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Last minute Statue of Liberty Crown tickets

Statue of Liberty Crown visit

There are three types of Statue of Liberty tickets – the Crown tickets, the Pedestal tickets and the Reserve tickets.

To understand the access these three Statue of Liberty tickets provide, take a look at the illustration below.

Statue of Liberty Tickets
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In this article, we will try and provide all information on State of Liberty Crown access tickets, including last minute Crown tickets.

Statue of Liberty Crown tickets experience

We think the experience of Lady Liberty’s Crown tickets is over-hyped.

Especially considering the amount of trouble you will have to go through to first buy and then visit the Liberty Statue’s Crown.

For instance, did you know that Crown tickets of Statue of Liberty get booked 90-120 days in advance?

Did you know that you will undergo two security checks before you reach the Liberty Crown?

That you must climb up 393 steps in the heat (and climb down later) to reach the crown?

It is 20 degrees hotter inside the Statue because of the lack of air-conditioning.

Did you know that most people who go up the Statue of Liberty’s Crown miss out on the Ellis Immigration Museum, because the Liberty tour ends up taking a lot more time.

This is why we recommend either the Reserve tickets or the Pedestal tickets. Or better still a guided tour of Statue of Liberty, with an English speaking guide.

But you don’t have to take our word for it.

Continue reading the article, where we detail out every aspect of the Statue of Liberty Crown visit.

Cost of Statue of Liberty Crown tickets

Cost of a Statue of Liberty Crown ticket is the cost of the Reserve ticket + USD 3 for access to Liberty’s Crown.

A Statue of Liberty ticket which provides you access to the Statue’s Crown costs USD 21.5.

Tourists from 13 years to 61 years of age need to buy this adult Statue of Liberty ticket.

The discounted Crown ticket for kids 12 years and below costs USD 12.

Senior citizens who are 62 years of age and above also get a discounted rate of USD 17.

Restrictions on crown tickets of Statue of Liberty

However, there are a few things you should be aware of before deciding to spend money on Statue of Liberty Crown tour tickets –

1. A cardholder can only book a maximum of 4 tickets in a 6-month period

2. When you buy a Crown access Statue of Liberty ticket, you must mention the names of each visitor

3. The cardholder must be present to pick up tickets.

4. All ticket-holders must carry their Government-issued photo ID card during their Liberty visit (minors are excused).

5. The name provided while booking the Liberty Crown tour tickets and name on the Photo ID card must match.

6. Crown access tickets are non-transferrable.

Note: Do check if your child’s height is 4-feet and above before you book Crown tickets for them. Else, they can’t go up the Statue.


New York City Explorer Pass

Security for Crown ticket holders

There are two levels of screening that Crown ticket holders go through before they can climb up the Statue of Liberty and see outside from one of the 25 windows in the Crown.

The first level is called the Primary Security Screening and is done at both Battery Park in New York City or Liberty State Park in Jersey City – the ferry boarding points.

Because a huge crowd is being subjected to an intense security check, there can be long hours of waiting – especially during the peak seasonal months, weekends and holidays.

On weekends and holidays, this wait can go up to 90 minutes.

It is recommended that you factor in some time for security checks, which depend on the number of people you are traveling with.

There are no locker room facilities at the ferry boarding points, so please travel light.

Some of the items which you won’t be allowed to take on the ferry to Liberty Island are weapons, items which can harm others, drones, large suitcases or carry-on luggage etc.

This security check is applicable to all Statue of Liberty ticket holders.

The secondary security screening at Statue of Liberty is applicable only for Pedestal and Crown ticket holders.

This screening is like the security checks that happen at the airports.

In short, the Crown ticket holders undergo two security screenings.

Note: Crown Reserve ticket holders can only take one camera, one mobile phone, water in a plastic container and any medication if required. Everything else must be left in the lockers which are available at the rate of $2 for two hours. The cashier at the locker room accepts only cash.

Climbing Statue of Liberty

Climbing the Statue of Liberty is not for the faint-hearted.

If you have any of the following medical conditions, we suggest you don’t embark on this adventure.

1. Heart conditions
2. Respiratory conditions
3. Mobility impairment
4. Fear of confined spaces (Claustrophobia)
5. Dizziness (Vertigo)
6. Fear of heights (Acrophobia)

Temperature inside Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is not air-conditioned.

Thus, the temperatures can be 20 degrees higher than what is outside.

We highly recommend that those climbing the Liberty Statue drink water prior to the climb.

