La Pedrera and Casa Batllo tickets – price, discounts, tips

Casa Batllo and La Pedrera

More than 30 million tourists visit Barcelona every year.

Architect Antoni Gaudi’s masterpieces like Sagrada FamiliaPark GuellCasa BatlloCasa Mila (also known as La Pedrera) etc are high on the list for most visitors.

Tourists tend to combine two of these attractions in a single day. For instance, many are known to visit Sagrada Familia and Park Guell in one day.

Some others are known to combine their visit to La Pedrera and Casa Batllo.

And why not? After all they are barely 700 meters (2300 feet) from each other.

However, some tourists who are short on time or money end up asking La Pedrera or Casa Batllo?

We think both Casa Batllo and Casa Mila are Gaudi masterpieces which deserve visiting.

Continue reading to know more about La Pedrera and Casa Batllo tickets –

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Casa Batllo tickets

Casa Batllo offers six different experiences for tourists. That is, there are six different types of Casa Batllo tickets you can buy.

With each of these Casa Batllo tickets, you get an augmented reality video guide, which helps bring Casa Batllo to life.

When you buy Casa Batllo tickets online you save 4 Euros per ticket (because there is no window surcharge) and you also skip the queue at the ticketing office.

1. Casa Batllo ‘Skip The Line’ tickets

The Casa Batllo ‘Skip The Line’ ticket is also known as the ‘Fast Pass’ ticket because this allows you immediate access to Gaudi’s masterpiece. You don’t have to wait in a queue to get in.

If you book this ticket online, it costs 29.5 Euros per ticket and at the ticket office, it costs four Euros more.

Kids under 7 get in free as long as they are accompanied by a paying adult.

Buy TicketsCasa Batllo ‘Skip The Line’ tickets

On the ticket booking page, select the ‘Skip The Line’ option

2. Casa Batllo tickets without Fast Pass

When you buy this Casa Batllo ticket, you don’t get priority access. Which means you must wait in the line to get inside.

If you book this ticket online, it will cost you 24.5 Euros per ticket and at the ticket office, it costs 28.5 Euros.

If you don’t mind waiting in the queue for around 30 minutes, we recommend this option.

Buy Tickets‘Regular’ Casa Batllo tickets

3. ‘Be the first’ Casa Batllo ticket

This Casa Batllo ticket allows you to be the first to enter Casa Batllo for an exclusive peep into the design and architecture of Antoni Gaudi.

You must be at Casa Batllo by 8.30 in the morning.

The entrance for the regular crowd opens at 9 am, so you get half an hour of exclusive time inside Casa Batllo.

This ticket can only be bought online and costs 37 Euros.

This Casa Batllo ticket is best for professional photographers because they can get photos without other tourists in the frame.

Buy Tickets‘Be The First’ Casa Batllo ticket

4. Casa Batllo ‘Open Date’ tickets

Open Date tickets mean you can use them on any day you want within six months of purchasing the tickets.

This ticket costs 31.5 Euros and can only be bought online.

We don’t recommend this Casa Batllo ticket, but if you want to buy it Click Here.

5. Casa Batllo tickets for a theatrical visit

If you buy this ticket, Mr. Gaudi himself or Mrs. Ramoneta, the family’s maid, takes you on a theatrical tour of Casa Batllo.

The human guide who takes you around is dressed as one of the residents of the house 100 years back.

And shares interesting anecdotes, stories etc of the time when the Batllo family lived in the house.

This ticket is available for purchase only on Sundays.

If you have kids and are in Barcelona on a Sunday go for it. Kids below six years of age can enter for free. Check out the best things to do with kids in Barcelona.

The online ticket costs 37 Euros for everyone seven years and above. At the ticketing counter, this ticket costs 41 Euros.

Buy Tickets‘Theatrical visit’ Casa Batllo tickets

6. Tickets for Magic Night at Casa Batllo

Every year, from mid-June to September end Casa Batllo team organizes magic nights for Gaudi fans who are looking for unique experiences.

During these months, this special event is held from Wednesday to Saturday.

You can opt for only ‘Casa Batllo Magic Nights ticket’ or go for ‘Casa Batllo AND the Magic Night ticket’.

When you buy the Casa Batllo Magic Nights ticket you must reach the attraction by 9 pm. You will be immediately whisked away to Casa Batllo’s roof for your Magic Night, which includes live music and two free alcoholic drinks.

When you opt for the Casa Batllo AND the Magic Night ticket, you must be at the venue by 8 pm. The first one hour is spent exploring the interiors of Casa Batllo and at 9 pm you head for live music on the rooftop.

Visitors who are seven years and above must pay 39 Euros per head for booking this Casa Batllo experience online. At the ticketing counter, this ticket costs 43 Euros.

Kids below six years of age can enter for free.

