Camp Nou experience tour – Barcelona FC stadium and museum

Camp Nou tour

Every football fan of the world knows about Lionel Messi, Barcelona FC, and Camp Nou. Camp Nou Experience tour is a celebration of all three.

No wonder almost 2 million soccer fans from all over the world visit Camp Nou every year and take back memories of a lifetime.

Camp Nou Tour Experience is an opportunity for the fans and the followers to get a view of what goes inside one of World’s most successful football clubs.

This self-guided tour will take you through the Barcelona FC museum, the trophy room, the changing room used by the players, the press room, the VIP stands, and of course the stadium.

Once you are done with the Camp Nou tour, you will understand why Barcelona Football Club’s motto is “More than just a club”. Because it isn’t!

Important: The Camp Nou Experience tour is also known as Barcelona FC tour. Some tourists get confused and wonder if that is a different tour but that’s not true. There is no difference between Camp Nou Experience tour and Barcelona FC tour.

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Camp Nou Experience Tour – what is included?

On non-match days the tour includes each and everything that a fan can ask for. You get access to the “behind the scene” action of the club.

It is mostly a self-guided tour where you just need to follow the yellow-barriers to explore the views and the sights.

1. 3D presentation at Camp Nou

As your Camp Nou tour begins, you get a chance to relish a fascinating 3D show.

This breathtaking audio-visual presentation will give you a view of how things are seen on a pitch. The show provides images and scenarios of famous football matches won by FC Barcelona.

If you have kids with you, do stop by here because they seem to love this 3D show more than the adults.

This 3D show will most definitely set the tone for the rest of the journey.

2. Away team dressing room, Camp Nou

You can get inside and look into the away team dressing room where the likes of Ryan Gigs, David Beckham, Didier Drogba, Frank Lampard and many other legends have discussed team strategies before facing the mighty FC Barcelona.

3. FC Barcelona’s Chapel

You can witness the wee chapel where Gods of football come to worship the real God before entering the pitch and facing an opponent.
This chapel is right next to the dressing room so that the players can make a quick visit.

4. Players’ tunnel and the dugout at Camp Nou

If you are a football and FC Barcelona fan, this is the part of the Camp Nou Experience tour which will give you goosebumps.

This is the tunnel through which players such as Maradona, Johan Cruyff, Ronaldo, Romario, Ronaldhino, Xavi, and Messi walked to the pitch. You will be standing where they once laid their stud-laden feet.

You can also sit on the dugout benches, and do a fake warm up as if you are going in next. Unfortunately, that’s the closest you can ever go near the pitch unless you yourself become a footballer or a ground official.

However, this part of the tour remains closed on the match days and you can only enjoy a panoramic view of the stadium. That’s why it is better to know the best time to visit Camp Nou before adding it to your itinerary.

5. Barcelona FC Museum

Barcelona FC Museum
Image: For more photos from Camp Nou, check out Ben Holbrook’s review of the tour.

You have seen the matches on the television and now you can experience it in person.

Witness all the 22 League trophies and 4 Champions League trophies on display and do not forget to take a selfie in front of them.

This part of the Camp Nou tour also exposes you to many interactive walls as you can listen to the team anthem in your own language and browse through the glorious history of the club.

Don’t miss out on the video presentation showcasing some of the biggest wins of the Barcelona FC.

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6. Press Box at Camp Nou

Ever wondered the view the match commentators get to have? Now you can experience it in real.

You can sit and walk through the lavish 29-cabin Barcelona press box which stretches for about 35 meters above the ground.

The view from the press box is one of the best – and will stay with you forever.

7. Artwork of Miro at Camp Nou

No, we are not talking about an art gallery of France or museum of Madrid.

The famous artist Miro was indeed a Barcelona fan and as a tribute, he has made a wonderful lithograph which is kept in the club.

The painting is bound to catch the attention of art-lovers visiting the FC Barcelona stadium. Read more such Camp Nou facts.

8. The Messi Zone, Camp Nou

Lionel Messi's Golden Shoe
Marco Rubino /

The club hero! The legend! The magician! No phrase is enough to describe this footballing maestro who literally grew up in this club.

Now the club is paying him back by creating a separate section dedicated to the feats and feet of none other than Lionel Messi.

Get ready for a jaw-dropping experience when you see Messi’s three Golden Boots and five Ballon D’ors.

If his trophies and the prizes overwhelm you, get ready to be blown away by the continuously-running big screen display of Messi’s legendary goals.

The best thing is that unlike the press box and the stadium, this section of the tour remains open throughout the year and you can spend as much time you want.

Camp Nou Tour audio guide

Unfortunately, the Camp Nou Experience tour is a self-guided tour, which means there are no human tour guides.

But worry not, for you will see enough directional arrows, information boards, bright yellow barriers etc to direct you. Besides, there are security guards and/or attendants all along the route to guide you if you get stuck.

If you love lots of information, we recommend you purchase the audio-guides at the start of the tour itself.

It is easy to work the audio guides at Camp Nou. The audio guide has two parts – a device where you can input numbers corresponding to the exhibit you are standing next to and an earphone to relay the info to you.

Once you are done, move on to the next exhibit and press the corresponding number.

The Camp Nou audio guides are available in Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Italian, German and Dutch.

Restaurants in Camp Nou

Most tourists finish their Camp Nou Experience tour in less than two hours. However, if you are a hardcore Barca fan you may take upwards of 4 hours. With all the walking, that’s got to make you thirsty and hungry.

Do break your tour for some good Spanish food at Tapas 24, or the popular Spanish fast food joint Pans and Company or Ice Rink. All these restaurants serve local fare.

Beer and a soccer fan can’t be separated for long and that’s exactly why Estrella Damm Hall dishes out some amazing beer and snacks for the tourists who walk in.

Camp Nou Tour souvenirs at FCBotiga

FCBotiga is the official merchandise store for Barcelona FC and the biggest of them is at Camp Nou itself.

At the end of your Camp Nou Experience tour, you will be ushered into the FCBotiga to pick up souvenirs.

These FCBotigas also exist in other parts of Barcelona and are excellent places to pick up gifts for friends and relatives.

Do keep an eye out for the price of what you are buying because most tourists find them costly.

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