Don’t drink too much though, for there is no restroom inside the Statue of Liberty.

How many steps in Statue of Liberty?

Climbing the Statue of Liberty is equal to climbing a 27-story building.

There are 393 steps in total from the bottom to the Statue’s Crown.

231 of these steps take you half way – that is up to the pedestal of the Liberty Statue.

The other 162 narrow and tight steps take you from the top of the Statue’s Pedestal to the Statue’s Crown.

All crown visitors must be able to climb up and down the 393 steps without any issues.

Even though National Park Service Rangers will be available all through your climb, they can’t and won’t help you climb.

That’s why you should embark on this adventure only if you can climb the Statue of Liberty steps on your own.

The width of the last 162 steps to the Crown is 18 inches (45.75cm) and its head clearance is around 6 feet (1.8 meters).

Because of these dimensions, tourists who are massively built or are taller than six and a half feet may find the climb uncomfortable.

How to buy Statue of Liberty Crown tickets

Statue of Liberty Pedestal tickets and the Statue of Liberty Reserve tickets can be bought from many places.

However, for security reasons the Crown ticket has only one vendor – Statue Cruises. They hold exclusive rights to sell the Statue of Liberty Crown tickets.

Be aware, that Liberty Crown tickets cannot be purchased at the ticket offices in New York and New Jersey.

They can’t be purchased on Liberty Island as well.

During the peak summer months, approximately 500 Crown tickets are sold per day.

Since the Statue of Liberty Crown tickets are in high demand, we recommend the following purchase schedule –

Peak Months (April to September): Buy your Crown ticket 90-120 days in advance

Non-peak months (October to March): Buy your Crown ticket 75-90 days in advance

You can buy the Statue of Liberty Crown tickets up to six months ahead of time.

Each Crown ticket will include the ferry service to/from the landmark, the audio guide, and access to the Liberty and Ellis Island Museums.

However, these Crown tickets tend to vanish fast.

That’s why there is such a huge demand for last minute Liberty Crown tickets.


How to get last minute Crown tickets

There is no sure way to get last minute crown tickets, which give you access to the Crown of Statue of Liberty.

Crown tickets for early time slots are usually sold months in advance.

Crown tickets for post noon time slots get sold a little slower because of the heat one has to endure while climbing up and the possibility of missing Ellis Island Immigration Museum.

When Crown tickets booked months in advance gets canceled, the Crown Reserve Ticket becomes available for others.

This is your only chance to get hold of last minute crown tickets and climb up Lady Liberty.

Your chances of getting a last-minute Statue of Liberty Crown ticket depends on sheer luck and your overall vigilance.

You need to keep track of the availability of Crown Tickets in the Statue Cruises website.

The moment pre-booked Crown Reserve tickets get canceled, they are immediately put back on the website for tourists to buy.

That is how the last minute Crown tickets become available.

You need a predator’s instinct in order to wait and hunt for the last minute Crown Reserve Ticket.

Even then very rarely would you get the same day Crown Reserve ticket. It is almost next to impossible.

At most, you can manage the same week Crown Reserve ticket.

During a week-long New York City holiday if you constantly keep visiting Statue Cruises website you have a high chance of finding a last-minute Crown ticket.

Statue of Liberty Crown tickets resale

If someone asks you to buy their Crown tickets from them, don’t fall for the trick. You must not buy it on resale.

Crown access tickets are non-transferrable.

As mentioned earlier, while booking the Crown tickets names of all the visitors must be provided.

And on the day of your visit, you are expected to carry Photo ID cards for all visitors.

If the security folks, find a mismatch you will not be allowed to access Statue of Liberty.

Are Crown tickets worth it?

We feel Crown tickets aren’t worth all the trouble.

The two security checks, climbing up 393 steps in the heat (and climbing down later), the chance of missing out of Ellis Immigration Museum, the trouble in buying the Crown tickets etc are the many factors because of which we believe that Crown tickets aren’t worth it.

This is why we recommend either the Reserve tickets or the Pedestal tickets (the one where you go halfway up by elevators).

On the ticket booking page, you can choose your preferred option.

Buy TicketsBuy Statue of Liberty tickets 

If money isn’t an issue but experience matters, we highly recommend the guided tour of the Statue of Liberty. This is a 4-hour tour, where an English-speaking guide narrates stories and anecdotes even as they take you around Lady Liberty.

Buy TicketsBuy Guided tour of Statue of Liberty

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