Is La Pedrera worth it? Is time spent and cost of tickets worth it?

La Pedrera is Worth It

If you are in Barcelona, you will have a lot of attractions to see and very little time.

Occasionally, you may have a lot of time but may want to spend your money wisely on tourist attractions in Barcelona. Masterpieces which are worth your time and money.

With Barcelona playing host to Gaudi masterpieces such as Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Casa Batllo etc it is only natural to ask “Is La Pedrera worth it?”

“Is La Pedrera worth the 22 Euros it costs to get in?”

The short answer is, “Yes, La Pedrera is totally worth it!”

For the long answer on why this Gaudi attraction which is also known as Casa Mila is worth it, keep reading.

Before we move forward, you should know that La Pedrera was originally named Casa Mila after the Mila family for whom the house was built.

However, the locals didn’t like Gaudi’s design for the house. They started referring to it as ‘La Pedrera’ which in Spanish means ‘the stone quarry’. More such facts about La Pedrera.

Note: Since Casa Mila and La Pedrera refer to the same building, they have been used interchangeably in the article below.

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Is La Pedrera worth it?

Legend has it that Darth Vader was inspired by the chimney of Casa Mila. But then, that’s all it may be – a legend. Image:

1. La Pedrera is a UNESCO World Heritage site and attracts more than a million visitors every year. They seem to think Casa Mila was worth it.

2. When La Pedrera was built it was considered so tasteless that the neighbors stopped talking to the owners. They thought the ugly looking building would bring down their property prices. Don’t you want to visit such a controversial building?

3. Some publications also ran satires on La Pedrera. When the house was inaugurated, cartoons making fun of Gaudi and his latest creation were published.

4. Tickets for La Pedrera are cheaper than for Casa Batllo. A skip the line ticket for an adult in La Pedrera costs 22 Euros while the same ticket for Casa Batllo costs 29.50 Euros. Buy tickets for La Pedrera | Buy tickets for Casa Batllo

5. A good tour of Casa Mila will take you around three hours. We think a 22 Euros ticket for three hours of Gaudi’s work is totally worth it. Find out whats inside Casa Mila.

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6. Your La Pedrera tickets also includes access to two different museum areas – the Espai Gaudí (the Gaudi Room) and the Pedrera Apartment (where you can see how rich 20th-century families lived). So totally worth it!

7. Casa Mila was the last house Antoni Gaudi built before he decided to focus exclusively on Sagrada Familia. Don’t you want the bragging right of having seen his last residential creation?

8. Once you have the La Pedrera tickets, using them you can also enter the art exhibitions on the ground floor for free. These art exhibitions are conducted to promote local and international talent and have nothing to do with Gaudi.

9. La Pedrera is part of Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation, which uses the ticket money of this attraction to enhance social, environmental, educational and cultural conditions in Spain. Barcelona is worth contributing, isn’t it?

10. La Pedrera Casa Mila in Barcelona has been used as a backdrop in more than 15 movies. To name a few: Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008), Rastros de sándalo (2014), The Passenger (1975), Biotaxia (1968) etc. Next time you see it in a movie, the bragging rights will be totally worth it.

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Hacks for visitors to La Pedrera

Casa Mila’s attic. Spot for Gaudi exhibition. Image:

1. Before buying the tickets online, find out everything about Casa Mila online tickets. With online tickets, you will save both time and money.

2. If you do not book the tickets online you must line up at ticket booths. These lines tend to have a wait time of 60-90 minutes during peak times.

3. To avoid the crowd, book a slot between 9-10 in the morning or after 4:30 in the afternoon.

4. The light for photography is perfect after 5 pm.

5. When you book the Casa Mila tour, book the Casa Batllo tour as well because both the houses are just 5 minutes apart.

While most tourists book both La Pedrera and Casa Batllo tickets, some don’t. They end up researching which is better – Casa Mila vs Casa Batllo.

6. You need to climb a lot of stairs and so wear comfortable shoes.

7. For people who are differently-abled, there is an elevator which connects to the roof. However, tourists with limited mobility aren’t recommended for the La Pedrera at Night show.

8. Check the weather forecasts before booking because Casa Mila roof closes down during rains. It might be a huge spoiler because the view from the roof is simply breathtaking.

Important: When you buy tickets online, you save 3 Euros (because you don’t pay the window surcharge) and you also avoid the queue.

Buy TicketsBuy ‘Skip the Line’ tickets for La Pedrera

The online tickets will be emailed to you. To gain entry, just show them at the entrance of the attraction.

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