Casa Mila roof and chimneys – La Pedrera terrace

Sunset on Casa Mila's roof

Casa Mila is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Barcelona.

It attracts more than a Million tourists every year.

Many more who are unable to go inside Casa Mila due to budgetary constraints look at the stunning facade and the roof from the sidewalk and move on.

Antoni Gaudi’s Casa Mila has an undulating facade and surrealist sculptural roof, making it seem as if it grew like a plant from the ground up.

Casa Mila architecture

Casa Mila has an interesting architecture, which is far ahead of its time.

This Gaudi masterpiece reflects all the principles of architecture which we have come to expect of Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Casa Batllo etc.

The building is divided into the main structure and outward skin (or facade as it is called). The stone facade doesn’t bear any load of the main structure.

Steel beams with the same curvature support the facade’s weight by attaching to the main structure.

This indigenous method gave Gaudi the room to design the facade with all the freedom he needed. The result: A beautiful, wavy facade which would attract a million tourists every year.

With the flexibility to design what he wanted to, Casa Mila Gaudi ended up being an asymmetrical building – a rarity.

When this wavy facade was being built, the locals thought it looked like a stone quarry. That’s why Casa Mila is also known as ‘La Pedrera,’ which is Spanish for ‘stone quarry’.

Note: That’s why in this article we have used both Casa Mila and La Pedrera interchangeably.

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Casa Mila Roof

Many tourists who have been to this Barcelona attraction believe that the highlight of the tour is Casa Mila’s roof. Don’t take our word? Try La Pedrera at Night show which happens on the roof.

The whole experiencing of climbing up amazing staircases, looking down into the ventilation shafts and the staring at the Chimneys make it a memorable trip.

The imaginative colors and shapes which greet you on Casa Mila roof, add to the allure.

So much so the stepped roof of La Pedrera Casa Mila has been called ‘The Garden of Warriors’ by Pere Gimferrer, an award-winning Spanish poet.

The different elements which make up the Casa Mila roof are –

1. Six Skylights
2. Six Staircase exits
3. 28 chimneys in different groups
4. 2 half-hidden vents to renew air in the building

The staircases also house the water tanks. Some of these staircases are snail-shaped.

Casa Mila roof also offers great views of the city of Barcelona.

Some tourists have marveled at how the curves and crazy sculptures up on La Pedrera roof challenged their sense of balance.

Check out the view from the roof of Casa Mila –

Sagrada Familia from Casa Mila roof
The best time to be on La Pedrera’s roof is 5 pm when the sun is throwing different colors onto the sky. The colorful backdrop helps take amazing photographs. This is also the time to see the beautiful city of Barcelona from the rooftop – with the sun kissing every building. In pic, you can see Sagrada Familia in the distance. Image:

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Top View from La Pedrera
Since there are no right angles in the whole building, when you look down from the roof of Casa Mila you see this wavy well. Image:

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Casa Mila Chimneys

The Casa Mila chimneys on the roof need a special mention for they seem like medieval knights, guarding the roof.

These so-called ‘Chimney Knights’ have a characteristic Gaudi motif – a military spiked cowl with deep eye sockets.

Gaudi believed that a structure can be both functional and beautiful at the same time. And this is exactly what he has achieved with Casa Mila chimneys.

They are whimsical. They stand out as art sculptures and yet they serve a purpose.

One of the chimneys is topped with glass pieces. According to the legend, Gaudi himself decorated this chimney with broken pieces of champagne bottles left from the house inauguration party.

These Casa Mila chimneys come to life during the rooftop light and sound show at night. Read more about La Pedrera at night.

Chimneys on La Pedrera roof
Legend has it that Darth Vader was inspired by the chimneys on Casa Mila’s terrace. But then, there is no proof. Image:
Tourists on Casa Mila roof
Even though creamy tones dominate the chimneys the tourists find them more colorful than the facade.  Image:

These Casa Mila chimneys become the backdrop for the Casa Mila Night show, every night.

Booking La Pedrera tickets online is cheaper than buying it at the venue. At the venue you pay 3 Euros extra per ticket as Ticketing Window Surcharge. If you buy online tickets, you skip the line as well.

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