Casa Mila tickets – online ticket for La Pedrera, Barcelona

Casa Mila's roof, Barcelona

Casa Mila is a treat for Gaudi fans. Gaudi’s architectural prowess gets reflected in this modernist masterpiece.

Casa Mila attracts more than a million tourists every year. That’s almost 3000 tourists every day.

To avoid the crowd, it makes sense to buy your Casa Mila tickets online. There is one more advantage of buying your Casa Mila tickets online – you don’t have to pay the window surcharge, thus saving 3 Euros on every ticket.

Unfortunately, when you try to buy Casa Mila tickets, the numerous ticket options are sure to confuse you.

A confused traveler is confounded with questions such as “Should I get the open date tickets?” or ‘Should I get the fixed time and date tickets?”

“Should I buy the tickets for Origins tour of Casa Mila? Or for the Awakening tour of Casa Mila?”

We have been there, and know that the decision to buy the right ticket isn’t easy.

Let’s now look at the different types of Casa Mila tickets available. For each type of ticket, we have also provided our recommendation.

Note: Casa Mila was the original name of this building but since the locals thought it looked like a ‘stone quarry,’ they started calling it ‘La Pedrera’ in Spanish. Over the years the nickname has stuck. Since both Casa Mila and La Pedrera refer to the same building we have used the names interchangeably in this article.

Casa Mila tickets

Tickets for Casa Mila are available at the venue. However, to avoid the risk of not getting a ticket – as they only sell a limited number of tickets in a day – we suggest buying the tickets online.

When you buy La Pedrera tickets online you also get to save 3 Euros per ticket (because there is no window surcharge) and skip the queue at the ticketing office.

Check out the 5 types of La Pedrera tickets. Except for the Night Show tour, all other La Pedrera tickets come with a free audio guide.

1. The Awakening of La Pedrera tickets

La Pedrera in the morning

The Awakening tour of La Pedrera is best suited for early birds. You are expected to be at Casa Mila by 8 am. This early bird tour includes access to the usual – the roof, the attic, the Gaudi Museum, the courtyard of the house etc.

You can buy the Awakening of La Pedrera tickets for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday only.

This exclusive Casa Mila ticket is sold to only a small group of tourists every day. This exclusivity lasts for an hour because at 9 am the other tourists start pouring in.

Our recommendation: Even the cost is high, we highly recommend this Casa Mila ticket if you are a photographer or if you hate crowd. Only a limited number of people will tour Casa Mila with you, thus giving you enough space to take brilliant photographs.

‘The Awakening of La Pedrera’ ticket price

Adult: 39 Euros
Children (seven to twelve): 19.50 Euros
Children (six and under): Free entry

Buy TicketsBuy ‘The Awakening of La Pedrera’ tickets

If you book this ticket online, you save 3 Euros per ticket because you don’t pay ticket window surcharge.

2. La Pedrera by day – open date tickets

Purchasing the Open Date Casa Mila tickets allows you to explore this attraction at your own pace and time.

You can come in on whatever day you want, and whatever time you want and like a VIP you will be ushered in without having to wait. There is no queue, no waiting if you purchase this ticket.

However, you must reach the attraction within the opening and closing hours of La Pedrera.

Open Date La Pedrera tickets are valid for six months from the date of purchase.

La Pedrera’s day tour timings

From 3rd March to 5th November
Every day, from 9 am to 8.30 pm (last admission: 8.00 pm)

From 6th November
Every day from 9 to 6.30 pm (last admission: 6 pm)

La Pedrera’s Open Date ticket price

Adult: 29 Euros
Children (seven to twelve): 11 Euros
Children (six and under): Free Entry

Cost of Open Date tickets at the Ticket Office

Adult: 32 Euros
Children (seven to twelve): 14 Euros
Children (six and under): Free entry

Our recommendation: Very few tourists visiting Barcelona need a ticket with a six-month window. At 29 Euros Open Date Casa Mila ticket is a bit costly. We don’t think you should waste your money on the Open Date ticket.

If your objective is to avoid the crowd, we recommend the Fixed Time and Date ticket detailed below.

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3. La Pedrera’s The Origins tickets (Night Show)

Casa Mila's night show

La Pedrera’s The Origins is a 20-minutes light-n-sound show which is both quaint and informative. If you are traveling in Barcelona as a couple, this can be a perfect end to your romantic Spanish evening.