Buy TicketsTickets to Casa Batllo Magical Nights


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La Pedrera tickets

Tickets for Casa Mila are available at the venue.

However, to avoid the risk of not getting a ticket – as they only sell a limited number of tickets in a day – we suggest buying the tickets online.

When you buy La Pedrera tickets online you save 3 Euros per ticket (because there is no window surcharge) and you also skip the queue at the ticketing office.

There are five different types of La Pedrera tickets, which we have explained below.

Except for the Night Show tour, all other La Pedrera tickets come with a free audio guide.

1. The Awakening of La Pedrera tickets

The ticket is best suited for those who get up early.

The tour starts at 8 am and includes access to the usual – the roof, the attic, the Gaudi Museum, the courtyard of the house etc.

You can buy the Awakening of La Pedrera tickets for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday only.

If you are a photographer, this is the best tour because you can take photos without people in your frame. Find out the best time to visit La Pedrera.

When you buy online, an adult ticket costs 39 Euros and at the ticketing counter it costs 42 Euros.

While kids from seven to twelve years of age must pay a discounted ticket price of 19.50 Euros for their online ticket.

Children six and below enter for free.

Buy Tickets‘The Awakening of La Pedrera’ tickets

2. La Pedrera by day – open date tickets

This La Pedrera ticket allows you to explore the Barcelona attraction whenever you want.

You can come in on whatever day you want, and whatever time you want and like a VIP you will be ushered in without having to wait. There is no queue, no waiting.

Open Date La Pedrera tickets are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

If you are buying online, the adult ticket costs 29 Euros (32 Euros at the ticket counter). Kids between seven to twelve get a discounted rate of 11 Euros (14 Euros at the ticketing counter).

Children six and below enter for free.

We don’t recommend this to our readers, but if you want to buy this La Pedrera ticket Click Here.

3. La Pedrera’s The Origins tickets (Night Show)

La Pedrera’s The Origins is a 20-minutes light-n-sound show which is both quaint and informative.

If you are traveling to Barcelona as a couple, this can be a perfect end to your romantic Spanish evening.

The audio-visual tour uses lights, colors, and projections and takes you through the 100 years of Casa Mila’s history.

At the end of the show, you will get a cup of Cava (Spanish Champagne) to bring you back to Earth.

The online ticket price for the Night show at La Pedrera is 34 Euros. Kids between seven to twelve pay a discounted price of 17 Euros per ticket.

If you decide to purchase this La Pedrera ticket at the venue, the price goes up to 37 Euros and 20 Euros respectively.

As always kids below six years of age, walk in free.

Buy TicketsBuy La Pedrera ‘Night Show’ tickets

4. La Pedrera Day and Night tickets

This is a combination ticket. This ticket combines a day tour and ‘The Origins’ night show at La Pedrera. In short, if you buy this ticket you get to see Casa Mila twice in a single day.

During your day trip, you can enjoy access to the different sections of Gaudi’s masterpiece.

Later in the evening, you must come back for the night show – The Origins at La Pedrera.

If you buy this ticket online, the price is 41 Euros per ticket. At the ticketing counter the same ticket costs 44 Euros.

When this La Pedrera ticket is bought online, children between seven to twelve get a discount and end up paying only 20.50 Euros. At the venue this ticket costs 23.50 Euros.

Kids aged six and below get free entry.

We don’t recommend this to our readers, but if you want to buy this La Pedrera ticket Click Here.

5. La Pedrera by day – fixed time & date

This is the most popular ticket – the best seller. Using this Casa Mila ticket, you can skip the queue and head straight into Gaudi’s masterpiece.

As in the case of Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, and Casa Batllo while buying these La Pedrera tickets you need to mention the preferred time slot. This time gets printed on your ticket, and you need to be at the entrance of La Pedrera at the said time.

This La Pedrera ticket costs only 22 Euros for an adult.

Students, senior citizens, and disabled tourists get a discounted price of 16.50 Euros per ticket if they have valid IDs (and disability certificates).

At the La Pedrera ticket counter, each of these tickets will cost 3 Euros extra.

Children under six enter can enjoy this tour for free.

Buy TicketsBuy ‘Skip The Line’ La Pedrera tickets


How to use La Pedrera and Casa Batllo tickets?

Once you have read about the various available ticket options for Casa Mila and Casa Batllo, use the links provided below to book your tickets online.

When you buy online tickets to La Pedrera Casa Mila from the links in this article, you don’t need to print them.

The tickets will be emailed to you. You can show your ticket with the QR code on the screen of your mobile device, and enter. This is applicable to both the attractions.

Besides the ease of entry, the two other advantages of buying La Pedrera tickets online are:

You save 3 Euros per ticket because you don’t pay the ticketing window surcharge

You can enter immediately. Without queuing at the ticketing counter.

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