the MET Museum ticket?

You can visit all 3 locations of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art – The Met Fifth Avenue, The Met Breuer, and The Met Cloisters locations – with this MET ticket.

It is eligible for three consecutive days.

While booking your ticket, you have the option of selecting the ‘With Multi-lingual Audio Headset’ which costs $7 extra, but is worth the investment.

The audio guide helps you go on a self-guided tour of the largest collection of art in the World. It recommends popular stops throughout the main MET Museum and The Cloisters in 10 languages.

If you are traveling with kids, this audio guide comes in handy for it has an interesting kid tour as well.

Note: Cameras aren’t allowed inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Buy TicketsBuy ‘Skip The Line’ MET Museum tickets

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Met Museum guided tours

There are all kinds of guided tours of the Metropolitan Museum of Art to suit the tastes of tourists.

Here is our pick of the three best tours –

1. Best of Metropolitan Museum of Art guided tour tickets

This is a skip the line, 2-hour long tour hosted by an English-speaking guide.

If you are the kind that tends to get lost in Museums, and if you are the kind that prefers the highlights, this tour is just perfect for you.

In two hours, the expert guide takes you around the Must-Sees of the MET Museum.

The price of this MET Museum tour is $42 for adults, and $34 for children between the ages 4 to 11 years. Kids 3 years and below join the group tour for free.

For a more intimate experience, the groups are never more than 15 tourists.

If you are traveling between May-October, at the end of this tour you can also enjoy the rooftop garden of the museum and the views of New York from there.

Buy TicketsBest of the Metropolitan Museum guided tour tickets

2. Three hours guided tour of MET Museum

This is a skip the line guided tour is for those who love art more than the others.

You will be part of a small group, the guide will be handling.

The 3-hour duration will ensure you get the maximum out of your guide during your guided tour of Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This tour helps you discover art from 5 continents, and in the end get panoramic views of Central Park (and rest of New York) from an exclusive VIP rooftop garden.

A full adult pays the tour price of $49 while a child between 4 and 11 years pays a slightly discounted rate of $39. Kids three years and below walk in free.

Buy Tickets3-hour Metropolitan Museum guided tour

3. Skip the Line Guided MET Museum tour tickets

This is a two and a half hours long English tour. Post the tour, you can continue to hang around in the Museum for as long as you want.

This Skip The Line guided tour ticket comes in two flavors – the private and the semi-private tours.

Private tour: With this tour option, you have the guide to yourself.

The tour ticket price for an adult is $189 and for kids aged 10 to 17 years, it is $75. Children younger than nine years pay a discounted price of $59 for this guided tour.

The time slots you can choose from are: 10.30 am, 1.30 pm, and 6 pm.

Semi-Private tour: If you opt for this guided MET Museum tour option, you will share your guide with 6 to 8 other tourists.

This tour needs a minimum of two tourists to start.

The ticket price for this tour is cheaper – the full adult price is $99 per person, while the youth (10-17 years of age) pay $75 and the younger kids pay $59.

Once you reach the tour booking page, you must choose between a private or semi-private tour.

Buy TicketsMET Museum guided tour tickets

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Metropolitan Museum of Art with City Passes

There are four good New York City Passes which help you explore the MET Museum for free. Check them out –

1. New York City Pass

The City Pass is a booklet of 6 tickets that will give you admission in some top attractions of NYC.

The booklet costs $126 for adults and $104 for children (ages 6 – 17). And the booklet is eligible for 9 consecutive days (from the first day of use).

Most of the tickets are skip the line, so you save time besides saving money.

Along with some of the best New York attractions, The Metropolitan Museum of Art is also covered by the New York City Pass.

>> Buy New York City Pass

2. The New York Pass

The New York Pass can be used at 80 different attractions of New York City and can be bought as a 1 to 7 or a 10-day pass.

The Pass comes with a travel booklet available in English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, and Portuguese.

The minimum 1 day New York Pass costs $127 for adults and $94 for children (4 – 12).

MET Fifth Avenue is also covered by the New York Pass, which means you can enter it for free.

Note: Prices vary for the passes as you increase the day count.

>> Buy New York Pass

3. New York Explorer Pass

The New York Explorer Pass is swiped at each attraction you visit but it doesn’t charge on a per day basis.

You can pick a finite number of attractions (from 3 to 11) that you plan to visit from a total of 80 attractions and tours.

You don’t have to select the attractions you want to visit beforehand and you will be provided with sample itineraries so you can make the most of your pass.

The Pass will become active from the first day of use and will be eligible for 30 days. You can also skip lines at certain attractions with this Pass.

The minimum 3-attraction New York Explorer Pass costs $89 for adults and $67 for children (4 – 12).

The maximum 11-attraction NYE Pass costs $219 for adults and $169 for children aged between 4 to 12 years.

Yet again, the MET Museum is covered in this pass.

>> Buy New York Explorer Pass

4. New York Sightseeing Pass

The Sightseeing Pass is a credit card like Pass that allows you to visit over 90 attractions, tours, and cruises and it can be bought as a 1 to 7 or a 10-day pass.

Passes are also offered the basis of attractions instead of days and best of all, the MET Museum is covered.