The audio-visual tour uses lights, colors, and projections and takes you through the 100 years of Casa Mila’s history. During the 20-minute show, almost every part of La Pedrera is highlighted and explained.

Gaudi’s curvy and wavy architecture comes to life as lights are projected on them.

If you are looking for something extraordinarily beautiful and enchanting, go for the night tour of Casa Mila. At the end of the show, you will get a cup of cava to bring you back to Earth.

‘The Origins’ night show’s timings

From 18th May to 2nd November
Every day, sessions every 20 minutes
Schedules: 9 pm, 9.20 pm, 9.40 pm, 10 pm, 10.20 pm, 10.40 pm and 23 pm

From 2nd November
Every day: sessions every 20 minutes
Schedules: 7 pm, 7.40 pm, 8 pm, 8.40 pm

La Pedrera’s The Origins ticket price

Adult: 34 Euros
Children (seven to twelve): 17 Euros
Children (six and under): Free entry

Our Recommendation: If you are into dramatic entertainment such as audiovisuals, musical fountains etc we highly recommend this La Pedrera tour. This also works best for couples who want to have a nice romantic evening.

Buy TicketsBuy La Pedrera’s ‘The Origins’ tickets

Book this ticket online and save 3 Euros per ticket.

4. La Pedrera Day and Night tickets

This is a combination ticket. This ticket combines a day tour and ‘The Origins’ night show at La Pedrera. In short, if you buy this ticket you get to see Casa Mila twice in a single day.

During your day trip, you can enjoy access to the different sections of the building including the Provença and Passeig de Gràcia courtyard, the Exhibition Room and the Roof-Terrace along with the attic and the main apartment.

Even as you walk around the house, you will be supported by the audio guide explaining the history of this marvelous Catalan architectural wonder.

After your day tour is done, you must come back for the night show – The Origins at La Pedrera.

La Pedrera’s Day and Night ticket price

Adult: 41 Euros
Children (seven to twelve): 20.50 Euros
Children (under seven years old): Free Entry

Day and Night ticket price at the Ticket Office

Adult: 44 Euros
Children (seven to twelve): 23.50 Euros
Children (under seven years old): Free Entry

Our recommendation: From a price perspective, this ticket is a steal because the adult ticket costs only 44 Euros for both the tours. However, some tourist feel that after spending a couple of hours at Casa Mila in the morning it becomes difficult to get back there in the evening as well. They cited lack of motivation as their reason.

We also won’t recommend this to you. Instead, we suggest you buy Casa Batllo tickets for the evening.

5. La Pedrera by day – fixed time & date

Casa Mila's staircase

This is the most popular ticket – the best seller. Using this Casa Mila ticket, you can skip the queue and head straight into Gaudi’s masterpiece.

As in the case of Sagrada Familia, Park Guell and Casa Batllo while buying these Casa Mila tickets you need to mention the preferred time slot. This time gets printed on your ticket, and you need to be at the entrance of La Pedrera at the said time.

This La Pedrera ticket costs only 22 Euros and includes a free audio guide in the language of your choice. The supported languages are Catalan, Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

This ticket gives you access to the amazing roof of La Pedrera, the attic which is also known as Espai Gaudi showcasing Gaudi’s work, a furnished apartment where the Pere Mila lived, and the courtyard.

Using these tickets, you can also access the ongoing art exhibitions on the ground floor of La Pedrera.

La Pedrera’s fixed time and date ticket price

Adult: 22 Euros
Student: 16.50 Euros
Disabled: 16.50 Euros
Over 65: 16.50 Euros
Children (six and under): Free Entry

Cost of Fixed time and date ticket at Ticket Office

Adult: 25 Euros
Student: 19.50 Euros
Disabled: 19.50 Euros
Over 65: 19.50 Euros
Children (six and under): Free Entry

Our recommendation: This is the best La Pedrera ticket for both seasoned and amateur travelers – both in terms of value for money and the entertainment value. Just go ahead and book it. Since these are Skip the Line tickets, you don’t have to stand in the queue as well.

Buy TicketsBuy La Pedrera ‘Skip The Line’ tickets

If you book this ticket online, you save 3 Euros per ticket. The ticket will be emailed to you. You must show the email at the entrance to gain access. 

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