How long does Casa Batllo tour take?

Casa Batllo tour

Casa Batllo receives more than one million tourists every year.

This attraction, which is also known as the House of Bones, is open 12 hours a day, all days of the year.

At Casa Batllo, a visitor can opt from different types of experiences depending on which ticket option they chose.

However, one question is popular amongst tourists planning a visit: “How long does it take to tour Casa Batllo?”

The short answer is:

It takes around an hour to explore Casa Batllo. However, if you are the kind that likes to take a lot of photographs and get into the details, you can very easily spend two hours inside this Gaudi attraction.

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Why do tourists want to know?

Tourists want to know if their visit to Casa Batllo Gaudi will take two hours, or half a day or a full day, for multiple reasons.

Here are the three most important reasons –

1. If the visitor is staying far from Casa Batllo (which is in the city center), this info helps them plan their trip better.

2. Once they know the duration of a tour of Casa Batllo, they can plan their day’s itinerary better. After all, most attractions in Barcelona have timed tickets.

3. Being aware of the time they will end up spending inside Casa Batllo helps the visitor plan lunch breaks (or dinner) before or after the visit.

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How long does it take to tour Casa Batllo

The answer to this question depends on what kind of explorer you are.

The duration of Casa Batllo’s Virtual Reality Video Guide is one hour. If you were to explore the Gaudi masterpiece at the pace of its guide, you will be out of the building in exactly 60 minutes.

If you don’t let the video guide decide your pace but stop for lots of photo opportunities as well, you may need around 90 minutes.

If you are the kind of tourist who stops for pictures, explores all the options available in the Casa Batllo video guide and looks at everything in detail, you will need anywhere from 90 to 120 minutes to finish your tour of Casa Batllo.

The above tour durations are applicable for daytime tours of Casa Batllo.

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Duration of Casa Batllo Magic Night tours

If you visit Casa Batllo at night, the duration of your tour will depend on the kind of experience you opted for. There are two experiences you can book –

1. Casa Batllo + Magic Nights Tickets

If you buy for yourself Casa Batllo + Magic Nights tickets, you must reach the venue at 8 pm.

The first one hour will be spent exploring the Casa Batllo house.

At 9 pm, you will be escorted to Casa Batllo’s Dragon rooftop for your Magic Night.

The Magic Night will involve lots of live music and dancing, which will go on for an hour.

This Casa Batllo tour will take two hours.

2. Only Magic Nights Tickets

However, if you opt for only the Magic Night experience you will be taken to Casa Batllo terrace at 9 pm.

After an hour of live music and dancing you will be escorted down at 10 pm – so the tour duration ends up being one hour.

When you buy this ticket online, you save 4 Euros per ticket because you don’t pay the window surcharge. You also avoid the queue.

Buy TicketsBuy Casa Batllo tickets

Select the appropriate ticket – ‘regular’ or ‘Skip The Line’ on the ticket booking page. After the purchase, the tickets will be emailed to you.

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