This New York Sightseeing pass includes a meal (lunch or dinner) and discounts at various shops like B&H Photo, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, etc.

You can either print the pass or click a screenshot of the QR code of the ticket and use it directly from your mobile.

The minimum 1-day pass costs $129 for adults and $89 for kids aged 4 to 12 years.

>> Buy New York Sightseeing Pass

Note: This is the only New York pass that includes One World Observatory as an attraction.

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Metropolitan Museum of Art audio guide

The Audio Guide includes more than 3,000 recordings and is a great tool to explore the MET Museum.

Using the audio guide, visitors can explore highlights of The Met collection in ten languages – English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

How to rent the MET Museum audio guide?

While booking your ticket online, you can add the ‘audio guide’ as well – that’s the easiest approach.

Else, audio guide players are available at the entrance to any of The Met’s three locations (The Met Fifth Avenue, The Met Cloisters, and The Met Breuer), and at selected exhibitions.

Rental includes same-day use at all three locations.

The per person fee for this audio guide is – $7 for adults and $5 for children under 12 years of age.

Audio players come with volume control and headsets. Neck loops for hearing aids with T – switches are also available on request.

Transcripts in standard and large print are also available for selected tours.

Audio Guide players are $5 for all visitors after 5 pm on Friday and Saturday evenings.

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Must see at Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Washington Crossing the Delaware (1851), by Emanuel Leutze
The piece of art is considered a patriotic statement just like its subject matter. The artist depicts George Washington along with the Continental Army on Christmas Eve at 1776.

Self – Portrait with a Straw Hat (1887), by Vincent Van Gogh
This is one of the earliest Van Gogh self-portraits where he uses lighter colors and pointillist technique.

Madonna and Child (ca. 1290 – 1300), by Duccio di Buoninsegna
Duccio’s Madonna and Child, or Stoclet Madonna, has only been widely acknowledged as Duccio’s work for the past century and accessible to scholars for only half a century.

The Dance Class (1874), by Edgar Degas
Degas spent some precious time observing the ballerinas in their true form at the Paris Opera House during the 1870’s. The painting displays a group of ballerinas getting ready for a class with ballet master Jules Perrot.

Aristotle with a Bust of Homer (1653), by Rembrandt van Rijn
Rijn displays the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle wearing exotic clothes gold chain which was a present from his pupil. He has his hand resting on a bust of Homer.

Ugolino and His Sons (1865 – 67), by Jean – Baptiste Carpeaux
Carpeaux’s sculpture displays an incident from Canto XXXIII of Dante’s Inferno, where Count Ugolino with his sons and grandsons are left to starve to death in the tower of Pisa.

Relief Panel (ca. 883 – 859 BC)
This massive stone slab was a part of a wall panel form the northwest palace at Nimrud. The handcrafted lower half lists the military accomplishments of Assyrian King Ashurnasirpal II.

The Attitudes of Animals in Motion (1881), by Eadweard Muybridge
Muybridge wanted to record a galloping horse while wanting to determine whether all the four hooves could be off the ground at one point of time. While doing so, he created this piece of stop – action photography.

Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints (ca. 1504), by Raphael
The Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints are also known as Colonna Altarpiece and is currently the only altarpiece by Raphael in the United States.

The Temple of Dendur (10 BC)
This Egyptian temple was presented to the United States in 1965 after the Army Corps of Engineers saved it from raising the waters of Nile. The museum has a custom–built a gallery to display the temple.

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Metropolitan Museum of Art for kids

The MET has tons of activities to offer to kids and their families.

The MetKids special has been made for, with, and by kids.

Kids can discover fun facts about masterpieces at MET. They can also get onto the Met Fifth Avenue’s time machine, watch behind-the-scenes archived videos, and work on their own creative projects.

Activities for kids and families

Nolen Library
Nolen Library is open to all Museum visitors and welcomes readers of all ages to consult a wide range of materials about The Met’s collection, exhibitions, and the history of art.

Audio Guide for Kids
The Audio Guide for Kids features thirteen tours. These are just perfect for kids in the age bracket of 6–12. Artworks throughout all of the major areas of the Museum are included in these kids tours at MET Museum.

Children’s Classes
MET also organizes classes taught by professional educators and artists who use the whole Met Museum (from studios to galleries) as an expanded classroom.

Kids Concert at $1
The Metropolitan Museum of Art offers various concerts throughout the year with $1 ticket for kids (6 – 16). This offer can only be availed if the child is accompanied by an adult purchasing a full – price ticket.

Note: Only 3 children’s tickets are allowed on 1 paying adult’s ticket.

Parking at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Museum parking garage is located at Fifth Avenue and 80th Street and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Each day you have to pay by credit or debit card at the automated exit lane device and exit is between midnight and 6 am.

A parking discount is given to Museum Members and Patrons during Museum working hours.

There are designated spaces available in the parking garage for visitors with disabilities. The clearance is six feet, six inches (6′ 6″).

Alternate arrangements can be made in advance for visitors with disabilities traveling in oversized vehicles.

Bicycle racks are available inside the garage for use during regular Museum hours at the cost of $15 per day.


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