House of Bones, Barcelona – Gaudi’s Casa Batllo

House of Bones, Barcelona

Casa Batlló is one of the World’s most beautiful residential buildings ever built.

Catalan architect Antonio Gaudi built it for textile magnate Josep Batlló at Passeig de Gràcia 43 in Barcelona.

The locals also refer to Casa Batllo as Casa dels ossos or the House of Bones.

Why is Casa Ballo called House of bones?

The people of Barcelona have been good at giving nicknames to buildings.

For instance, they nicknamed Casa Mila as ‘La Pedrera’, which when translated to English means ‘The Stone Quarry.’

Similarly, when they saw skeletal shapes and forms make up Casa Batllo’s facade, they gave it the nickname ‘House of Bones.’

The facade of Casa Batllo looks like it has been made from skulls and bones. The ‘Skulls’ are the balconies and the ‘bones’ are supporting pillars.

We don’t blame the locals for naming it ‘House of Bones.’

Look at Casa Batllo’s facade and decide for yourself –
ChristianSchd / Wikipedia

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On the roof, one can see the spine of the Dragon prominently. Check out the story behind Casa Batllo’s roof.

Spine of the dragon
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In fact, Gaudi carries this fascination with bones inside the house too.

And the attic of the house features a series of 60 catenary arches, creating a space which evokes the ribcage of an animal. Now, aren’t ribcages just bones?

Attic of House of Bones
Sara Terrones / Wikipedia

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House of Bones, Barcelona

Casa Batllo wasn’t always called the ‘House of Bones of Barcelona.’

The first version of the house was architected by Emilio Sala Cortés in 1877. In fact, its first 27 years of existence were eventless.

In 1903, the Batllo family bought the house and renamed it Casa Batllo. The next year the family took a decision, which would eventually result in their house being called ‘House of Bones.’

They called the famed Catalan architect Antonio Gaudi and asked him to refurbish and redesign their house.

Once Gaudi was done with his redesign, the public reaction was mixed. Some even thought that the ‘different’ looking house will bring down the property prices on the street.

There was one thing everybody was united on – the nickname of ‘House of Bones, Barcelona.’

Barcelona Card

House of Bones at night

Many tourists also land up for the Casa Batllo Magic night shows.

Even if you don’t plan to attend Casa Batllo’s Magic night show, just walk by the building at night.

Once it gets dark and the lights are turned on, you can clearly see skulls and skeletal bones on the facade.

At night, Casa Batllo looks like a real House of Bones. Check out the photograph below –

House of Bones at night
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