How long is Camp Nou Tour?

Camp Nou Experience Tour

If you are a soccer fan, there is nothing better than the Camp Nou Experience tour in Barcelona. No wonder that Camp Nou is the second most popular tourist attraction in the Spanish city.

Barca fans come from all over the World to see what makes Barcelona FC the second most valuable football club in the World.

Almost 2 million tourists book their Camp Nou tour annually. More such Camp Nou facts.

Since Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Casa Batllo, La Pedrera etc are within 6 Kms (3.7 Miles) of Camp Nou, tourists want to know if they can club any other attraction with their Camp Nou visit.

That’s why “How long is Camp Nou Tour?” is a popular question amongst those planning a trip to the Mecca of football.

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Duration of Camp Nou tour

There is no time limit to this self-guided Camp Nou tour. You can stay and look around as long as you want as long as it is within the tour timings.

However, a leisurely travel around the museum and the stadium covering all the sections will take around 2 hours or so.

This includes the entire time you spend traveling through the Barcelona FC Museum, the changing room of the players, the VIP seats of the Camp Nou stadium, the press box, and of course the all-important Messi zone. This also includes the multimedia presentation you will see along the way.

Lionel Messi's Golden Shoe
Messi’s Golden Boot which you will see in Messi’s Zone during your Camp Nou Experience tour. Marco Rubino /

However, if you are a serious Barcelona FC fan and you want to immerse yourself in the Camp Nou Experience tour, you may end up spending up to 4 hours. Most of this time will go in viewing the Barcelona FC’s trophies, the various other exhibits on display, and soaking in the stadium atmosphere.

If you are a beer-drinking soccer fan, we recommend you have a pint or two at the restaurant in Camp Nou. After all, both soccer and beer are about kicks!

In short, the answer to your question “how long is Camp Nou tour?” is “as long as you want it to be!”

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