Is Casa Batllo worth it? Is it worth going inside?

Living room Casa Batllo

Casa Batllo in Barcelona is a striking example of Antonio Gaudi’s wacky genius.

The more of Casa Batllo you see the more enchanting it becomes.

It is hard to believe that the house was given its current design more than 100 years back.

More than a million tourists step into Casa Batllo every year.

A good percentage of these tourists wonder if visiting Casa Batllo is worth it.

If your question is also “Is Casa Batllo worth it?” then our short answer is, “Yes, it is. You should book your tickets right away!”

For a detailed answer on why Casa Batllo should be in your Barcelona itinerary, keep reading.

Why tourists want to know if Casa Batllo is worth it

There are four reasons why visitors to Barcelona want to know if Casa Batllo Gaudi is worth it. Should they visit it, after all?

1. Casa Batllo’s tickets are costly

Most tourists find Casa Batllo’s tickets costly and hence want to know if paying the expensive entrance fee for Casa Batllo is worth it.

Skip the line tickets at Casa Batllo cost 33.5 Euros and regular tickets cost 28.5 Euros. This dissuades a lot of the tourists.

Note: If you buy the Casa Batllo tickets online, you can save 4 Euros per ticket. When you buy online a Skip the Line ticket, it costs 29.5 Euros and a regular ticket costs 24.5 Euros.

2. Too many Gaudi masterpieces in Barcelona

Barcelona was Antonio Gaudi’s playground. He has numerous masterpieces scattered all over the city.

Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, La Pedrera, Casa Vicens, Palau Guell, Casa Calvet, and of course Casa Batllo to name a few.

When faced with limited time and unlimited options, tourists end up asking “Is Casa Batllo worth it or can it be skipped?”

Casa Mila is one Gaudi building, which gets compared a lot with Casa Batllo. So much so, the question is almost always Casa Batllo or Casa Mila.

3. They don’t know what to expect inside Casa Batllo

There is so much to see on the facade of Casa Batllo – the dragon Casa Batllo roof, skull-like balconies, bone-like columns etc. Now you know why Casa Batllo is also called House of Bones.

Once the tourists have seen what is outside, they start wondering what’s inside Casa Batllo.

Since it is difficult to visualize what Gaudi would have built inside Casa Batllo, they start wondering if it will be worth spending time and money to go inside.

Buy TicketsBuy Casa Batllo tickets

Questions visitors to Casa Batllo have:
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3. Casa Mila or Casa Batllo – which one to visit?

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Is Casa Batllo is worth it?

We feel Casa Batllo is worth every Euro spent on the entrance tickets. And it is worth every minute you will spend inside.

Here are four reasons which make us believe so –

1. It is as beautiful inside as it is outside

If the exterior design of Casa Batllo makes your jaw drop, wait till you see the inside.

The Noble hall, the entrance hall, the patio of lights, the indoor garden, the loft, and the roof terrace are just some of the places where you will be mesmerized by the beauty of it all. Learn more about Casa Batllo roof.

None of the rooms in Casa Batllo are furnished and yet, you will not even realize it. Such is the beauty of the interiors.

We agree Casa Batllo is extremely expensive to set foot in, but we can assure you that it will be worth every cent.

Don’t believe us? Check out this video.

2. Casa Batllo’s video guide is the best

Every visitor to Casa Batllo gets a virtual reality video guide to explore the Gaudi masterpiece. And each of these visitors gets out raving about the video guide.

The virtual reality video tour elucidates the history and thinking behind the house. It also gives insights into the incredible detail of Gaudi’s creation and design.

This guide also shows pictures of the building from more than 100 years ago for visitors to compare.

In fact, kids love this VR tour at Casa Batllo. If you are on a holiday in Barcelona with kids, we highly recommend Casa Batllo.

Some tourists even claim that the video guide at Casa Batllo is one of the best in the World.

3. Opportunity for amazing photographs

Casa Batllo is original in its truest sense. There is no other residential building in the world that even remotely resembles Casa Batllo.

Using lines, colors, shapes, contours, and textures Gaudi makes comes up with the interiors that transport you into a fantasy world.

That’s why photographers fall in love with Casa Batllo. If you love photography, exploring Casa Batllo will be worth your while.

Good photographers have one additional reason to visit Casa Batllo. You can win Fujifilm XA2 camera during your visit to Casa Batllo.

All you must do is take brilliant photographs and upload them on FB, Twitter, and Instagram using the hashtag #photocontest.

Note: Casa Batllo has free WIFI.

4. Casa Batllo is the only building in the world that narrates a legend

Did you know that Casa Batllo narrates the legend of St. George?

According to the legend, once there lived a dragon which had to be offered one human being every day so that it won’t kill the whole town.

One day it is the turn of the Princess to visit the dragon. St George steps in to slay the dragon and save the Princess.

If you look at Casa Batllo closely you can observe the following references to St. George’s legend –

*The roof of Casa Batllo depicts the dragon’s scaly back

*On the roof, you will find a huge cross with four arms, which depicts Saint George´s triumphant sword inside the dragon’s back

*On the lower floors, the previous victims of the Dragon are depicted in the form of skull-shaped balconies and bone-shaped pillars

*The flower-shaped balcony at the top refers to the Princess’ balcony

These references to the legend can be seen from outside Casa Batllo. However, to see the two other references you must step inside.

*In the entrance hall of Casa Batllo, there is a staircase whose upper part looks like a dragon’s tail – with lots of vertebrae stringed together.

*The last reference to the legend is in the attic, which resembles that of a ribcage of a large animal.

Do you know any other building that tells a story? Didn’t we tell you that a tour of Casa Batllo is worth it?

When you buy this ticket online, you save 4 Euros per ticket because you don’t pay the window surcharge. You also avoid the queue.

Buy TicketsBuy Casa Batllo tickets

Select the appropriate ticket – ‘regular’ or ‘Skip The Line’ on the ticket booking page. After the purchase, the tickets will be emailed to you.

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