Casa Batllo Magic Nights – ticket price, inclusions, review

Casa Batllo Magic Night

Casa Batllo is perhaps the most beautiful tourist attraction in Barcelona.

That’s why despite the high ticket prices, more than a million tourists visit Casa Batllo every year.

It is the third most popular Barcelona attraction after Sagrada Familia and Park Guell.

All tours of Casa Batllo are magical. However, some are more magical than others – for instance, Casa Batllo Magic Nights tour.

What are Casa Batllo Magic Nights?

Casa Batllo Magic Nights is a special tour of Casa Batllo created for the summer months.

There are two parts to the Casa Batllo Magic Nights tour. First part is the one-hour exploration of Casa Batllo (with the awesome Virtual Reality guide).

The second part is when the visitors are escorted to Casa Batllo’s Dragon terrace for a night of live music and drinks.

This whole experience is dubbed the Casa Batllo Magic Nights.

This tour is opened in mid-May every year and it goes on till September end.

Once it gets too cold to be on the roof at night, they are stopped till the next summer.

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What is included in Magic Night Shows?

Casa Batllo Magic Nights is a wholesome show for the whole family.

It includes –

1. Live Music for an hour. The musicians keep changing every day. Depending on who is playing on the day of your visit you may get treated to some Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, or Flamenco on Casa Batllo’s roof.

2. Your Magic Nights ticket will also include two drinks on the house. You may have to choose between Cava, Sangria or Gin & Tonic. If you want more drinks, you can always pay extra and purchase.

3. During the tour, you also get what is perhaps the World’s best Virtual Reality video Guide to explain Gaudi’s thinking behind Casa Batllo.

4. During the tour, you get free WIFI

Questions visitors to Casa Batllo have:
1. Is Casa Batllo worth it?
2. How to get to Casa Batllo?
3. How long does Casa Batllo tour take?

Why you must try out Magic Nights at Casa Batllo

1. From the terrace of Batllo House, visitors get to see the best of Barcelona’s incredible sunsets. Why would you want to miss that?

2. If you like taking photographs, this is an amazing opportunity to capture Casa Batllo Gaudi in all its glory plus the wickedness that the night brings. Capturing the magic of the roof, the chimneys, the dragon’s spine – all at night, is a unique experience.

3. This night experience comes loaded. Before the Live Music on Casa Batllo’s terrace, you also get to explore the insides of the Batllo house as part of this tour package.

4. The uniqueness of the experience demands that you don’t miss this opportunity. Nowhere else in the World will you be able to sit on the terrace of a tourist attraction, listen to live music and sip a drink or two.

5. And here is our last reason why you should try Magical Nights at Casa Batllo – Barcelona nightlife needn’t necessarily mean pub crawling.

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Casa Batllo Magic Night review

You don’t have to believe us. Check out some of the reviews from tourists who have already experienced Casa Batllo Magic Night.

My husband and I loved this house and think Gaudi is a genius. We combined our visit with their ‘Magic Nights’ season and what a way to experience this unique building. The first hour from 8 pm was to tour the house and then from 9-10pm we watched a singer perform called Gigi McFarlane. The show was amazing. She had a wonderful voice and the setting on top of the Rooftop was perfect. Read More

A distinguished evening of the summer season on top of Gaudi´s architectural jewel the Dragon Roof Terrace. A unique nighttime atmosphere combines art, live music, drinks and the tasting of delicious food to make it a night to remember. Read More

Casa Batllo Magic Night tickets

Magic Nights at Casa Batllo are an excellent option for Gaudi fans looking for unique experiences.

There are two types of Magic Night tickets you can buy –

1. Casa Batllo + Magic Nights Tickets

If you buy this Casa Batllo ticket you must reach the venue at 8 pm. The first one hour is spent exploring the Casa Batllo house.

At 9 pm, you will be escorted to the Dragon’s rooftop for one hour of live music, drinking, and eating.

2. Only Magic Nights Tickets

If you buy this Casa Batllo ticket, you must reach the venue at 9 pm. You will be immediately whisked away to the Dragon’s rooftop for your Magic Night, which will include live music, drinking, and eating.

In this ticket, you don’t get to explore the Casa Battlo interiors.

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Casa Batllo Magic night ticket discounts

Children 7 years and below get a full discount on their Casa Batllo Magic Night tickets. Check out the Best kid activities in Barcelona

However, they can claim this discount only if an adult is accompanying them.

Discounts for visitors in wheelchairs aren’t applicable, because as of now this tour is not accessible for those with limited mobility.

Casa Batllo team is working on it and expects to have a solution by 2019.

When you buy these tickets online, you save 4 Euros per ticket because you don’t pay the window surcharge. You also avoid the queue.

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